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10 Best Window Well Covers in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

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Do you have below-ground windows in your backyard or front lawn? If yes, chances are that they may lure animals and burglars if they aren’t covered. Besides, if they are deep and full of debris, they aren’t safe for kids to play around.

These windows must be covered with the best and most sturdy window well covers. The covers prevent debris and precipitation from accumulating in the well. They also protect animals and people from falling in.

A window well cover is available in different shapes and sizes, and its installation varies. You should get a window well cover that fits your window well perfectly, so it performs its job well.

In this review guide, we have curated a list of the top window well covers available in the market. So, take a look at some reviews and find a bonus buying guide for your assistance.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Window Well Supply Window Well Cover Window Well Supply Window Well Cover
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Sloped design suitable for most windows
  • Affordable cover
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Maccourt W4214 Window Well Cover Maccourt W4214 Window Well Cover
  • Durable and flexible design
  • Affordable
  • Comes with an elongated design
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Window Well Supply Window Well Cover Window Well Supply Window Well Cover
  • Made with durable materials and has an excellent finishing
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • High Durability
    Wellcraft 2060 Window Well Cover Wellcraft 2060 Window Well Cover
  • Durable well cover
  • Can withstand high weight
  • Clear cover
  • Quick Installation
    Shape Products Window Well Cover Shape Products Window Well Cover
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight cover
  • Provides better insulation
  • The 10 Best Window Well Covers

    1. Window Well Supply Window Well Cover—Best Overall

    Window Well Supply Window Well Cover

    Material: Polycarbonate
    Weight: 20 pounds
    Dimensions: 39 x 16 x 2 inches
    Style: Sloped

    If you have a window well in the shape of a slope, you may want to get your hands on the Window Well Supply well cover. Made with polycarbonate, this product is pretty durable and long lasting. The material is heavy duty and has a crystal-clear finishing for you to see.

    The best overall window well cover has average dimensions and fits well on below-ground windows with the same height and width. Moreover, its sloped design makes it look classy and gel well with your house’s outlook.

    Another great thing about this cover is its UV-resistance coating. This prevents the window cover from getting damaged by the harsh sun rays.

    The rust-free aluminum bracing protects the cover from water buildup or other environmental elements. Aluminum doesn’t rust easily and is usually a self-healing material.

    According to customer reviews, the well cover is easy to install and worth the price. It has a sturdy structure and can easily bear weight but won’t break easily. The only downside of this cover is its weight. It is slightly heavier than most window well covers available.

    • Durable and sturdy
    • Sloped design suitable for most windows
    • Affordable cover
    • UV-resistant
    • Simple installation
    • Heavier than most covers

    2. Maccourt W4214 Window Well Cover-Best Value

    Maccourt W4214 Window Well Cover

    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 1.25 pounds
    Dimensions: 43 x 14 x 12 inches
    Style: Elongated

    If you are looking for a lightweight and inexpensive window well cover, we recommend getting the Maccourt W4214 window well cover. It isn’t one of the thickest well covers in the market, but it does its job well by keeping external factors such as snow, rain, and debris away from your house.

    What’s more, the well cover is highly durable. It is a good quality product with an elongated design and appropriate dimensions to fit your window well. The cover is made from flexible and thin plastic and can be sealed using some silicone.

    The Maccourt window well cover is one of the most purchased covers available in the market and is the best window well cover for the money. However, some people believe that its design could have been thicker.

    • Durable and flexible design
    • Affordable
    • Comes with an elongated design
    • Lightweight
    • Not very thick

    3. Window Well Supply Window Well Cover-Premium Choice

    Window Well Supply Window Well Cover 2

    Material: Polycarbonate
    Weight: 500 Pounds
    Dimensions: 55″ W x 26″ L
    Style: Curved

    Are you considering a window well cover with ample strength and a great price? If budget isn’t a constraint, you can invest in the Window Well Supply well cover with a curved design. It weighs around 500 pounds and is pretty heavy, but its durability is a positive characteristic that makes it stand out against all external factors.

    This is one of the most premium choices on our list. The cover is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate with a crystal-clear finishing, so anyone can see through it easily. The dimensions of the cover are perfect for large windows with a good amount of depth.

    Another excellent thing about this cover is its UV-resistance coating that stays perfect against harsh sun rays. The rust-free aluminum bracing prevents the cover from rusting when in contact with certain environmental factors.

    Although this product is expensive, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and that’s the biggest plus of this investment. The cover comes with an installation guide and hardware for your guidance. This cover is entirely removable and uses the screw-in method for installation.

    • Made with durable materials and has an excellent finishing
    • Comes with a lifetime warranty
    • Easy to install
    • Removeable
    • Expensive
    • Can be heavy to hold and fix

    4. Wellcraft 2060 Window Well Cover-High Durability

    Wellcraft 2060 Window Well Cover-High Durability

    Material: Polycarbonate
    Weight: 15 pounds
    Dimensions: 46 x 75 x 6.5 inches
    Style: Sloped

    If you often experience extreme snow and rain in your area, you may want to invest in a window well cover that is highly durable and can withstand enough weight. Luckily, the Wellcraft 2060 window well cover is just that and more. It is made of polycarbonate, a highly durable material that won’t break down easily.

    This cover has a robust fastener system that can stay sturdy even during a hurricane. The added advantage of this product is that you can remove the cover whenever you like.

    What’s more, it weighs just 15 pounds. So, that’s a lightweight cover that you can easily adjust according to your window’s shape. In addition, the cover is crystal clear and transparent so that you can see through it conveniently.

    Although the Wellcraft window well cover is a bit pricey, the product comes nicely packed and is shipped on time. Therefore, we recommend buying from this brand if you are looking for urgent delivery.

    • Durable well cover
    • Can withstand high weight
    • Clear cover
    • Comes with a robust system
    • Quick delivery and installation
    • A pricey option

    5. Shape Products Window Well Cover-Quick Installation

    Shape Products Window Well Cover

    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 2 pounds
    Dimensions: 39 x 17 x 2.5 inches
    Style: Semi circular

    Are you someone who doesn’t want to buy a window well cover that demands complicated installation? In that case, Shape Products present an excellent semi-circular well cover weighing two pounds but requires minimum effort during installation. The cover has a flat design, so it is convenient to install it, and it is also pretty lightweight, so you may not need an extra hand.

    The window well cover is manufactured quite appropriately. It tries to protect your below-ground window from debris, rain, pests, and snow. Although thin, it features molded back bars with solid ribs for additional strength.

    The cover’s material provides excellent insulation that helps keep the basement warm during winter. You get six covers within a pack and at a reasonable price.

    • Easy installation
    • Lightweight cover
    • Provides better insulation
    • Reasonably priced
    • Slightly thin

    6. Amerimax Home Prod Window Well Cover-Great Construction

    Amerimax Home Prod Window Well Cover

    Material: Plastic
    Weight: ‎‎6.04 pounds
    Dimensions: 16.5 x 40 x 3 inches
    Style: Semi circular

    Although the Amerimax Home Prod window well cover is made of plastic, the quality of the material used is top class. Unlike most other cheap well covers, this one uses thick plastic that doesn’t require any extra sealing to keep water or debris away.

    The window well cover can easily hold a weight of 500 pounds and has adequate dimensions to cover a good-sized window. What’s more, it is quick to install, so you don’t require any expert guidance to fit the cover properly.

    The cover features a recessed groove around its edges, making it convenient to fit the cover on top of the window. The well cover easily lays flat on the window and doesn’t block any sunlight to the basement.

    All in all, the product is a great option, but it is available in white only, and some customers believe that a tan or gray well cover might be more suitable for them.

    • Made from durable plastic
    • Can withstand good amount of weight
    • Quick to install
    • Doesn’t block sunlight
    • Not available in many colors

    7. Ultra Protect Window Well Cover-Adjustable

    Ultra Protect Window Well Cover

    Material: Polycarbonate plastic
    Weight: 6.85 pounds
    Dimensions: 492 x 228 x 12 inches
    Style: Semi round

    Have you ever bought a window well cover that turned out to be too big or small for your window well? This is one of the most common issues that most people face that wastes their money and efforts. To avoid this problem, buying an adjustable well cover that can be trimmed or shaped per your window well’s needs is always wise.

    The Ultra Protect window well cover is made of high-quality plastic with a semi-round shape. One of the best things about this product is it can be trimmed according to the requirements of your window well. That’s a rare feature in most window well covers, making this product worth considering.

    This window well cover is made of polycarbonate plastic that is pretty durable and not at all flimsy. Another material that enhances the durability of this product is structural grade aluminum, which doesn’t rust easily.

    This is an expensive purchase, but if this is your first time buying a cover and you are unfamiliar with sizes, this product’s adjustability may come in handy.

    • Can be trimmed easily
    • Made of high-quality material
    • Durable
    • Expensive cover

    8. MacCourt 4236EG Window Well Cover- Sturdy Structure

    MacCourt 4236EG Window Well Cover

    Material: Polycarbonate plastic
    Weight: 15.62 pounds
    Dimensions: 44 x 38 x 4 inches
    Style: Rectangular shape

    When choosing a window well cover, it is essential to check its sturdiness. A cover that cannot withstand weight or breaks easily isn’t a good purchase. This is why the window well cover by MacCourt is considered a great option.

    The cover features an egress style with a rectangular shape that can easily suit most windows. In addition, the material used in the cover can protect your basement from water and keep the well free from debris and animals.

    Since the product features transparent and clear plastic, the cover doesn’t hinder natural light, resulting in a warm and bright basement even during winter. It also improves insulation and works as an energy saver.

    This well cover comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects and a total 10-year warranty on its design. The only problem with this product is that it is a little expensive, and its cost increases with the shipment.

    • Sturdy structure
    • Excellent design
    • Provides adequate insulation
    • Comes with an adequate warranty
    • Comparatively expensive

    9. Shape Window Well Cover- Perfect for U-shaped Wells

    Shape Window Well Cover

    Material: Polycarbonate
    Weight: 1.52 pounds
    Dimensions: 45 x 26 x 2.5 inches
    Style: U-shaped

    Do you have a U-shaped window well? In that case, the Shape window well cover may strike your fancy. Unfortunately, the window well cover isn’t very durable or thick, but its lightweight design makes it easy to install and adjust. Also, the well cover prevents water, animals, and debris from reaching the basement.

    The cover is transparent, meaning you can see through it conveniently. Also, it is pretty affordable and ideal for homes located in areas with mild weather throughout the year. Of course, it can’t support a person standing on it, but it can surely provide an adequate top to keep your basement warm during the cold season.

    • Perfect for U-shaped wells
    • Lightweight so easy to install
    • Clear to let the light in
    • Keeps the basement warm
    • Not very durable
    • Doesn’t have an adequate thickness

    10. Maccourt Window Well Cover-Best Bubble Design

    Maccourt Window Well Cover

    Material: Polycarbonate
    Weight: 2.4 pounds
    Dimensions: 14 x 40 x 9 inches
    Style: Bubble

    Our last recommendation is by Maccourt. This bubble-shaped window cover is a perfect fit for most wells. It is made of durable, thick, and formulated gauged plastic that can withstand a good amount of weight.

    This product is also pretty easy to install. It comes with fastening system bolts that slide wonderfully on your well and prevent snow, water, and debris from entering the basement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with hardware, so you will have to get that separately.

    This well cover is designed to maintain basement insulation. It works as an energy saver during cold months and prevents the heat from escaping. Furthermore, the transparent design lets the sunlight reach the basement, saving you from the need to install lights.

    The product is backed by a five-year warranty which is pretty good. Also, since it is lightweight, you might not be charged much for shipment.

    • Provides excellent insulation
    • Comes with a 5-year warranty
    • Doesn’t come with hardware

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Window Well Cover

    We can’t emphasize enough that window wells can be dangerous without covers. For example, if you have pets and small children, they may find their way into the well, which can lead to a huge problem. Similarly, if the window is continually open, you might invite water and debris into your basement, damaging your home.

    This is why having a cover is imperative, but which one should you get? The online marketplace is filled with many options, but you should spend money on those that meet specific considerations. In this section, we have covered all those imperative factors so you can buy a product worth the investment.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Window Well Cover

    Here are some critical considerations:


    If you aim to buy a durable window well cover, you need to ensure that it is made of a high-quality material that can withstand all the external facts. Most quality well covers are made of polycarbonate plastic, often considered long-lasting. It has an excellent weight capacity and can prevent rain and snow from entering your basement.

    Another great thing about this material is that it is clear. This means you can see through it and keep an eye on your basement. It also lets the natural light enter the well, brightening it up even during the winter. Unlike most thin materials, the polycarbonate covers have an adequate thickness for the much-need .

    Overall, if you prefer to buy a cover that doesn’t require any replacement, we recommend that you invest in one made from this material. Cheap-quality plastic is often flimsy and doesn’t protect the basement from external factors. Such material also fails to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms.

    There are also window well covers made from aluminum. This material is rustproof and is often maintenance free.


    What is the shape of your window well? Does it have a sloped shape, a U shape, or a rectangular one? Before investing in a suitable window well cover, you should be aware of this.

    Luckily, a well cover is available in many different designs. The sloped shape design moves the water downwards, ensuring the debris flows on the ground instead of accumulating on the cover.

    Then there are bubble-shaped window well covers that are often resistant to cold and heat. These covers are perfect for situations where the basement windows extend the window well’s structure.

    Rectangular covers are designed for big window wells, while the atrium-style covers have a sleek design, making them ideal for sleek and modern looks. They are also perfect for most crank-out windows. There are so many options to choose from, so you wouldn’t worry about the availability of the right cover.


    Invest in a window well cover that is easily adjustable. At times the top of your window may not match the cover’s dimensions, so to save money from being wasted, it is best to get one that can be trimmed easily.

    Specific covers come with edges that you can adjust according to the requirements of the window and prevent any unnecessary leakages. Your chosen cover mustn’t let unnecessary things seep into your basement, so getting a cover with a proper fit is essential.


    We recommend you buy a well cover that installs easily. That’s because if you have no experience with such things, you may fix the cover wrongly, preventing it from doing its job well.

    There are many covers that come with hardware and are pretty convenient to install. They come with a simple design, so making them useful doesn’t take much effort. The covers with complicated designs may demand assistance from an expert, and that’s not always available within your budget.

    Weight Capacity

    The weight capacity of the cover matters a lot. Most polycarbonate covers have a high weight capacity, meaning they can withstand a weight of 400 pounds and above. As a result, such covers work well for places that often experience heavy snow, hailstorms, and extreme rain.

    But covers with high weight capacity are often heavy, so make sure you can handle them properly. They also usually have a high shipment cost, which you may also want to consider.


    You will come across window well covers with varying warranties. For instance, some come with a lifetime warranty while others provide only five years. Looking for products with many years of coverage is imperative in saving you from wasting money on replacements.

    Brand and Recommendations

    Finally, don’t buy a well cover from an unknown brand. That’s because you may get attracted to an inexpensive cover, but its brand may disappoint you with its poor quality and customer service.

    Always read through expert recommendations and customer reviews before investing in a window well cover. A small mistake may end up damaging your house and increasing your expenses.

    Always invest in a well-known brand that people swear by. Also, check reviews on its customer service to make a reasonable choice. Opt for a brand that has excellent service and responds to customer queries efficiently.

    How to Install a Window Well Cover

    Exterior of a townhouse with a Window Well_Jason Finn_Shutterstock
    Image Credit: Jason Finn, Shutterstock

    Installing a window well cover is the most crucial step. While the installation process varies for every style, here are some general steps to have an idea.

    • Place the cover over the window well. Ensure that the cover’s back edge is properly snuggled against your house. Make sure that all the edges of the window well should support the cover properly.
    • Now measure 4–6 inches from the house and mark the distance with the tape.
    • Remove the cover and place a small piece of scrap under the plastic. Now drill a hole with a diameter slightly larger than the screws that come with the well cover.
    • Next, fasten the clips to the cover provided. Ensure the clips attach firmly to the cover, and the prongs can quickly grab the edges.
    • Finally, once you are satisfied with all the steps above, do a test fit. Make sure the cover doesn’t buckle or bend when in place. Also, try pouring water through the window cover to eliminate the chances of any leaks.
    • If you face an issue installing the window cover, take help from an expert or watch videos online for additional guidance.

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    In the guide above, we have shared ten recommendations for shortlisting your favorites according to your budget. If you ask us, our top pick is the Window Well Supply window well cover, mentioned as our first recommendation. While this is a heavy product, it is sturdy and durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Our second-best choice is the Maccourt W4214 window well cover. This is because it is pretty affordable and offers the best value for money. Make sure whichever product you choose, it fits your window perfectly, does its job well, and looks great.

    Featured Image Credit: robin gentry, Shutterstock

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