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7 Different Types of Car Accidents! What You need To Know

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Not only are car accidents dangerous, but they can also be extremely expensive. If your car doesn’t get totaled, then you’ll likely be stuck with costly repairs at the very least.

With that said, there are several types of car accidents – some of which are more dangerous than others.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at several different kinds of car accidents. We’ll take a quick look at each of these and provide some basic information on each.

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The 7 Different Types of Car Accidents

1. Head-On Collision

Front End or head on Collision during a Crash Test
Image By: Benoist, Shutterstock

This type of accident is extremely expensive and dangerous. Head-on collisions are so dangerous because the speed of each driver is combined, which creates more damage. Usually, this occurs when one driver is traveling in the wrong direction on a highway or one-way road. However, they can also occur when a driver ends up in the wrong lane.

Usually, these accidents are unavoidable. When two cars are heading towards each other, the time you have to react is very low.

2. Vehicle Roll Over

silver car accident
Image Credit: Queven, Pixabay

Different vehicles have different probabilities of tipping over. Usually, taller vehicles are more likely to flip over, such as SUVs and vans. While this can occur during an accident, turning too quickly or sharply can also cause cars to roll over.

Occupants can be ejected from the car, and injuries are quite common. Luckily, seatbelts can save many lives in this sort of crash.

3. T-Bone Car Accident

Car crash t bone_piqsels
Image Credit: Piqsels

One of the most dangerous accidents you can experience is a T-Bone crash. This accident occurs when one car hits the side of another, in the shape of a “T.” Injuries are quite common, as not all cars have side airbags, which can lead to brain injuries.

Luckily, car companies are starting to realize that these accidents are dangerous, so many of them are adding side airbags.

4. Multiple Vehicle Collision

Modern car accident involving many cars on the road
Image Credit: SKT Studio, Shutterstock

When one car hits another car, which then hits another car, you have a multiple vehicle collision. Usually, this occurs when cars are stopped and one hits the back of another car, which pushes the back car into the one in front. There are usually at least three different cars in this accident. However, there can also be many more.

Pileups can be three cars or dozens of cars. Severe injuries are common, especially since many people are typically involved.

5. Sideswipe Collision

car accident
Image Credit: Steve Buissinne, Pixabay

This accident occurs when two cars rub up against each other. While the damage is often expensive, it usually doesn’t cause huge accidents. Sometimes, sideswipes can lead to flipping, though.

Usually, these collisions occur when one driver is distracted and wanders into the lane of another. Minor bumps are common. However, if one car hits the other one just right, it can actually be quite serious, causing one of the cars to spin out and hit others.

6. Side-Impact Collision

Sad female driver standing on street side shocked after car accident
Image Credit: Bilanol, Shutterstock

This sort of crash is similar to a sideswipe but much more serious. Usually, this occurs when a car is broadsided by another driver. In other words, one driver hits the backside of another car with the front of their car. Usually, these collisions occur at an intersection.

Often, these crashes are avoided by slowing down when you come to an intersection.

7. Single Car Accident

car accident
Image Credit: blende12, Pixabay

As the name suggests, this accident occurs when only one car is involved. Instead of hitting another car, the driver hits an object. This doesn’t always occur simply because the driver is simply distracted. Sometimes, it’s due to a darting animal or another vehicle and drivers may hit something else when trying to avoid a car or other hazards.

Of course, collisions can also occur with trees, poles, and guardrails.

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There are several types of car accidents and many of these are avoidable. However, there are several that can be very difficult to avoid. For instance, some single-car accidents occur when the driver is trying to avoid something worse and head-on accidents are often difficult to avoid too.

Limiting distractions is typically the best way to avoid accidents, but remember that you can get into accidents that aren’t necessarily your fault too. Therefore, keeping your eyes and attention on what’s around you is key.

Featured Image Credit: Magsi, Shutterstock


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