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6 Space-Saving DIY Closet Organization Ideas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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Does your closet always seem somewhat messy, even if you put in a lot of time and effort to organize it? Sometimes, it can be hard to find that perfect organization method that will work for all your clothing, which can be exhausting, especially if you have to search through your stuff to find what you need.

Luckily, simple organizational methods will allow you to be creative while also getting your closet in shape and storing your stuff correctly. Keep reading to learn more about how you can organize your closet and implement these ideas into your daily life.

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The 6 DIY Closet Organization Ideas

1. DIY Baskets or Plastic Boxes with Labels by Mod Podge Rocks

diy baskets or plastic boxes with labels
Image Credit: Mod Podge Rocks
Materials:  Baskets/plastic boxes, small wood circles, raised metallic stickers, white craft paint
Tools:  Brush, hot glue gun
Difficulty:  Easy

If you want to organize your closet in a creative yet clever way, it might be a good idea to consider using baskets or plastic boxes with labels. All you need are the boxes of your choice, a marker, a piece of paper, scissors, and glue. You can organize your stuff per your needs and label them accordingly. For example, you could use one box for shirts, another one for socks, and another one for underwear. It’s all about what works best for you and how you like to store your belongings.

2. DIY Shower Hooks to Hang Your Purses by Organizing Junkie

diy shower hooks
Image Credit: Organizing Junkie
Materials:  Shower hooks
Tools:  None
Difficulty:  Easy

If you struggle to store your purses and keep them in good shape, this might be the perfect organizational option for your needs. By placing shower hooks on your closet’s hanger rod, you’ll make more space available in your closet. Also, as the bags hang, they won’t be able to get damaged and will remain as new. Another excellent thing about this organization method is that you can use shower hooks for all kinds of accessories and not just purses.

3. DIY Shelf Dividers by If Only April

diy wooden shelf dividers
Image Credit: If Only April
Materials:  Wood boards or plywood boards
Tools:  Scroll saw, jigsaw, Kreg jig
Difficulty:  Medium

Many of us go through ironing and folding our clothing only to realize that everything looks messy once we place it in the closet. This frequently happens when people have large shelves that can fit many clothes, as everything gets mixed up with other stuff. However, this is easily solvable by using shelf dividers. That way, you can dedicate each section to a particular clothing item, allowing you to remain better organized and preventing your clothing from spilling everywhere. Luckily, they’re easy to make, so your closet will look stunning really quickly!

4. DIY Cube Organizer by Kreg Tool

diy cube organizer
Image By: Kreg Tool
Materials:  Wood boards, Kreg screws, wood filler, stain, sealer
Tools:  Clamp, pocket hole jig, miter saw, square, tape measure, drill, sander
Difficulty:  Hard

If you have a smaller walk-in closet that’s hard to organize, you could make a cube organizer. These organizers typically have multiple separate cube-shaped shelves, which will allow you to separate your clothing accordingly. You could also add boxes or organizer bins to the cube organizer, as they will allow you to separate shirts from jeans, leggings, and other clothing pieces you own. Also, an excellent thing about cube organizers is they don’t take up a lot of space, so you’ll still have available areas for your other items.

5. Over-the-Door DIY Shoe Storage by Hometalk

diy closet door built-in storage
Image By: Hometalk
Materials:  Different pieces of fabric, adhesive-backed hooks, dowels
Tools:  Sewing machine
Difficulty:  Medium

Making over-the-door shoe storage is an excellent way to store your shoes while occupying no closet space. This organizational method is especially applicable for people who have a lot of shoes, as shoes can take up a significant amount of your closet. By using this type of storage, you’ll be able to place your shoes basically hanging from your doors, while the closet space will remain available for other stylish clothing you own.

6. DIY Pull-out Pants Hanger Rack by Instructables

diy pull-out trouser rack
Image By: Instructables
Materials:  MDF boards, drawer runners, screws, dowels
Tools:  Drill, jigsaw, circular saw, miter saw, tape measure, pencil
Difficulty:  Medium

While regular hangers are great and allow us to hang our clothes in the closet, making a DIY pull-out pants rack is a much better option for hanging your clothes. When you use regular hangers, you need one hanger per item of clothing. However, this rack will allow you to hang multiple items, which is very practical and functional. You’ll be able to store more items while taking up less space inside your closet.

house divider Conclusion

When organizing your closet, allow yourself to be creative fun, and practical. Try to think of unconventional ways that will allow you to save space in your closet while still being neat and tidy. Remember that not every organizational hack will work for everyone, so you have to try multiple ideas until you find the one that suits your needs.

Featured Image Credit: Mobz, Shutterstock


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