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11 Types of Zinnia Flowers to Grow at Home (With Pictures)

Zinnia Flowers in a vase

Tired of having a plain and boring backyard? Consider growing zinnia flowers; they are colorful and grow in almost all conditions. They also grow quickly and bloom heavily, filling your backyard with a splash of color.

These flowers are annuals and grow throughout the year while producing both flowers and seeds. They have daisy-like flower heads and grow on a single stem which makes them the perfect flower to make a cutting from.

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The 11 Types of Zinnia Flowers to Grow at Home

Zinnia flowers have been bred to produce a vast number of unique varieties. You can find more than 20 types with a difference in color, number of petals, and smell. These flowers can be categorized based on the number of petals and whether the center of the flower is visible.

These categories are:
  • Single-flowered zinnias: Those with a single row of petals and a visible center.
  • Double-flowered zinnias: Flowers that have numerous petal rows and centers are not visible.
  • Semi double-flowered zinnias: Flowers with numerous petal rows and visible centers.

1. Big Red

Big Red Zinnia
Photo Credit By: PxHere
Sun Exposure: Full sun exposure
Bloom Time: 3 days after germination
Flower Color: Red, orange

As the name suggests, big red zinnia has a bright red color. They have a spicy flavor and taste a lot like chewing gum, making them very popular with kids. Luckily they are not poisonous.

Many people grow this flower for its big scarlet-colored petals. Another factor that makes them perfect for growing in your home is the fact that they take just 3 days to bloom after germination, which is faster than most flower species.

2. Color Crackle

Sun Exposure: Full sun exposure
Bloom Time: Summer & fall
Flower Color: Multicolor

These zinnia flowers have a unique coloring with a moderate height of around 20 inches. They are mildew resistant and grow very well in places that receive less rainfall. You can find them growing in a variety of locations.

3. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Zinnia flower
Photo Credit By: JumpStory
Sun Exposure: Full & partial sun exposure
Bloom Time: Summer
Flower Color: Orange, yellow

Crystal Clear is a zinnia flower with dainty single petals that attract pollinators to your yard. Having them in your garden may help in increasing the productivity and yield of any crops you might have.

They can grow to around 10 inches with a 12-inch spread, making them the perfect flowers to grow in containers and flower pots. You can also grow them indoors to bring more color to your house.

4. Envy

Sun Exposure: Full sun exposure
Bloom Time: Summer
Flower Color: Green, yellow

Perhaps the only zinnia flower with bright green petals, the Envy can reach a height of 40 inches. It’s perfect for growing in containers or between or under other plants since they are more shade resistant than other plants.

They are best grown in moist and well-drained soils. Envy attracts bees to your yard since they are nectar and pollen-rich, but avoid it if you have young children or pets playing in your yard.

5. Queeny Lime Orange

Queeny Lime Orange Zinnia flower
Photo Credit By: JumpStory
Sun Exposure: Shaded conditions
Bloom Time: Full sun
Flower Color: Multicolored

The Queeny Lime Orange is an eye-catching double flower. Their stems are solid and sturdy and can grow to 30–40 inches, making them perfect flowers for cuttings. The petals can extend to about 3 inches if grown in perfect conditions. They also grow in vibrant colors and shades.

6. Zinderella Lilac

Sun Exposure: Partial sun
Bloom Time: Summer
Flower Color: Purple, pink, lilac

If you like fluffy flowers, consider planting the Cinderella Lilac in your garden. They have pink and purple double-crested petals which can spread to 20 inches. The stem can reach a height of 30 inches.

These flowers are a recent variety and are quickly gaining popularity mainly due to the contrast between their dark centers and colorful petals. They bloom from June to September for about 12 weeks.

7. Zowie Yellow Flame

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia flower
Image Credit: JumpStory
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Bloom Time: Spring and summer
Flower Color: Scarlet rose, yellow

The Zowie Yellow Flame is popular due to its unique color pattern. They have double flowers that reach up to 10 cm in diameter. These flowers have a dark circle at the center that sprouts new petals as the flower matures.

They are best grown in flower beds and containers. They can also survive in a vase for up to 2 weeks. The stems are pretty steady, which makes perfect cuttings. The Zowie Zinnia is among the easiest flowers to grow from seeds.

8. Swizzle Ivory and Cherry

Sun Exposure: Full sun
Bloom Time: Throughout the year
Flower Color:  Scarlet, yellow

Are you looking for the perfect flower to give you a starburst of colors? This multicolored petal flower will bring life and color to your yard and house when grown as an indoor plant. It reaches a height of 12 inches and can reach an 8-inch spread and you can easily grow them in a container.

9. State Fair Mix

State Fair Mix Zinnia flower
Image Credit: JumpStory
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Bloom Time: Late spring, summer
Flower Color: Scarlet, gold, lavender, orange, and yellow

The State Fair Mixture zinnia grows in conditions with deep soil where the roots can remain upright. They can also grow in a deep container. These flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies while also being heat and disease tolerant.

They are tall and bear huge flowers in several colors. Under ideal conditions, these flowers can reach a height of 48 inches, so ensure you plant them in a location with extra room.

10. Profusion Cherry

Sun Exposure: Full sun
Bloom Time: Late spring, summer, late summer
Flower Color: Pink, pale red

The Profusion Cherry was the first flower to get the Fleuroselect Gold Medal and the Novelty Award winner in 1999, for good reason. It adds vibrance and color to the yard with its bright pink petals that can be 2.5 inches across.

Their stems can grow up to 18 inches, making them excellent for outdoor and indoor growing. If you decide on this flower, you have many bloom types to choose from.

11. Peppermint Stick

Peppermint Stick Zinnia flower
Image Credit: JumpStory
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Bloom Time: Spring, summer
Flower Color: Pink, crimson, orange, yellow

The Peppermint Stick zinnia flower is a colorful mix of red and white streaked flower petals. It produces big, double dahlia-like flowers and can grow to 90 cm making it one of the tallest zinnia flowers. They are also fast blooming, can be mixed in with vegetables, and the greens provide an excellent source of calcium and vitamin A and C.

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Zinnia flowers are easy to grow and don’t require much effort. The soil pH should be neutral, slightly acidic, or slightly basic, which means they can grow in almost all conditions. Choose a location in your yard that receives adequate sunlight and good air circulation.

It’s recommended that you grow these flowers from seeds instead of transplanting them. All in all, having zinnias in your yard adds color to your home and makes it more welcoming.

Featured Image Credit: PxHere


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