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5 Brilliant Uses for Old Garden Hoses (Reuse & Repurposing Ideas)

Garden hose

Most of us have purchased a garden hose or two. While these hoses can last quite a long time, they do not last forever. Whether it is due to a kink that causes an explosion or freezing water, most hoses will break eventually. Plus, hoses also just get old. Luckily, these hoses aren’t expensive, so purchasing a new one isn’t a huge deal.

However, instead of just throwing your old hose away, you may want to try repurposing it with one of these nifty plans. We’ve included several plans below that you might be interested in to upcycle that old hose.

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The 5 Uses for Old Garden Hoses

1. Recycled Water Wall- things to share and remember

Recycled Water Wall- things to share and remember
Image Credit: things to share and remember
Materials: Various recycled materials
Difficulty: Easy

If you have kids and various bottles lying around, you can turn your old hose into a fun waterwall. This is a hit in the summer for the kids, as they get to explore how water flows while getting wet (which is always a recipe for a good time). This project isn’t hard and utilizes solely recycled materials, which can be whatever you have laying around.

Bottles and buckets are a must, though, as the children will need something to hold the water in.

2. Décor- hammers and high heels

Décor- hammers and high heels
Image Credit: hammers and high heels
Materials: Hoses, paint (option)
Difficulty: Easy

With just some paint and old hoses, you can easily turn old hoses into some beautiful décor. Of course, this relies a lot on personal creativity and having the room to do so. However, as these beautiful flowers make clear, anyone can easily turn old hoses into nice décor for the garden.

Of course, this works best if you have multiple hoses. Plus, beautiful colors can help sell the décor, as well. For this reason, we highly recommend that you paint the hoses if they are all the same color. However, because hoses do come in many colors, this may not be necessary.

3. Rug- anns garden path

Rug- anns garden path
Image Credit: anns garden path
Materials: Hose, Zip Ties
Difficulty: Easy

We wouldn’t have thought that old hoses could be woven into a rug. However, this plan proves us wrong. Thanks to the heavy use of pictures, this plan allows just about anyone to easily make a hose rug. The plan creator started with a 31” hose. However, you could adjust the plan to fit whatever hose you have. Your rug may be bigger or smaller, depending on the hose size.

Beyond some zip ties and time, this plan requires very little. It does take quite a bit of time, though, so we recommend planning on spending quite a bit of time weaving a hose.

4. Flower Pot- hometalk

Flower Pot- hometalk
Image Credit: hometalk
Materials: Hose, Zip Ties
Difficulty: Easy

If you want to try another hose-weaving project, we recommend looking at this flowerpot. Of course, because it is made out of a hose, this flowerpot will be extremely draining. Therefore, it works best for plants that prefer drier soil. However, you shouldn’t worry about root rot or similar problems caused by too much moisture.

Simply put, this pot is made by weaving a hose together and using zip ties to keep the structure. In the end, you’ll have a pretty interesting-looking flower pot that you can easily use in your garden. Of course, this pot will be super-durable since it is made from a hose.

5. Door Mat- mark kintzel

Door Mat- mark kintzel
Image Credit: mark kintzel
Hose, Square Door Mat, Adhesive, Garden Pruners, Strong Scissors, Something Heavy
Difficulty: Easy

If you don’t want a full rug, you can make this simple doormat instead. As you’d guess, the instructions are pretty similar to the rug. However, no weaving is involved, as you’re simply cutting and gluing the hose to an actual doormat.

There are quite a few materials used. However, you don’t have to purchase expensive versions of these materials. You can purchase a cheap door mat, for instance, since you’ll be cutting and reusing it. What it looks like won’t matter.

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Having a leaky hose is often quite frustrating, especially if you don’t have a backup laying around. However, next time your hose breaks, we hope that you’ll see it as an opportunity to make one of these nice projects—not just as wasted time.

After your hose has been spent, you can use it on various décor projects. From wall décor to a flower pot, we’ve included many different options above that feature pretty easy-to-understand instructions. Because none of these projects are technical, they are quite easy and can be accomplished in an afternoon by even inexperienced DIYers.

With some creativity, you may even be able to take them up another notch.

Featured Image Credit: Counselling, Pixabay


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