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Why Are There Gnats in My Bedroom? 4 Likely Reasons


It’s funny how insects as tiny as gnats can constitute such a huge nuisance in homes. When your banana begins to get overripe, you forget to take out the trash in your kitchen, or there is any sign of decay, you can expect the gnats to come flocking around in the thousands. Luckily they’re not as dangerous as other pests that can invade your home, like roaches and rodents. If you are wondering why your home seems infested with these unrepentant pests, we have the answers.

house divider Understanding Gnats

So, what exactly are gnats? Gnat is a common name to describe tiny flying insects of the Diptera family and the Nematocera suborder. They are primarily black or dark brown, and they have six legs. They are usually long, slender, and oval; you will likely find them outside near shrubs and trees. They thrive in warm, humid areas and have a lifespan of about 3 to 5 days.

Gnats can be fungus gnats, drain flies, or fruit flies. There are several species of gnats, and some of them can bite. Biting gnats feed on blood, while non-biting gnats feed on plants.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Why Should You Get Rid of Gnats?

Most species of gnats do not have mouths designed for biting. Therefore, most gnats do not bite humans. However, with the ability to spread germs from dirty surfaces to neat ones, they are pretty harmful. Gnats reproduce quickly, and research shows that an adult female gnat can lay up to 300 eggs in 30 batches.

Within a few days of having gnats in your home, they’ll become more noticeable and likely begin buzzing around your family and pets. To avoid an infestation, it is best to keep gnats away from your home.

divider 4 The 4 Likely Reasons There Are Gnats in Your Bedroom

So, gnats will only live where they are invited. If gnats are gathering in your bedroom, you may have invited them there, albeit unknowingly. Here are some likely reasons why you have gnats in your bedroom.

1. Fruits

Image Credit: zurihoops, Pixabay

Gnats are very attracted to decaying fruit and vegetables. The fastest way to see a gnat is to leave fruit on the kitchen counter or a table in your bedroom until it starts to rot. Eventually, there will be hundreds of gnats hovering around the fruit. In another day or two, the number will triple.

2. Decay

If you have a full trash can on your property that’s uncovered, gnats will find their way to the can and can easily slip into your home and bedroom through open doors and windows. They’re tiny and don’t need a wide door before they can gain access.

3. Moisture

watering globe in a pot of peace lilies
Image Credit: FotoHelin, Shutterstock

Gnats also love moist areas, so if you have a pool of stagnant water around your home, gnats will congregate there and undoubtedly find their way to your bedroom in a short while.

4. Larvae in Fruits

Gnats can also enter your home in fruit. Some gnat eggs are laid in unripe fruits, so when the fruit begins to ripen, the larvae grow into adults and eventually pop out of their hiding place and multiply.

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Signs of a Gnat Infestation

In case you are not sure about the presence of the pests in your home, here is how to determine if your home is under an attack by gnats;

  • Finding a group of gnats relaxing in drains and damp areas of your home: If you always see a group of tiny insects flying around a water puddle or damp area of your home, it probably represents a small part of the total population. Your home is likely under attack.
  • Houseplants start to wilt and wither: Gnats love to feed and relax on plants, so if you see your houseplants begin to fade and look pale, it is very likely that your home is under a gnat attack.
  • Gnats flying around your fruits and trash area: Even after you empty the trash when you notice small insects flying around the garbage can area, they are probably living in your yard and likely to enter your home.

How to Get Rid of the Gnats in Your Home

There are a few steps you can take to get rid of these insects.

Credit: MarcOliver_Artworks, Shutterstock

Repel Them

This is the easiest way to get rid of gnats in your home. If you did something to attract them, simply undo it, and they will leave when they see that they are no longer welcome in your house. Here are a few tips to repel gnats:

  • Ensure that you do not allow your fruit to get rotten. Eat it or get rid of it before it has a chance to rot.
  • Fix leaky roofs and ensure that no puddles are forming around your home.
  • Ensure that the drain is cleaned out regularly.
  • Empty your bin regularly, and ensure it has a tight lid.

Stop Overwatering Your Soil

Gnats and other pests love damp soil and are attracted to it. Ensure that you are not overwatering your plants since it will cause the soil to become too moist. If you have a houseplant, overwatering it can hurt the plant and introduce gnats to your home.

man holding soil
Image Credit: jokevanderleij8, Pixabay

Build a Trap

One common method that is used to eliminate gnats is by trapping them. There are several traps that you can try.
  • Apple cider and soap trap: Mix an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and dishwashing liquid in a container and place it in a strategic place where they are likely to gather. The apple cider will attract them into the bowl, and the dishwashing liquid will drown them.
  • Mashed rotten fruit trap: Mash rotten fruit in a bowl and cover it with perforated plastic wrap. The gnats will quickly and easily find their way into the bowl, but they will become trapped by the plastic wrap and unable to leave.
  • Diluted bleach: If there are gnats around your drain, dilute a cup of bleach and pour it down the drain, and they will be gone for good.
  • Red wine and soap trap: If you do not have apple cider, replace it with red wine. Pour a glass of red wine and add the dishwashing liquid to it. When the gnats come to the feast, it will be their last.

house divider Bottom Line

The best method to avoid gnats is prevention, but the previous methods will help eliminate the infestation quickly. If you respond quickly to your gnat problem, you won’t have to spend money on a professional service to eradicate them. The techniques we discussed are inexpensive and simple to implement. Still, the best action is to keep your surroundings clean and make your home unfriendly to pests.

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