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70 Man Cave Ideas for Your Basement (With Pictures)

dramatically lit interior of a soccer themed man cave_Inked Pixels_shutterstock

dramatically lit interior of a soccer themed man cave_Inked Pixels_shutterstock

Creating a man cave is a great way to use your extra basement space, and it gives you a place to watch the game or have a few drinks away from the pressures of life.  Of course, you’ll want to have space to bring some friends over, and the whole family can enjoy it as well. If you’re looking to build one in your home and need a few ideas, we’ve scoured the internet to come up with as many as we could find, and we are going to list them here with pictures and a short description so you can see if it’s right for your home.divider 4

Man Cave Ideas

1. Next Luxury


This first idea is pretty extravagant and may take a lot of work, but the luxurious result is well worth it. This layout has a soda and whiskey cooler, a full bar, attractive lighting, and more.

2. Foosball Table

Sometimes the simpler things will give you a place to get away and hang out with your friends. A foosball table requires little maintenance, lasts for years, and is plenty of fun.

3. Air Hockey Table

Another great addition to any man cave is the air hockey table. This game is fast-paced, aggressive, and helps you release the tensions of the day while spending time with a friend or family member.

4. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a little more laid back than foosball or air hockey, but it still keeps you engaged, is plenty of fun, and requires some skill. You can get a fancy one like in the picture or build one out of some old lumber.

5. Pool Table

Of course, the granddaddy of all table games is the pool table. It’s a laid-back game that leaves plenty of time for discussion. You can play it alone, with a friend, or set up teams and have several people play. You’ll also build skills you can take to the poolhall.

6. Roll and Score

You can find the Roll and Score game in many arcades. It’s fun to play with and suitable for men, women, and children. You can even set up prizes as they have in the game room.

7. Basketball Shootout

If you are building your man cave to watch the basketball games on television, the basketball shootout is the perfect accessory. It’s fun and challenging, and it helps relieve stress, especially during exciting games.

8. Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard was once a popular game, and if it’s something you enjoy, this table will make an attractive addition to your man cave, and you could show others how to play.

9. Arcade Game

If you are a child of the 1980s, an arcade game like this Pac-Man machine will improve and man cave. The price of these machines is falling, so you might even be able to afford a few of them.

10. Popcorn Machine

While you’re spending time in the man cave, it’s easy to get hungry. This popcorn machine is an easy and fast way to get a snack without running upstairs.

11. Beverage Center

One requirement for any man cave is a beverage center. You’re going to need a lot of drinks while you yell at the television and beat your friends at various games.

12. Illuminated Cooler

If you can’t put an electric cooler in your basement, we highly recommend something like this illuminated cooler to keep your drinks flowing. This one even has a bottle opener with a cap catcher attached to the side.

13. Game Room Sign

Once you get the man cave created, you’re going to need to designate it as such.  Electric signs are attractive and make your intentions clear.

14.Cinema Sign

The cinema sign is perfect for those who prefer movies to games. If you are turning your man cave into a home theater, you need one of these signs.

15.  Bar Sign

Of course, if you are using your man cave strictly for drinking, you will need a bar sign to give it that corner bar appearance to make you and your guests a little more comfortable.

16. Snack Organizer

Drinking, playing games, and watching television can cause you to work up quite an appetite. A snack organizer can satisfy the munchies without requiring you to go upstairs.

17. Two Pot Coffee Station

If you are not a beer or whiskey drinker, the two-pot coffee station is a great way to stay organized as well as caffeinated for several hours before you need to go upstairs for a refill.

18. Keurig

If you don’t drink alcohol and spend most of your time in the man cave alone, a Keurig machine can help keep you warm and hydrated.

19. Nacho Station

A nacho station is perfect for large parties and get-togethers. It’s easy to use and provides enough food for several people.

20. Hot Dog Hut

If you tend to have several friends over and everyone gets hungry, you can’t beat the hot dog hut. It can cook as many hot dogs as you need and will keep them and the buns warm indefinitely.

21. Portable Flat Grill

If you like to cook and make several different dishes, the portable flat grill can be a great addition to your man cave as long as you have ventilation.

22. Safe

A safe is a good choice for any man cave. Not only does it protect your money, but it helps to organize it, so you are in better control of your finances.

23. LED Bar Table

Of course, if you are eating and drinking, you will need a place to sit down. The LED bar table is perfect. It looks attractive and will provide light.

24. Bottle Display

If you have several expensive wines or other drinks, you might like to put them in this attractive light up bottle display to show them off.

25. Bottle Shelf

The bottle shelf is another lighted bottle display for a larger assortment of drinks than the last example.

26. LED Wall Lamp

An LED wall lamp is a great way to add accent lighting to your man cave. You can get them in several colors to enhance any atmosphere.

27. LED Cube Seat

An LED cube seat will provide your man cave with a space-age look while providing comfortable seating for you or your guests.

28. Aquarium Coffee Table

The aquarium coffee table is a great addition to your man cave that will certainly impress the guests while providing a relaxing atmosphere. Of course, an aquarium like this takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

29. Rope Lights

Another great way to add accent lighting to your man cave is with LED rope lights. They look attractive, and you can usually use a phone app to control the colors.

30. Electric Fireplace and Media Center

If it’s cold and damp in your home, this electric fireplace will warm it up nicely while providing you with a large entertainment center for your television, movies, and games.

31. Fireplace

If you are looking to add an attractive fireplace separate from your entertainment, something like this is easy to install, will keep you warm, and looks stunning.

32. Two-Tier Pretzel Heater

Another great way to add snacks to your man cave is with this two-tier pretzel warmer. Pretzels are a perfect addition to movies.

33. Putting Green

Golf is an extremely popular sport, and with this putting green, you can sharpen your skills all year long from the comfort of your man cave.

34. Bar Stools

If you have a bar themed man cave, you will need a few bar stools for people to sit on. Luckily, most are lightweight and inexpensive. You can also get them in different heights for additional comfort.

35. Sports Themed Bar Stool

If you are a sports fanatic, you can’t go wrong with sports themed bar stools. You can get one with almost any team name on it, though it will usually be a bit more expensive than the generic ones.

36. Poker Chips

If you are creating a man cave, there’s a good chance you will use it to play poker with your friends. A set of poker chips will help you keep track of your bets.

37. Craps Table

You will impress your friends if you have a crap table in your basement. You and your friends can gamble the night away without going to the casino.

38. Blackjack Table

You can also gamble in style with this impressive blackjack table. Keep all of your chips and cards in one place and invite up to five friends over.

39. Card Table

One of the most basic needs of any man cave is a card table. Any table will do, but a genuine card table like the one pictured here will add style and class.

40. Poker Table

Here’s a round version of the card table that many people might like better, especially if you are only playing with a few people. However, this table will fit up to eight friends comfortably and provide them each with a drink holder.

41. Playing Cards

You can’t play poker without playing cards. You can purchase any standard deck inexpensively at almost any store, but you can also spring for something unique to your man cave, like the brand pictured here.

42. Darts

Few things are more fun when having a few drinks with your friends than darts. If you find an electronic machine, like the one pictured, you won’t need to keep score or worry about cheating.

43. Backgammon Set

If you enjoy the game of backgammon, you can purchase an inexpensive set that looks attractive and packs away neatly.

44. Chess Table

Chess is a great game for those that like thoughtful games of skill and forward-thinking. It’s sophisticated, elegant, and attractive. They are available in many designs, so you can get exactly what you need to enhance your man cave.

45. Gaming Chair

If you plan on using your mancave for gaming, you will need a comfortable gaming chair. There are several versions available, but the reclining type with footrests are the best.

46. Rubber Floor Tiles

They might not seem as fun as some of the other examples on this list, but the rubber floor tiles pictured here are a simple way to cover the floor of an unfinished basement and provide some protection if you fall or drop something.

47. Weight Set

Your man cave is the perfect place to get into shape, and it’s also the best place to store heavy weights that could be dangerous in other parts of the house, especially if you have kids.

48. Weight Bench

Besides the weights, you will need a bench to help you with some exercises you couldn’t do otherwise, like the bench press or leg raises.

49. Home Gym

If you have space and funds, you can add an entire gym for a complete workout experience. If you use it regularly, a gym like the one pictured here will pay for itself in a few years because you won’t need a gym membership.

50. Exercise Bike

If you don’t have room for a lot of weights or just want to lose some weight and increase your cardio, the exercise bike is a great option. It’s not very expensive and fits in a small area.

51. Treadmill

Many people get a sore back and bottom from using an exercise bike. In that case, you can opt for a treadmill, which works just as well but puts a little more strain on your knees. Many of these units fold away neatly when not in use.

52. Punching Bag

Another great addition to any man cave that will also help you stay in shape is the punching bag. You can usually hang them right from the basement rafters, but you can also use the cage like the one pictured here.

53. Kicking Trainer

If you want to take away the day’s pressures while getting a great workout, the kicking trainer is that you want to add to your man cave.

54. Aerobic Platform

If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest to store fitness equipment, we recommend the aerobic platform. Quickly get the exercise you need, then hide it away.

55. Floor Mat

If you are doing sit-ups, crunches, and other floor-based exercises, we recommend using a floor mat to protect your back.

56. Wooden Boot Tray

Keep guests from messing up your man cave by providing this rustic wooden boot tray to store their shoes.

57. Man Cave Sign

If it’s going to be your man cave, you better put a sign up designating it as such, so there is no mistake.

58. Coffee Table

The aquarium coffee table we presented earlier was attractive but required a lot of work. However, when watching television, it’s a good idea to have a coffee table to hold your drinks and to put your feet up.

59. Slot Machine

The slot machine is another good item to add to any man cave. It’s fun to play and your guests will love it as well.

60. Monopoly Board

If you like board games, Monopoly is a fantastic way to kill a few hours, and a fancy game set like the one pictured here is fun to use.

61. Wall Sized Television

If you are using your man cave as a game room or theater, you will need a large television. A wall hanging TV like the one here will provide a great viewing experience for you and your guests.

62. Entertainment Center

If a wall-size television is too large for your man cave, a smaller entertainment center like the one pictured here is a perfect solution. It also contains space for your gaming systems and other components.

63. Gaming Setup

If you have a lot of gaming consoles, you will need somewhere to store them. The gaming setup in this picture has space for all of our gaming systems and games and has plenty of lighting.

64. Game Console

If you are going to have a gaming man cave, you will need at least one gaming console. The PlayStation and XBox are the most popular, but Nintendo is also a good choice, as is computer gaming.

65. Retro Consoles

There are also some older systems that you can buy to play games from long ago. Systems like Atari, Coleco-Vision, and Super Nintendo are still available and have lots of great games.

66. Recliner

Whether you are playing games or watching movies, you can’t beat a comfortable place to sit. A reclining chair allows you to put your feet up and relax for many hours at a time.

67. Sofa

If you intend to host several guests in your man cave, especially for movie night, you might look into a sofa to conserve space and provide ample seating.

68. Track Lights

One thing you can’t forget when designing your basement man cave is proper lighting. Track lighting is usually the best because it’s inexpensive, easy to install, and you can point it where you need it.

69. Lamps

If track lighting doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to get some lamps, and there are plenty of designs that are well suited to a man cave like the one pictured here.

70. Bar

If you plan on using your man cave for drinking, you’ll need to build or purchase a bar. The one pictured here is inexpensive and large enough to seat several people.

divider 8 Summary

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this huge list of things you can do to create or improve your man cave. We highly recommend some fitness equipment so you can stay healthy, but otherwise, all of the ideas are great, and things we would put in ours. If we have helped you get some ideas, please share these 70 man cave ideas on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Inked Pixels, Shutterstock


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