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5 Best Pool Salts 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Man putting salt in the pool

Man putting salt in the pool

A saltwater pool can be easier to maintain than a chlorine pool. Not having to add chlorine to the pool daily or weekly can feel like a huge weight lifted off your back. Most pool owners have an easier time keeping their pool bacteria and algae-free.

Whether you are converting your pool to salt or just find that it is running low, the salt you put in your pool cannot be table salt, and it cannot be road salt. You have to use pool salt, and to help you determine which brand is best for your pool, we’ve compiled a list of the top five brands and included detailed reviews.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
AQUASALT Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator Salt AQUASALT Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator Salt
  • Dissolves fast
  • Should not take any extra brushing
  • 40-pound bag
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Clorox Premium Pool Salt Clorox Premium Pool Salt
  • Dissolves fast
  • Great price for the product
  • 40-pound size
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Diamond Crystal Pool Salt Diamond Crystal Pool Salt
  • Very pure salt
  • Fast dissolving
  • Morton Salt Pool Salt Morton Salt Pool Salt
  • Pure pool salt
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Home Repair Parts Chlorine Generator Salt Home Repair Parts Chlorine Generator Salt
  • Reasonable price for large pool
  • Will replace bags damaged during shipping
  • The 5 Best Pool Salts

    1. AQUASALT 40 Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator Salt – Best Overall

    AQUASALT 40 Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator Salt

    Our top choice for the best overall pool salt of the year is Aquasalt 40. It is a pure, certified USP-grade salt. The bag comes in a 40-pound size, but the amount you need to get your pool’s saltwater levels stable depends on the size of your pool and the current salt level.

    One of the most critical factors in picking a salt for your pool is its ability to dissolve. Aquasalt dissolves fast and relatively evenly as well. As always, it is essential to make sure that you disperse it evenly throughout the pool. Users report no clumps and no extra brushing involved when using Aquasalt 40.

    For the price per bag, the quality of the salt, and the fact that it dissolves quickly, it’s a great product that pool owners continue to return to when it’s time to add salt to the pool.

    • Dissolves fast
    • Should not take any extra brushing
    • 40-pound bag
    • Great price
    • Some pool owners reported having to use a lot to raise salt levels

    2. Clorox 81040CLX Premium Pool Salt – Best Value

    Clorox 81040CLX Premium Pool Salt

    Next on our list is the Clorox 81040CLX Premium pool salt. The Clorox 81040 is the best pool salt for the money that we could find. It is a very pure salt that dissolves quickly in your pool. The amount you will need to treat your pool will vary, but the bag comes in a 40-pound size. The major complaint that homeowners had with the Clorox pool salt was the packaging.

    The bag is too thin and sometimes opens up during shipping. Keep this in mind before opening the box to avoid spilling salt all over your front doorstep. Open the package carefully and ensure the bag is not leaking before removing it. Outside of that, the Clorox salt is an excellent product.

    • Dissolves fast
    • Great price for the product
    • 40-pound size
    • Packaging is not very strong
    • Can spill during shipping

    3. Diamond Crystal 8526 Pool Salt – Premium Choice

    Diamond Crystal 8526 Pool Salt

    Next on our list is the Diamond Crystal 8526. This is a premium pool salt (just like our first two options), but the Diamond Crystal will cost you much more. However, the pure salt will help you maintain the water’s clarity and cleanliness.

    Diamond Crystal dissolves fast and will not require any extra work to ensure it is adequately mixed into your pool. Honestly, the only issue with the Diamond Crystal salt is the price. We have a hard time figuring out why it is so much more expensive than the other options on our list when it seems to produce the same results.

    Users claim to have much less skin irritation with this Diamond Crystal than other brands. However, a saltwater pool will typically cause fewer skin and eye problems than a traditional chlorine pool.

    • Very pure salt
    • Fast dissolving
    • Very expensive

    4. Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt

    Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt

    Next on the list is the Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt. If you don’t know the Morton salt name, you can head over to the grocery store. The company has produced salt products for over a century. Luckily, they make a highly effective and efficient pool salt.

    The 3460 is a pure pool salt and happens to dissolve very quickly. We have no issues with the Morton pool salt overall except for its pricing. Although it is not as expensive as the Diamond pool salt, it is still almost double the cost of our number one option. We just don’t see the benefit of purchasing a pool salt that is more expensive than another.

    • Pure pool salt
    • Dissolves quickly
    • Very expensive without a significant benefit

    5. Home Repair Parts Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator Salt

    Home Repair Parts Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator Salt

    Last on our list is the Home Repair Parts Swimming Pool Salt. It’s at the bottom of the list because of the product size, not the quality. The Home Repair Kit comes with five 40-pound bags of salt. Not every pool owner will need this much, and since there is no option to buy just one bag, it did not make it closer to the top of the list.

    This is a salt made specifically for pools. One thing we like about the product is that if the bags break during shipping, they will replace them for you. Considering it is a problem with many other pool salts, it’s a nice benefit.

    • A reasonable price for a large pool
    • Will replace bags damaged during shipping
    • Comes in a bulk option
    • Expensive because of the amount you must buy

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Pool Salts

    As you may have noticed from our review of the pool salts, there is not much difference between one pool salt to the next. Pricing, packaging, and the ability to dissolve quickly are the most critical aspects when choosing the pool salt you need. Here are some things to remember about buying pool salt and maintaining a saltwater pool.

    What Type of Salt Do I Need To Use?

    The type of pool salt necessary for maintaining a saltwater pool can be a source of confusion. Do not stray away from the products that say they are specifically designed for pools. The ideal form of salt for your pool is a granulated, food quality (don’t eat it), NON-iodized salt.

    If you do not use the proper salt, you’ll have trouble keeping the water clear and sanitary. The wrong pool salt can stain or take a very long time to dissipate in the water. Luckily, pool salt is not that expensive for a large amount.

    How Do I Properly Add Salt to A Salt Water Pool?

    When it comes time to add salt to your pool, you can follow these steps to ensure it is done correctly.

    • Determine the proper level of salt for your system. Most saltwater systems operate between 3,000 and 4,000 parts per million.
    • Test the current amount of salt in the pool so you have a general idea of your starting point before adding any salt. If this is a brand-new pool that you are turning into a saltwater pool, you will have no salt in your water. If you are converting your old pool to a saltwater pool, don’t assume there is no salt; usually, there is a minimal amount. Getting a saltwater pool test strip or testing kit is vital to ensuring this is done correctly.
    • Calculate how much salt you need to raise your pool’s salt level properly. Usually, there is a table on the salt you purchase or on your test strips to give you the information you need.
    • Salt almost always comes in a 40-pound bag. When you first convert your pool, you may need several bags of salt. Choose a pure salt and get one that dissolves quickly. Our top two choices from our reviews are the best options that we could find for a fast-dissolving and highly effective pool salt.
    • If your measurements tell you to add five bags of salt, we suggest you add four and see what happens. It is hard to go backward if your salt level is too high. If, however, your salt level is a little low, it is simple to raise it. We recommend this method with most of our pool maintenance procedures. As important as it is to follow tables and guidelines, sometimes your pool reacts differently, or your measurements were originally off. Caution is not a bad thing when it comes to pool maintenance.
    • When putting salt in the pool, leave the pump on but turn off the salt water chlorinator. You can turn the chlorinator back on once the salt is dissolved. You also don’t want to put all the salt in the skimmer. It is best to distribute it around the pool evenly. It will sometimes take up to 24 hours to fully dissolve.
    • When the salt is dissolved, test your water again and ensure it is within the acceptable range. If it Is a little low, repeat the same process to get your pool to a safe and clean level for swimming.

    Does A Salt Water Pool Need Chlorine and Salt?

    Although some think that saltwater pools are chlorine-free, that is not true. Saltwater pools use a chlorinator to turn salt water into chlorine and sanitize the pool. This process happens automatically, and you should not have to add chlorine to the pool daily or weekly as you would with a traditional pool. Saltwater pools can be easier to maintain and balance, but continually checking the water is the only way to keep a perfect pool.

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    In Conclusion

    As seen in our reviews, the two most essential factors in choosing a pool salt are ensuring it dissolves quickly and isn’t too expensive. There are some significant variations in the pricing of pool salt, but not that many differences in the actual quality of the products. Our first choice, the Aquasalt 40, is the best option we could find for the purity of the salt and quick-dissolving times.

    The pool owners that use Aquasalt mentioned that it dissolves quickly and distributes evenly throughout the pool. If you want to save a few dollars and think Aquasalt is priced a bit high, check out the deal on the Clorox Premium Pool Salt. Clorox pool products are typically expensive, but its 40-pound bag is a great deal.

    Featured Image Credit: Bignai, Shutterstock


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