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10 Best Reusable Ear Plugs In 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

woman putting ear plug into her ear

woman putting ear plug into her ear

Are you looking for the best reusable ear plugs? With the amount of noise pollution today, it is no surprise that ear plugs have become a must-have item. A good pair of reusable ear plugs can save you from the damaging effects of loud noise. Not only will it protect your hearing, but it can also improve your sleep quality. With the many brands available, knowing which one to choose can be overwhelming. So to help you out a bit, here are the 10 best reusable ear plugs to check out this year.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Eargasm High Fidelity Ear Plugs Eargasm High Fidelity Ear Plugs
  • Comes in two sizes
  • High-quality ear plugs
  • Reduces sound in extremely loud spaces
  • Best Value
    Second place
    ZQuiet Ear Plugs ZQuiet Ear Plugs
  • Discreet design
  • Great for sleeping in any position
  • Great for concerts or loud noise jobs
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Bose Sleepbuds II Ear Plugs Bose Sleepbuds II Ear Plugs
  • Perfect for side sleeping
  • Offer high-level noise canceling
  • Comfortable fit without lobe pinching
  • Loop Quiet Ear Plugs Loop Quiet Ear Plugs
  • Great low-cost option
  • Perfect for people with small or large ear sizes
  • Good for sleeping and work
  • Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs
  • High-performance design
  • Offer lowered but clear sounds
  • Great for sleeping and working
  • The 10 Best Reusable Ear Plugs

    1. Eargasm High Fidelity Ear Plugs – Best Overall

    Eargasm High Fidelity Ear Plugs

    The Eargasm ear plugs are a great option for loud environments such as concerts, construction, and hunting. These reusable silicone ear plugs have a 16 decibel (dB) NRR (noise reduction rating) and can be used daily. However, they can also be used to sleep with light background noise.

    They are made with attenuation filters that reduce the sound volume but preserve quality, so that you can still hear people talking. They also come with a convenient pull tab and are fairly discreet in their appearance. These ear plugs are easy to remove and they come with a waterproof aluminum storage container. However, they may not reduce noise as much as other ear plugs. But, we still think they’re the best overall reusable ear plugs.

    • High-quality ear plugs
    • Comes in two sizes
    • Great for reducing sound in extremely loud spaces
    • May not reduce as much noise

    2. ZQuiet Ear Plugs – Best Value

    ZQuiet Ear Plugs

    These ZQuiet ear plugs reduce ambient sound, snoring, and other noises by as much as 27 dB. The ear plugs also have a chamber that equalizes pressure and a sonic reduction capsule. These are perfect for anyone who needs reusable ear plugs for day-to-day use at work or while sleeping. They are made with a flexible silicon material that helps reduce pressure on the inner ear lobe and their compact design makes them easy to remove.

    Overall, these ear plugs have a low profile and are fairly discreet compared to other models. They aren’t as highly rated as other ear plugs, but we think they’re the best reusable ear plugs for the money.

    • Affordable
    • Discreet design
    • Great for sleeping in any position
    • Great for concerts or loud noise jobs
    • Not as highly rated

    3. Bose Sleepbuds II Ear Plugs – Premium Choice

    Bose Sleepbuds II Ear Plugs

    If you’re looking for optimal noise canceling, the Bose Sleepbuds II are the perfect option. They come with an app that includes a sleep library which includes several nature sounds to help you get some Zs. They also mold to your ears and don’t have protruding edges that can make it uncomfortable to sleep on your side. In fact, many online users rated these ear plugs best for comfort and design.

    You can choose from small, medium, and large ear sizes. They also come with a 90-day guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with them period. They are pricey, and you can’t play music through them, but we still think they are the best overall reusable ear plugs.

    • Offer high-level noise canceling
    • Perfect for side sleeping
    • Comfortable fit without lobe pinching
    • Can’t play music through them

    4. Loop Quiet Ear Plugs

    Loop Quiet Ear Plugs

    If you’re looking for an ear plug that is comfortable, here you go. These ear plugs are made with soft silicone that quickly molds to your inner ear without irritating or chafing the skin. The Loop Quiet ear plugs can reduce outside noise by approximately 26 dB.

    You can block out sounds to a reasonable extent without missing your alarm. Like many of the other options, they come with three different tip sizes for small, medium, and larger ear fitting. They also come in six different colors and with a keychain carrying bag for travel. However, they don’t reduce noise as much as some of the other options on this list.

    • Great low-cost option
    • Perfect for people with small or large ear sizes
    • Good for sleeping and work
    • Only offers mid-level noise reduction

    5. Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs

    Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs

    These handy Fidelity concert earplugs are affordable and effective. They’re currently listed for under $20 and are able to reduce noise levels up to 24 dB. They are awesome noise reducers and almost feel like custom-molded earplugs thanks to their soft silicone surface.

    The Fidelity plugs also come with pull tabs for easy removal and their low profile makes them perfect for discretion in professional settings. They’re made for comfort and each pair comes with 2-sets of ear plugs to fit larger and smaller ears. They won’t muffle music and voices like foam plugs, but instead will provide a full spectrum of lowered sound while protecting your ears. The only downside is that they may be easy to lose, but they do come with a carrying case and clip so that you can clip them to something which will hopefully keep them more secure.

    • High-performance design for optimal noise-canceling
    • Great for sleeping and working
    • Have a small, discreet profile
    • Offer lowered but clear sounds
    • May be easy to lose

    6. Anbow Ear Plugs

    Anbow Ear Plugs

    Anbow ear plugs are one of the best choices for travelers who are looking for an affordable multi-pack of ear plugs to take on the road. The flexible silicone design allows for maximum comfort and molds to your ears.

    The BPA-free silicone design is comfortable, and the ear plugs offer a snug fit in the ear – this means they won’t fall out easily. Even after nightly use, the silicone is extremely soft and should not cause any discomfort to your ears. To reduce unwanted noise, you can use them in concert settings. They are non-porous and therefore easy to clean.

    All purchases come with a carry case with six ear plugs. The company offers a 30-day return policy that allows you to try the ear plugs for 30 days. However, while they are reusable, they are better for short-term use rather than long-term.

    • Made with comfortable BPA-free silicone
    • Great for noise-canceling sleep
    • Easy to clean
    • Affordable
    • Best for short-term use

    7. Etymotic Research Ear Plugs

    Etymotic Research Ear Plugs

    The Etymotic ear plugs are foam-based plugs that provide superior sound quality at high and mid frequencies without the muffling effect caused by foam-style plugs. They’re under $20, which is great considering their quality. They block all noises and sounds that are over 12 dB and they offer an easy solution for anyone dealing with a noisy environment or workplace.

    They also come with a volume knob to prevent complete sound muffling and allow you to hear for safety reasons. Ultimately, these affordable ear plugs are an inexpensive option to get effective ear protection without sacrificing all hearing ability. They also come with a convenient carrying case and 30-day refund. The downside is that they may not fit all ears.

    • Quality noise-canceling ability
    • Come with warranty
    • High-quality plugs for value
    • Affordable
    • Fitting may be too big for some users

    8. Vibes High-Fidelity Ear Plugs

    Vibes High-Fidelity Ear Plugs

    These convenient noise-canceling headphones by Vibes are definitely worth taking a look at if you want something that is simple, comfortable, and well-designed. They can reduce sound by 22 dB on average and come with three bud sizes. The earbud is made of 100% silicone, and they are one of the more durable options that you can find in the marketplace – something that is notable given their low price point. The great thing about these ear plugs is that they don’t muffle sounds, they simply reduce frequencies whether low or high. So if you are simply looking to turn down outside volume these are worth considering. However, they might not cancel out noises completely, if that’s what you’re looking for in a reusable ear plug.

    • Costs under $30
    • Great for professionals in loud environments
    • Come with 1-year warranty
    • Not ideal for complete noise-canceling

    9. DeciBullz Pro Earplug

    DeciBullz Pro Earplug

    Decibullz Pro ear plugs are somewhat new to the scene but are quickly gaining steam in the marketplace. These unique, custom-molded ear plugs are great for working professionals or motorcyclists. They completely cover the opening and outside of the ear canal, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

    These comfy ear plugs have a 31 dB noise reduction, which is higher than many of the other options on this list, making these ear plugs ideal for environments like construction, aviation, and auto repair. Another cool thing about these ear plugs is that you have to first mold them to your ears, for maximum comfort and a perfect fit. Fortunately, if you don’t mold them correctly the first time you can always remold them using the same process. They also come with a warranty. However, these aren’t the best choice if you want something to block out noise while you’re sleeping. They may block out too much noise, interfering with you being able to hear your alarm.

    • Decent price for quality
    • Can be custom-molded
    • Come with warranty
    • Not ideal for sleeping

    10. Scobuty Ear Plugs

    Scobuty Ear Plugs

    You can’t beat the price tag, and many users state that the Scobuty ear plugs are pretty good for the money. These handy ear plugs are washable and suitable for various occasions. They’re especially great at helping you sleep better and longer. The earbuds can be worn over the ears and are light enough to accommodate side sleepers.

    You have the option to choose from white or gray models, and their 360-degree ergonomic design means that they won’t cause irritation when you sleep on your side. The earbuds will lessen sounds without distorting its clarity, making them great for work. They come with a 30-day refund, and they are washable. However, they may not last as long as some of the other options.

    • Comfortable ear plugs for all users
    • High-quality noise-canceling
    • Includes 30-day refund
    • Washable food-grade silicone
    • May not last long

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    Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Reusable Ear Plugs

    It helps to know the type of ear plugs that you want to buy before you head out to the stores or do your searches online. So here are a few things to consider when searching for that perfect pair of ear plugs for your job or a restful night’s sleep.

    orange reusable ear plugs
    Image Credit: Nor Gal, Shutterstock

    Types of Reusable Ear Plugs

    There are a few different types of reusable ear plugs available on the market. Reusable ear plugs can be made from different materials, have different benefits, and come with different price points. The type of ear plug you choose will depend on your needs, budget, and preferences.

    Silicone Ear Plugs

    These are actually the most common type of reusable ear plugs. They’re made from medical-grade silicone, making them very comfortable to wear. The great thing about these ear plugs is that they don’t cause chafing and other types of irritation to your ears like other materials may cause. Silicone ear plugs are also effective at blocking out nearby noises, making them an ideal option for sleeping and loud environments.

    Wax Ear Plugs

    Wax ear plugs are another popular choice, as they’re easy to make at home. They’re made from a combination of beeswax and special clay, which gives them a nice, smooth texture and easy molding ability. These types of ear plugs are ideal for blocking out water or other liquids but are less effective for blocking out noise.

    Memory Foam Ear Plugs

    Memory foam ear plugs are also a good choice for lessening the effects of noisy environments. They’re made from memory foam (like that of beds and pillows), which is designed to expand slowly over time, so that they fit your ears perfectly. They’re a great option for people who are sensitive to pressure.

    Sound Absorption Ear Plugs

    Sound absorption ear plugs are ideal for blocking out a specific sound, such as loud cars, live music, airplanes, or a noisy outdoor event. They’re not exactly meant to be worn for long periods of time, like other types of reusable ear plugs. Essentially, they’re meant to protect your ear drums, but not meant to muffle sound completely.

    woman putting ear plug into her ear
    Image Credit: Mark Paton, Unsplash

    The Good and the Bad with Reusable Ear Plugs

    Like any other consumer item, reusable ear plugs have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of their advantages and disadvantages:

    Pros of Reusable Ear Plugs

    • They’re designed to be comfortable
    • Most are affordable
    • They’re fairly easy to clean
    • You don’t have to keep buying them
    • Using them is practical, you simply insert them into your ears
    • They help to protect your eardrums from potential damage

    Cons of Reusable Ear Plugs

    • Some may not be as effective at blocking out all noise as other types of ear plugs
    • They don’t let you choose the level of noise reduction
    • They aren’t suitable for wearing for long periods of time
    • Most aren’t effective at blocking out water
    • A proper fit can be a challenge
    • They need to be replaced every few months, which can get expensive

    woman wearing ear plugs

    Factors to Consider When Buying Reusable Ear Plugs

    There are a few factors to consider when buying reusable ear plugs. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.

    Level of Noise Reduction

    When buying reusable ear plugs, you want to make sure that they’re going to be effective at blocking out the noise in your environment. So be sure to look at the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of different ear plugs so that you can find the best option for you. These values range from 0 to approximately 30, with higher noise reduction denoting a higher value.

    Material the Ear Plugs Are Made Of

    When it comes to comfort, the material with which the ear plugs are made can make a huge difference. As mentioned earlier, most reusable ear plugs are made from silicone, memory foam, or wax. Silicone seems to be the winner (at least according to user reviews) when it comes to comfort due to its soft, smooth texture.

    Design of the Ear Plugs

    Last but not least, you want to make sure that the design of the ear plugs is right for you. Different ear plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits your ears perfectly. The good thing is that most ear plugs will come with two to three different sizes to accommodate different ear sizes.

    woman wearing ear plugs

    Tips for Using and Caring for Reusable Ear Plugs

    Here are a few tips for using and caring for your reusable ear plugs. These tips can help you get the most out of your ear plugs, so that you can use them for as long as possible.

    Choose the Right Size & Fit

    You want to make sure that the ear plugs fit your ears perfectly. If they don’t fit properly, they won’t be as effective at blocking out noise. Be sure to choose ear plugs that come in a wide range of sizes (and most come with different size options), so that you can find a pair that fits your ears perfectly. If you’re new to wearing reusable ear plugs it may take a bit of trial area initially. Also, different brands will have different ear plug shapes, so you may need to try a few different ones to get that ideal fit.

    Clean Your Ear Plugs Regularly

    Anyone who wears reusable ear plugs will tell you that hygiene makes a difference when it comes to comfortable usage. Cleaning your reusable ear plugs regularly is important, so that they don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your ear plugs. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re keeping your ears clean as well to minimize the amount of wax that comes in contact with the plugs.

    Replace Your Ear Plugs Regularly

    Sometimes it can be challenging to determine when it’s time to replace your ear plugs. Most people simply replace the plugs when they start malfunctioning, start to smell even after cleaning, or stop working all together. However, if you paid over $50 for your ear plugs, you may want to check your warranty before simply tossing them out.

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    To some things up, reusable ear plugs are a great choice for people who want to block out noise while sleeping, traveling, or enjoying a loud event. They’re a cost-effective option, as they can be used for years. We found the Eargasm High Fidelity Ear Plugs to be the best overall choice, with the ZQuiet Ear Plugs coming in second place. And in third place we have our premium choice option, the Bose Sleepbuds II Ear Plugs to be a good choice for reducing noise while you sleep.

    Whether you’re looking for the best sound quality, the most comfortable fit, or the most cost-effective option, there are numerous reusable ear plug options for you to choose from. When choosing reusable ear plugs, you want to make sure that you’re getting a high-quality pair. You also want to consider your budget, as there are a wide variety of brands and types of ear plugs on the market.

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    Featured Image Credit: Anetlanda, Shutterstock


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