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10 DIY Dog Beds You Can Construct Today (With Pictures)

dog lying on wooden dog bed

Pets are important family members, and we only want the best things for them. However, many items, like a dog bed, can be expensive if you purchase one from a local pet store or even online. If you like to take on DIY projects, keep reading as we list several plans that show you how you can build a dog bed for a fraction of the cost of a commercial one.

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The 10 DIY Dog Beds

1. DIY $12 Pet Bed from Shanty 2 Chic

DIY 12 dollar pet bed
Photo Credit By: Shanty 2 Chic
Materials Furring strips, screws
Tools Drill, clamps, saw
Difficulty Easy

The DIY $12 Pet Bed is a great example of how you can construct an attractive dog bed for a fraction of what you would spend at the pet store. This project uses thin furring strips that are easy to cut and drill to create the bed, and you connect the wood with glue or nails. Most people should be able to complete the project in only a few hours, but it will be durable enough to last a long time.

2. The Pretty Mutt Easy Dog Bed

DIY pet bed
Photo Credit By: The Pretty Mutt
Materials Pillows, wood, screws
Tools Screwdriver, saw
Difficulty Easy

This Easy Dog Bed is a great choice for large animals, and the finished project looks like real furniture. Many people might even agree that it’s nicer than something that you are likely to see in the store. It doesn’t require much cutting, and you might even be able to purchase boards of the right size. Add your favorite cushions and pillows, and your pet will have a new bed!

3. Rolling Pallet Dog Bed by Home Depot

Materials Pallet, screws, caster wheels, glue
Tools Drill, saw
Difficulty Easy

The Rolling Pallet Dog Bed plan uses a pallet to create a dog bed without much work. The plan shows you how you can cut the pallet to make sides, and adding caster wheels makes it easy to move around to clean behind it. An old blanket or cushion on top will help make it more comfortable for your pet.

4. DIY Dog Bed by My Frugal Adventures

DIY dog bed
Photo Credit By: My Frugal Adventures
Materials Boards, small baby mattress, doorhandle
Tools Drill, screwdriver, paintbrush
Difficulty Easy

The DIY Dog Bed plan is great for a beginner woodworker or someone looking to make an attractive and durable dog bed without needing to do much work. It uses ordinary boards to create the bed ram and a small baby mattress for a cushion. We like how it uses door handles to improve the appearance of the dog bed and make it easier to move around.

5. Pine and Popular DIY Large Dog Bed

DIY Pottery Barn Dog Bed
Image Credit: pine and popular
Materials Boards, screws, nails, glue
Tools Saw, drill sander, clamps
Difficulty Moderate

The DIY Large Dog bed is a great project to tackle if you need to create a bed for a large dog. This project uses simple, common boards to create the bed frame, then just paint and thick cushions to finish it. It’s considered moderately difficult because you need to cut several boards to the right length and make a few angle cuts to complete the project, which might be difficult for an inexperienced woodworker.

6. Pallet Dog Bed by 1001 Pallets

DIY pallet dog bed
Image Credit: 1001pallets
Materials Pallet, wood glue, nails
Tools Saw, drill, clamps
Difficulty Moderate

The Pallet Dog Bed project is a great way to recycle any old pallets that you have lying around. You can also often find one at your local grocery store if you ask the manager. Once you have the pallet, follow the plan instructions to create your dog bed. It’s a moderately difficult project because the instructions aren’t as easy to follow as some other plans, and it requires angled cuts that might be difficult for a beginner to do.

7. The Inspired Workshop Rustic Dog Bed

DIY dog bed pottery barn knockoff
Image Credit: The Inside Workshop
Materials Furring strips, cushion, wood glue, screws
Tools Drill, miter saw, sander
Difficulty Moderate

The Rustic Dog Bed is a favorite of many people because it isn’t too hard to build and produces a dog bed with an attractive, rustic appearance. It’s durable, and you can finish it with stain or paint to help keep moisture out. A dog cushion helps make it more comfortable. The most difficult part of the project is creating the pocket holes that it requires.

8. PVC Dog Bed by DreamyDoodles

DIY no-sew elevated dog beds out of pvc pipes
Image Credit: Dreamy doodles
Materials PVC pipe, corner pieces, plastic mesh upholstery fabric
Tools Drill, screwdriver, mallet
Difficulty Moderate

The PVC Dog Bed project is fairly easy to build and highly customizable, so you can adjust it to fit any pet. It uses extremely durable PVC, so it will work well indoors or outside, and the plastic mesh upholstery fabric will provide a comfortable surface without absorbing moisture. It’s also lightweight, so you can take it along if you travel. It’s not hard to build but there are many steps involved.

9. Fence Picket Dog Bed from The Inspired Workshop

DIY large dog bed
Image Credit: The Inspired Workshop
Materials Fence pickets, wood glue, screws, nails
Tools Brad nailer, miter saw, sander
Difficulty Advanced

The Fence Picket Dog Bed is a fun project that uses inexpensive fence pickets to create a large dog bed. We like that the sides of this bed resemble a fence, and you can paint or stain it to match the surrounding environment. It’s considered an advanced project because there are several angle cuts and other techniques involved that are better suited to an experienced woodworker.

10. Kreg Tool Pet Bed

DIY pet bed
Image Credit: Kreg
Materials Plywood, wood filler, nails, paint
Tools Jigsaw, square, tape measure
Difficulty Advanced

The Kreg Tool Pet Bed is a great option if you have experience with woodworking, and it produces a professional-looking bed that you might even be able to sell for a profit. This project requires you to use a jigsaw to make angle cuts, and there are many steps to complete it.

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If this is one of your first DIY projects or you don’t have much experience with woodworking, we recommend starting with one of the easy projects, like the DIY $12 Pet Bed or the Rolling Pallet Dog Bed. Completing one of these will provide your dog with the bed that they need while you work up to making some of the more advanced projects. If you are an experienced woodworker, the Fence Picket Dog Bed and the Kreg tool Pet Bed are excellent choices.

Featured Image Credit: Lenti Hill, Shutterstock


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