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3 DIY Gun Rests for a Tree Stand You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Assault rifle on brown wood

Whether you’re hunting or just shooting for target practice, a gun stand can make your aim much better. Plus, it works much better for shooting for an extended period, since you don’t have to hold the gun up for an extended period. Without the wear on your arms, you’ll have a much better time and have a better aim.

Gun stands can be a bit expensive, especially if you’re trying to get one that works with your tree stand. However, you don’t have to spend much money if you build one yourself. In fact, many of these DIY stands are practically free.

There are tons of different stands out there, with some very slight differences between them. Therefore, choosing an option can be difficult. However, because they are all so similar, you can’t really go wrong.

Here are some of our favorite DIY gun stands that may work for some tree stands:

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The 3 DIY Gun Rests for a Tree Stand

1. DIY Teak Wood Gun Rest by IndiansforGuns

diy teak wood gun rest
Image Credit: IndiansforGuns
Materials Various pieces of teak wood
Skill Level Low

You don’t need much experience to put together this rather simple DIY gun rest. It utilizes teak wood as the main material, which is extremely light. Therefore, this gun rest works well for long periods, as the gun rest is extremely lightweight. Because it is very portable, it works well for tree stands.

The front and back verticals can move sideways as necessary. Therefore, in this way, these vices hold the gun in place.

You can disassemble the vice to make the setup more portable, if necessary.

2. Deluxe DIY Gun Rest by Gun Tests

diy gun rest
Image Credit: Gun Tests
Materials Plywood spacers, two uprights, plenty of glue
Skill Level High

If you want a vice that looks professionally made, you should check out this deluxe vise. It does have more parts and contains more complicated instructions. Therefore, we don’t necessarily recommend it for those with little experience.

As you’d imagine, this gun rest doesn’t have many parts. After all, gun rests aren’t that large, so they don’t require much material, to begin with. However, there is a lot more finesse that goes into putting the pieces together.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of time putting this gun rest together, it is a great option for a tree stand.

3. DIY PVC Pipe Gun Rest by Survival Kit

diy pvc pipe gun rest
Image Credit: Survival Kit
Materials PVC pipe, paint
Skill Level Low

For those looking for a more basic gun rest, we recommend this PVC pipe rest. Generally, this gun rest only requires a very basic amount of PVC pipe. You create the shape of the gun rest out of these pipes, which means that there is actually very little work necessary on your part.

After you put everything together, you can paint the PVC pipe whatever color you wish. You don’t have to paint it if you don’t wish to, however, the instructions do recommend it for durability.

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Gun rests are quite easy to make if you have the right equipment. With a bit of wood or PVC pipe, you can easily put together a gun stand that should work for most tree stands. The first project we listed is specifically useful for tree stands, as it is lightweight and can be broken down for portability.

However, there are some more complicated gun rests, as well, that might be helpful. If you have the DIY capabilities to create these gun rests, their extra features might be helpful.

Featured Image Credit: stngr-industries, Unsplash


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