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How Hot Does a Heat Gun Get? What You Need to Know!

man holding heat gun upwards

man holding heat gun upwards

When using a heat gun, it is important to use it at the appropriate temperature. If the gun is too hot or too cold, you can run into problems. A heat gun that isn’t heated to the optimal temperature will not work correctly.

Some projects may require the heat gun to be used at different temperatures. Some materials may need the gun to be hotter than others. Professional-grade heat guns usually get hotter and have a wider range of temperatures than home heat guns. This may affect your buying decision when choosing a heat gun to purchase.

How hot a heat gun gets also depends on the wattage. They usually vary from only 100° to 1,000° Fahrenheit, with some heat guns reaching higher temperatures than others. Typically, they will have their maximum temperature listed on their product description. Other times, though, you may just have to go off of the wattage, which may cause more problems.

Read on for a more detailed explanation of this seemingly simple question.

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Is a Heat Gun Hotter Than a Hairdryer?

Again, this largely depends on the wattage of both the hairdryer and the heat gun. Typically, heat guns are more effective at creating heat. So, if you have a heat gun and a hairdryer that are the same wattage, the heat gun will likely get hotter.

In general, heat guns are usually hotter than hair dryers. However, there are likely some very high-powered hair dryers that get hotter than low-quality heat guns. A standard hair dryer reaches about 140° Celsius. Heat guns can reach anywhere from 100° to 700° Celsius. It depends on the wattage. Higher wattage guns are usually more expensive. Only professional-level heat guns will reach 700° C.

How Hot Does a 1,500-Watt Heat Gun Get?

Most 1,500-watt heat guns can reach up to 1,112° Fahrenheit. Many heat guns at this wattage have different levels of heat available. Because of this, you can use them for more applications. Like we previously stated, different projects will need different heat levels. A heat gun with adjustable heat has far more versatility than one with only one heat option.

Can a Heat Gun Get Hot Enough to Cause a Fire?

Yes, most heat guns can get hot enough to start a fire. This is particularly prominent in areas with lower airflow – like if a heat gun gets covered with a blanket. For this reason, you should not keep a heat gun near flammable materials. Also, keep in mind which direction the heat is going. Even if the gun isn’t sitting near the flammable materials, the gun can cause things to go aflame if they’re pointed in the direction of something flammable.

It is best not to leave a heat gun unsupervised while it is hot.

removing paint using heat gun and scraper
Image Credit: K-STUDIO, Shutterstock

Can a Heat Gun Overheat?

Some heat guns can overheat. These are usually lower quality and less expensive. They are not made properly to avoid overheating. Conversely, higher-quality options are typically able to avoid this. Be sure to check the user manual for instructions on how to keep your gun from overheating.

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How hot a heat gun gets depends on the wattage. They can vary from only 100° F to 1000° F. Some can even get hotter than that, especially if they’re made for professional applications. You will need to check your specific heat gun to figure out how hot it can get.

If you’re currently in the market for a heat gun, we recommend figuring out how hot you need the gun to get before making your purchase.

Featured Image Credit: Klepach, Shutterstock


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