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How to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of a Mattress: 4 Practical Options

Smiling Ridgeback Shepherd Puppy Dog on Bed

Getting a puppy for the first time is an exciting time, but it can be tricky since you have to housebreak the dog. Even after the puppy is technically housebroken, it may still have accidents, especially when it is sleeping.

If your puppy is having accidents, you want to learn how to clean up the mess the right way. Only by cleaning up the mess correctly will you prevent dogs from going to the bathroom there again and prevent any smells from lingering.

To learn how to get dog pee smells out of a bed, scroll down. This article gives you four practical options for getting the smell out of the mattress.

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The 4 Practical Options to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of a Mattress

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

baking soda and vinegar
Image By: focal point, Shutterstock
Needed Materials Vinegar, baking soda, spray bottle
Cost $

The best way to get the smell of dog urine out of a mattress is to use a vinegar and baking soda mixture. Both materials are naturally acidic substances, which will allow the mixture to remove the odor effectively.

You will need to mix baking soda and vinegar in a sprayer bottle. Directly spray this mixture on the affected area. Allow the area to dry and repeat as many times as needed until the smell is completely gone.

The great thing about this mixture is that it is effective, cost-efficient, and safe to be around. It doesn’t leave any harsh smells behind either, which will make the room smell better even after the urine has been removed.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

Hydrogen Peroxide
Image Credit:, Shutterstock
Needed Materials Hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dish soap, damp cloth, bowl or cup
Cost $

Another effective way to remove the smell of baking soda from your mattress is to use a hydrogen peroxide and soap mixture. This concoction has all the same benefits as the above mentioned. It is safe, affordable, and highly effective.

You will need to mix one teaspoon of Dawn dish soap in a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Stir the mixture until everything is perfectly mixed. Dip a dry cloth into this concoction so that it becomes damp. Blot the mixture on the affected area and allow it to dry. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Keep in mind that you can use this method with the vinegar and baking soda method. If the vinegar and baking soda method is not working, you can try this next, or vice versa. This applies to all these methods too!

3. Lemon Juice and Water

lemon and water
Image Credit: Pixabay
Needed Materials Warm water, lemon juice, lemon, spray bottle
Cost $

One of the easiest options is to use lemon juice and water. Lemon juice is acidic, which means it will remove the odor and stain associated with dog urine. At the same time, the citrus smell will deter the dog from using the bathroom there again since dogs hate the smell of citrus.

Even though dogs hate the smell, this method is one of the most pleasing smells to humans. The lemon concoction will leave the room smelling clean, which is always a bonus in this scenario!

All you need to do is squeeze the juice from one lemon into a spray bottle with warm water. Mix the materials in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Once the area is damp, directly rub the leftover lemon on the area. Repeat as needed.

4. Enzymatic Cleaner

Cleaning spray
Image Credit: polina_tankilevitch, Pexels
Needed Materials Enzymatic cleaner, water, microfiber cloth, bowl
Cost $$

This last option does not use materials that you can easily find in your kitchen. Instead, you will have to purchase a special cleaner known as an enzymatic cleaner. An enzymatic cleaner is ideal for cleaning up pet urine because it actually breaks down the stain and odors of the urine.

You should be able to find an enzymatic cleaner at just about any pet store or grocery store you go to. Select the enzymatic cleaner based on your own budget. Just make sure the cleaner you select is safe to use around pets.


Are you looking for an enzyme cleaner that can keep your house clean and your pet happy? We recommend the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, which permanently gets rid of the most stubborn stains and smells. There’s even a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try this cleaner risk-free! Click here to order your first bottle.

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Once you get home, spray the remover directly on the surface. You will likely need to wait about 15 minutes but follow the instructions on the back of the spray bottle. After the wait time is up, use a scrub or soft toothbrush to work the stain remover into the fabric. Allow the enzymatic cleaner to sit there for about 8 hours.

The next day, get a bowl of warm water and a microfiber cloth. Dip the cloth in the warm water so that it becomes damp. Lightly press the affected area with a cloth. Repeat as necessary.

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How to Prevent Dogs from Peeing in the Bed

If you are cleaning up a urine stain from your mattress, this might not be the last time your dog goes to the bathroom on the bed. It’s important to prevent your dog from doing this in the future so that your mattress doesn’t get destroyed. Here are some tips for preventing your dog from peeing in the bed.

small white dog in dog bed on floor
Image Credit: Gladskikh Tatiana, Shutterstock

Determine the Cause of the Behavior

There are many reasons why a dog may pee in the bed. Puppies may have accidents in their sleep, much like young children, but they will outgrow this behavior. Some dogs urinate from excitement, whereas others do it as territory marking.

Whenever you determine why your dog is peeing in the bed, you can better create a game plan for deterring the behavior.

Keep the Bedroom Door Shut

If your dog is going to the bathroom in your bed because it isn’t fully trained yet or marking its territory, keep your bedroom door shut whenever you are not there. Keeping the door shut prevents the dog from getting in there in the first place.

Use Deterrent Smells

Dogs are less likely to go to the bathroom in an area if there are certain smells associated with it. For example, dogs hate the smell of citrus and will avoid going in that area if they can prevent it. Keep citrus around the bed and sprinkle citrus essential oils over the mattress to train your dog away from that area.

citrus peel
Image Credit: MiraCosic, Pixabay

Put a Mattress Cover Over the Bed

If your dog is still in its puppy phase and its urine is from accidents, put a mattress cover over the bed. This will help protect your mattress while the dog is getting older and learning how to hold it until it goes outside.

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If your dog goes to the bathroom on your mattress, use one of the four methods above to remove the stain and odor effectively. You can use a combination of these methods together to clean the area and remove the smell thoroughly.

Once you have removed the stain, make sure to follow through by preventing your dog from going to the bathroom there again. Knowing the cause of the accident will be the most important step so that you know what you need to do to prevent your dog from having an accident again.

Featured Image Credit: Jen McCormack, Shutterstock


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