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How To Make a Clothes Rack for Your Yard Sale – 5 DIY Plans

man going through clothes hanging from a rack at a yard sale

If you are organizing a yard sale any time soon or are just planning one, you surely understand how many unnecessary expenses can come up during planning. Yard sales require serious prep time and additional equipment such as empty boxes, plastic bags, price tags, storage shelves or tables, and clothes racks.

One project which can save you money, time, and resources is a DIY clothes rack. A clothes rack can be the most important part of the equipment since you can store many valuable items on it.

If you’d like to find the easiest and sturdiest clothes racks for your garage sale, read the article below. Many possible projects are ideal for you, depending on the materials and tools you have.

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The 5 DIY Clothes Racks for Your Yard Sale

1. DIY Copper Clothing Rack

Image Credit: darlingdarleen

Materials: 2 x ¾’’ diam 10 ft. pipe, 1 x ½’’ 10 ft. pipe, 6 x elbows, 2 x ¾’’ copper T’s, 4 x ¾’’ x ½’’ copper T’s, 4 x ¾’’ end caps
Tools: Copper pipe cutter, sharpie, tape measure, glue
Difficulty: Difficult

This DIY Copper Clothing Rack is an incredibly useful and practical tool for any yard sale. It is lightweight and easily portable. It appears as an elegant but convenient way to display your clothing. Since this clothing rack is entirely portable, it will be easy to transport to your yard sale. It will help you store your clothes neatly, for the convenience of your customers, without any mess or clutter. Because of its rustic appearance, it will be excellent if you are selling any vintage items.

2. PVC Clothes Rack

DIY PVC Clothes Rack
Image Credit: pvcfittingsonline

Materials: 4 x 1’’ diam 5 ft. PVC pipe, 2 x 1’’ diam 4-way furniture fitting, 6 x 1’’ diam elbows
Tools: PVC cutter tool, tape measure, pencil
Difficulty: Moderate

A PVC Clothing Rack is one way to spare yourself a lot of time and money on shopping for yard sale equipment. As many homeowners store leftover PVC pipes from their previous projects, you will surely be able to customize them into a valuable clothes rack. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the necessary materials to build this rack, you can purchase them for a very affordable price, and you’ll be left with a cheap yet valuable clothes rack. This PVC clothes rack is especially practical for yard sales because it is very lightweight and sturdy. It can fit many items of clothing, including heavy coats and jackets.

3. Industrial Clothing Rack

DIY Clothing Rack { 30 minute project }
Image Credit: onethriftychick.blogspot

Materials: 4 x swivel casters, 48’’ L x 16’’ W x ¾’’ H pine board, steel pipes and fittings, wood screws, stainless bolts, nuts, and washers
Tools: Electric drill, tape measure, pencil
Difficulty: Moderate

Creating an Industrial Clothing Rack is perfect for those homeowners who are looking to organize a unique and memorable yard sale. This clothing rack has a very quirky industrial style, ideal for eccentric and vintage clothing items. It is very unusual to see and will provide your yard sale with a personal touch, making it stand out. Since these steel pipes are very strong and sturdy, they can endure a lot of weight and pressure. You can stack many articles with ease and even accessories such as bags. Making these DIY plans will be incredibly easy since all the materials come already cut to size, and all you need to do is piece them together.

4. Garage Sale Clothing Rack

Image Credit: rainonatinroof

Materials: 2 x 8 ft. L x 4’’ W x 2’’H studs, round dowel rod, nails
Tools: Circular saw, or miter saw, drill, hammer
Difficulty: Moderate

Crafting a Garage Sale Clothing Rack is the best way to ensure you have enough room to store all your clothes for the yard sale. While all the plans on this list are excellent for a yard sale, crafting one that is particularly made for this cause will be a perfect solution. This clothes rack can be large enough to fit your needs or small and easily portable. Depending on the number of clothes and other garments you have to sell, you can easily customize this project to your own desire. You can also create it from any leftover studs and place it directly into your backyard. This construction will be perfect for all clothing items, and you can divide them into categories since you’ll have plenty of room to spare.

5. Portable Wood Clothes Rack

Portable Clothes Rack for Events, Camping, and Gold Key (Wood Garment Rack)
Image Credit: honorbeforevictory

Materials: 4 x 6 ft. L x 3’’ W x 1’’ H poplar boards, 2 x ¾’’ poplar dowels, 1 x ⅛’’ poplar dowels, 4 ft. rope
Tools: Saw, drill, tape measure, pencil
Difficulty: Easy

Another easy project to make on your own in less than an hour is this Portable Wood Clothes Rack. Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, this clothes rack will be the simplest tool for a successful yard sale. It is simple and minimalistic, yet incredibly useful. When planning a yard sale, the most important thing to do is save as much money as you can on equipment, materials, and tools. One way to save money is to avoid buying costly clothes racks and instead craft one of your own.

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Clothes racks are valuable and helpful storage units, which come in quite handy for yard sales and even indoor use. Another huge advantage of using these racks is having a neat, attractive yard sale. They will give your customers an easy and fun experience searching for clothes and other collectibles. These projects are incredibly easy to craft and will make your yard sale stand out from the rest.

Featured Image Credit: Pressmaster, Shutterstock


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