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9 Free DIY Pool Cue Rack Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)



If you own a pool table, a rack to hold your pool cues is handy to have around. Most people buy them; however, if you have a knack for woodworking, it’s much more fun and rewarding to build your cue holder.  This can be accomplished in various ways; some projects are simple and affordable, and others are more complex.

You can use expensive wood like walnut or cheap scraps of wood that you find lying around your shop or garage. We’ve gathered a list of designs, ranging from simple and thrifty to more elaborate and advanced, that will teach you how to build a pool cue rack.

divider 5 The 9 DIY Pool Cue Rack Plans

1. Wall Mounted 6 Cue Holder from Corey Rametta

This pool cue rack is a wall-mounted design made from walnut. It holds 6 pool cues and accessories like a billiards brush, cue chalk, etc.  It’s an elegant design made of walnut, and you’ll need some woodworking experience and several tools to build it.

2. Transforming Pool Cue Rest from Instructables and desertsniper

diy transforming pool cue rest
Image Credit: Instructables

This unique and compact design folds up and can be carried in a cue case. When in use, it sits on the edge of a bar table, weighted by a steel rod in the body. It has arms that swivel from the center and fold open to hold up to four pool cues, and the arms are stabilized with brass rods.  This is a nifty little device to impress your friends!

3. 12 Pool Cue Rack from Andy Rawls

Not only does it hold up to 12 cues, but this rack can also hold a set of balls and the pool triangle.  This is a complex design, and it’s great for hardcore pool enthusiasts that frequently play with larger groups of people or have many pool cues.  The designer used an X-Carve, which is an automated carving tool.  Get ready for elaborate craftsmanship when learning to build a pool cue rack of this caliber.

4. 1-Hour DIY Cue Rack from Saldana Designs

This is a much more simple and minimalist design that holds four pool cues. It takes only an hour to build and only requires a single piece of wood. The holes are drilled at the right diameter to allow the pool cues to go partially through but not all the way to hold them in place.  The only tools used were a drill press to make the holes and a power drill to fasten the brackets.

5. Simple Pool Cue Rest from Instructables

diy simple pool cue rest
Image Credit: Instructables

This cue rest is also for bar tables, but it has a much simpler design than the transforming cue rest. It’s simply a block of hardwood with notches rounded out of it. This plan also incorporates leather, so the pool cues lay on a soft surface that doesn’t scratch them.

It’s weighted with lead, so it sits firmly on the edge of a bar table without falling off. The builder also used a rubber mouse pad to help the cue rest grip the table, and it easily holds four pool cues without budging.

6. Affordable Wall Mount Cue Holder from Chuck Huff

Wood scraps are used to make this design affordable and very easy to construct. There’s no advanced woodworking involved, all that’s required is scrap wood and a grinding tool to make grooves for the pool cues.  The only material you need is a small section of 2×4.  It can be made in a short time, and it holds four cues.

7. Sliding Dovetail Pool Cue Rack from Third Coast Craftsman

Although simple to construct, this is a beautiful walnut design that looks great when polished. It requires careful attention to detail, despite its seemingly straightforward design.  The designer hand-carved the divots that hold the pool cues for an added touch.  When finished, it’s wall-mounted and holds eight pool cues.

8. Interior Door Billiard Rack from Tommy Boy DIY

This designer made a pool cue rack that’s also a secret door.  It holds six pool cues with a swinging arm that allows easy access. It has shelves with divots and can hold a full set of balls. It also has extra shelves for triangles, chalk, brushes, and other accessories.  He installed a chain mechanism that unlocks the door, and pushing on the frame reveals a secret room!

9. Pool Cue Stand – Made from a Pool Cue from League Customs

This YouTuber used an old pool cue and a ball to frame a freestanding pool cue rack.  He attached a round wooden base with divots to the bottom of the old pool cue.  The top piece has holes for the pool cues to go through. The rack holds eight pool cues and takes up very little floor space.

Featured Image Credit: Featured Image Credit: PIRO4D, Pixabay


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