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5 Organic Modern Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

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Pure modern interior design is quickly going out of style as people blend new styles into the classic aesthetic. Modern interior design is marked by clean lines, crisp whites, natural textures, and neutral colors. By mixing in organic design, you add timeless elegance and unique boho flair. Let’s check out some organic modern interior design ideas you can integrate into your life today.

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The Top 5 Organic Modern Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

1. Quality Over Quantity

This isn’t an aesthetic that focuses on tons of decoration. Rather, organic modern design only adds elements if they contribute to an air of simplicity. Careful curation of what goes into your home will yield a more clean, crisp, and refreshing style. Minimalism is the name of the game.

For example, why have a ton of small plants if one large plant will achieve the same effect? Similarly, you don’t want to pack surfaces with objects. Pick a few things that have sentimental value and add to the atmosphere.

2. Neutral Color Scheme

Modern design focuses on clean, sophisticated, and neutral color schemes. You want lots of clean whites, light beiges, and calm grays. The idea of organic modern design is to make your room a blank canvas that’s easy to look at. While visual interest is important, keep it understated so it doesn’t overwhelm the crisp effect of the color scheme.

This isn’t to say you can’t use dark colors, too! Deep, rich hardwood floors or cabinets can contrast beautifully with the trademark organic modern color scheme. In fact, hardwood is one of the best elements you can add to an organically designed space. The key to using them successfully is to use them in layers along with neutral colors.

3. Put the Organic in Organic Modern Design

Unlike biophilic aesthetics, organic modern design doesn’t focus on greenery. Wood, natural stones, and organic fibers are used in careful layers in a way that doesn’t draw too much attention to any single element. You don’t want a room that looks too hard or too soft, so judiciously pair wood tables with organic cotton placemats. Avoid geometric designs and other frippery, and opt for clean, solid colors.

Bamboo, jute, rattan, wicker, and limestone are a few great materials for any organic modern space. Bamboo wall paneling and wicker laundry baskets, for instance, would be great additions to any organic modern home.

Plants are a game changer as well. Instead of loading houseplants everywhere, use plants to add visual appeal in empty spaces. A great way to do this is if you have sliding glass or other wide windows is to add plants outside. From the inside, your plants will add a lush backdrop to the clean-cut interior.

4. Layer Textures

Like many other design aesthetics, organic modern prefers to layer many types of textures to create a cozy feel. If you have too many crisp lines and want to add a touch of variation, consider a subtly curved piece of furniture. Don’t add too much, though! Changing the dominant angles within the room can shift it away from the organic modern style.

For best results, don’t use too much of any single texture. If you have jute planters, for example, consider using wicker, wood, or clean limestone nearby to highlight the contrast of textures. Clean and white silk bed sheets go great with a walnut nightstand and playing with light and dark is just as key as matching textures.

You don’t want clashing textures, though! It’s a game of careful balance where you have to find what works together just right.

5. Form Follows Function

Organic modern style doesn’t use a lot of frills or eye-catching gimmicks. Rather, prominently display everyday objects that fit the style. Think of a stone pestle and mortar displayed on a clean countertop, or a centrally placed modern lamp with a jute rug.

Perhaps you have a beautiful wood stairway you want to enhance. You can paint the walls a light taupe and add textures like organic fibers or clean, modern furniture. You shouldn’t be focused on the decorations in the vicinity, rather enjoying them as you go about your day-to-day life.

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Organic modern design is quickly becoming hot as homeowners are seeking ways to add natural textures to their modern homes. By carefully layering complementary textures, you don’t have to sacrifice the crisp functionality in order to achieve an organic modern aesthetic in your home. We hope these simple ideas have given you some inspiration to turn your space into the home of your dreams.

Featured Image Credit: snorkulencija, Shutterstock

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