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12 RV Basement Storage & Organization Ideas (with Pictures)

RVs parked

RVs parked

Nearly 16 million people take to the road to enjoy the pleasures of RVing. It’s easy to understand why, too. It offers opportunities for sightseeing and relaxing that can’t be beaten. You have your private space to chill out and sleep. It’s more affordable than staying at a hotel. However, it poses challenges for optimizing your storage space, especially if you like to go boondocking or off the grid.

Sometimes, it takes creativity to make the most out of your space. Of course, you can always limit what you bring along, but you may prefer to have your stuff instead of renting or buying something on the road. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for RV basement storage and organization, in general, to ensure you have what you need at your fingertips.

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1. Stackable Drawers

Whoever came up with the concept of stackable drawers was a genius! It is the quintessential space saver. We like to label them with blue masking tape so that everyone knows what goes where. It’s an excellent way to repurpose them if you switch rigs or want to rearrange your stuff. We prefer drawers that have high fronts to keep things where they belong while driving.

2. Hang It Up

When you own an RV, you know that you have to make use of every inch. That’s why we love using hooks to hang awkwardly shaped items that don’t seem to fit anywhere. We like having one place to put all of our gear within easy reach. The fact that it uses the vertical space above it is another cool feature that makes even better use of the room you have in an RV.

3. Keep Your Fishing Gear in Place

If you and your kids like to fish, this hack is a must-have for keeping your rods organized and away from other things that could break them. After all, one of the main reasons that people enjoy RVing is to get away from everyday stress. This arrangement does an excellent job of making sure your hooks and line don’t find the other stuff you have in your basement.

4. Match Heights

We like this idea for permanent storage of things you want to have on hand. Hanging stuff is an excellent way to control the clutter. However, placement takes it to the next level. Staying organized on the road is a must-do. When you have set places for your gear, it saves the hassle of trying to find something, which usually happens when you need it most.

5. Compartmentalize It

If you have just one large space under your RV, it makes sense to create different compartments or spaces for similar groups of gear. You can have one that contains yard games. Another could have your dining tent and accessories. We suggest labeling them, too, to make sure everything finds its way to the right place.

6. Picture It on the Side.

Hanging stuff on the sides of your basement is another great option for oddball items, such as tools you want to bring along on your camping trips. We like to use hooks that lock in place so that they stay put while we’re driving. We suggest placing the stuff you typically use right after you get to your site to make this storage idea even handier.

7. Go Vertical

This item is so simple yet useful. It makes use of the odd spaced items in your kit. There’s no rule that everything must lay flat. Sometimes, going vertical is the way to go to save on the available real estate in your RV basement. You can think of it like a real-life jigsaw puzzle where you need to get as much stuff in a limited amount of space.

8. Bag It

A garden hose is an essential item when RVing. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that is hard to store between uses. It can also cause a mess if there’s still water in it. Welcome the hose bag! Not only does it keep it organized, but the bag also has a handy handle for putting it on one of those hooks we mentioned. That will make sure it doesn’t fall out of it.

9. Go Top Shelf

You don’t have to use drawers just on the floor of your RV basement. Hanging them from the ceiling can save precious space. It’s also an excellent way to store things that you want to take with you but don’t use very often. Getting bins of the same size—labeled, of course—will ensure that you use the room wisely.

10. Build Some Essential Kits.

One of the most frustrating things about camping is not finding the stuff you need. That’s why we love the idea of creating essential kits. For example, you can put all your grilling stuff in one plastic bin and label it. When it comes time to fire it up, all of your tools are ready in one place. It’ll save you the trouble of hunting down the tongs and oven mitts.

11. Pull Out Shelf

If your rig doesn’t have one, a pull-out shelf is a must-have. Stuff that doesn’t get used often tends to end up in the back of your RV basement. Then, it becomes out of sight and out of mind. This addition puts an end to mislaid items. It also allows you to make use of the entire space because you have quick access to everything.

12. Use Every Inch

When it’s time to leave, it seems like everyone has the same idea, judging by the line at the dump station. Do yourself a favor and make sure you’re ready with a handy DIY sanitizing kit on the inside of one of your basement doors. Stock it with the necessities, such as paper towels and hand sanitizer, to make quick work of this unpleasant task.

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Final Thoughts About RV Storage

Perhaps one of the best things about RVing is that it teaches you to get organized. Closets and shelves are opportunities to optimize your space. A healthy dose of imagination helps, too. Your RV basement is no exception, especially because of space limitations. As you’ve seen, there are several clever hacks that can help you store your gear so you can find them fast when you need something.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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