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What Percentage of Cars Are Electric? What You Need To Know!

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Just a decade ago, electric cars didn’t seem like a reasonable purchase that would catch on for everyday car owners. This past year, electric cars are becoming attainable.

Even though there are a lot of myths and narratives about how American drivers don’t want electric cars, the popularity of electric cars is increasing at an unfathomable rate. In fact, electric car sales have not only doubled this year but increased by over 20%.

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How Many Sold Cars Are Electric?

In 2021, a little more than 5% of all light-duty vehicle sales were electric. Over 20% of all passenger vehicles sales include electric vehicles. This means that for every five vehicles bought during 2021, one was an electric vehicle. These numbers don’t even include EV sales globally, showing just how popular electric vehicles are becoming.

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How Does This Compete with Past Years?

This high increase in electric vehicle purchases was staggering compared to the previous year. In 2020, electric vehicles only accounted for about 2% of all car sales, meaning that electric car sales not only surpassed last year’s sales but hit an unprecedented high.

What Country Has the Highest Percentage of Electric Cars?

Even though interest in electric vehicles has boomed in the United States, the US is still far from being one of the top countries for electric car usage.

Norway tops the list with 75% of their new passenger car sales being electric. Norway blows the rest of the countries out of the water since Iceland comes in second, with 45% of their new car sales being electric. In other words, Norway has 30% more EV sales than its runner-up Iceland.

These numbers are for 2020, though, not 2021. So far, there have been no world stats to show how the US is competing with the rest of the world in terms of electric vehicle sales in 2021. Most likely, the Nordic countries are still at the top of the list, but the US has undoubtedly gone up a place or two.

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How Does the Future of Electric Cars Look?

The future of electric cars is looking bright. As this year has shown, more customers are drifting towards electric car purchases. This is likely due to the increase in affordable products and the variety of products on the market.

For example, 2021 marks one of the first years where electric vehicles come in affordable SUVs, trucks, and other luxury vehicles. This variety and affordability make electric vehicles a much more viable option for everyday car owners.

Not to mention, more and more people realize that even though electric vehicles are more expensive up front, they can save a lot of money over time since they don’t require gas. This also leads to major environmental impacts that most people favor.

Because of the increased interest in electric vehicles, many experts predict that there will be as many as 4,700,000 electric vehicles in the US alone by 2030. This means that almost 35% of vehicles on the road will be electric by this year.

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Final Thoughts

Simply put, about 25% of all vehicles, including personal vehicles and commercial vehicles, are electric as of 2021. This is a huge increase from 2020 and shows that the United States is moving towards an electric trend.

Although the US still has a long way to go in terms of beating out the Nordic countries for electric vehicle ownership, it seems that there will be millions of electric vehicles on the road within a short period.

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