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31 Basement Kids’ Playroom Ideas (with Pictures)

Basement Playroom_shutterstock_TierneyMJ

Basement Playroom_shutterstock_TierneyMJIf you have one or more kids, a playroom is a good way to keep them busy while you get your house chores finished. It also provides a great place to study and hang out. If you keep it in the basement, there’s less worry about keeping everything neat and tidy, and the children can get loud. We’ve searched the internet to gather as many ideas together in one place as we could to help you find something you like.

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Basement Playroom Ideas

1. Colorful Playroom

The basement playroom is the perfect place for studying, coloring, or reading. The Colorful Playroom shows you how to build a study room with just a few desks and some colorful pictures.

2. Basement Tipi

The basement Tipi has a small Tipi for slumber parties, cabinets for storing toys, and a small table for snacks. The chalkboard is a nice touch and is as much fun for drawing as it is for lessons.

3. Dream Playroom

The Fream Playroom is perfect for large basements. It has plenty of storage space for toys, and plenty of open space for running, dancing, board games, and puzzles.

4. Mindfully Gray

The Mindfully Gray design is better for slightly older children who can store their things neatly in the open cabinets. The large cushions are perfect for reading or lounging.

5. Winter Daisy

The Winter Design has a neat and tidy appearance with plenty of storage space for books and toys. The large puzzle table in the center is the perfect size for playing board games with several kids.

6. Frugally Fantastic

The Frugally Fantastic playroom is another that requires a lot of space and is better for older children. It’s perfect if you want to get in on the fun and spend more time with your children.

7. The Mom Inspired

The Mom Inspired show is perfect for these times of increased homeschooling. It provides you with a chalkboard and several stools for helping them with lessons. There are also school desks so your children can work on their laptops and with their notebooks.

8. Storytime

The Storytime design is perfect for reading to your children and is loaded with shelves and cabinets for optimal storage and organization. The center cushion is a great listening spot for the children, and the lights are up high and out of reach.

9. Decorating Life

The Decorating Life plan provides you with a traditional style playroom that’s perfect for small children. It’s complete with a sliding board and a playhouse with a porch light. You’ll need some extra supports fo the slide, but it’s not a difficult build if you have space.

10. Primary Paradise

If you have strong support beams, the Primary Paradise idea will allow your children to have some great fun. This design uses an old-fashioned chain swing and a trampoline for entertainment, and there’s a large bench so you can keep your eye on things.

11.  Superhero

The Superhero is perfect for the Avenger loving child. It features a large Spiderman statue and plenty of tunnels and hiding places to carry out adventures. There’s also some storage space and a place for you to watch over the action.

12. Home and Hallow

The Home and Hallow features a large chalkboard for lessons or drawing and matching seats for learning. There’s also plenty of storage space for books and supplies to keep things organized and easy to find.

13. Postbox Design

Te Postbox Design shows that you need little more than a large table and a few chairs to entertain children with coloring and games. You can also add a television and game system to keep them entertained for hours.

14. Hunker

Hunker is another simple design that’s better for older children. It has a cushion roped swing and plenty of large pillows for lounging around and listening to music or reading a book. There are also chairs and a small table for snacks or cards.

15. Play

The Play design is simple and clean with lots of room for playing and games. Large lettering designates the area for what it is.

16. The Sun

The Sun is one of the more extravagant playrooms on this list. It’s complete with a ball pen, slide, stairway, and hut. This room is sure to entertain several children and is great for parties.

17. Kate Decorates

The Kate Decorates design is simple but requires a large area. It has plenty of storage space and room for riding a small bike, dancing, or playing games. There’s even room for chairs or a couch so you can join in with the fun.

18. Kids Room

The Kids Room design shows you how you can transform some old shelves into a plat kitchen, complete with toy appliances. There’s storage above the shelves, and you can add toy booms and dusters that they can use.

19. The Happy Housie

The Happy Housie shows you a simple way to make your basement more fun by adding a piece of thin sheet metal that your child can use to stick magnets. This idea is great to help with spelling, math, reading, and more.

20. Top Home design

The Top Home Design uses lighted lettering to designate the space as a fun zone. There’s plenty of room for storage and sitting, making this room perfect for movies or video games.

21. Inspired to Revamp

The Inspired to Revamp design is another slightly extravagant plan that supplies your child with a playhouse of several rooms. Storage is built-in, so it presents a neat appearance.

22. Keep Toddlers Busy

The Keep Toddlers Busy plan only requires a small corner of the basement to install a chalkboard and hanging board. A small table lets your kids color or work on activity books and hang up their work.

23. Kid’s Living Room

The Kids Living Room is a colorful design that incorporates a large desk and plenty of open shelves for storage and showing off awards. It’s colorful, inspires creativity, and has enough room for several children.

24. John Galarza

The John Galarza design is very attractive and provides your child with a multistory playhouse, and makes use of the area below the steps, turning it into shelving for extra storage.

25. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a small but effective idea that provides your child with a pretend kitchen and even a small dining table that can double as a place to work on their lessons. It has plenty of storage space, and its tiny footprint means there’s plenty of room for adult seating as well.

26. DreamyGYM

The DreamyGYM is perfect for athletic and energetic children that like to climb and jump. This playroom plan provides your child with ramps, ladders, rings, and more for a complete set of monkey bars.

27. She Knows

The She Knows design is perfect for turning a small area of the basement into a reading area. It has a storage area for books and plenty of seating. It also recycles some old tires to use as seating.

28. Miss Tip Top

The Miss Tip Top design is elegant and old-fashioned. It provides your toddler with durable wooden toys and track to make up plenty of pretend adventures. The wooden cabinets are attractive and provide you with plenty of storage.

29. Sexy Mama Maternity

The Sexy Mama Maternity plan provides you with overhead sleeping for one or two children. Below the shelf bed is a small desk to complete activities and a play kitchen. There’s also some storage area and even a birdcage.

30. Michelle Herrick

The Michelle Herrick design is another that makes use of a Tipi for slumber parties and fun. It also has a desk for studying and coloring and plenty of storage space. The wall mount for stuffed animal heads is a unique idea, and the shelf below it provides additional seating.

31. Kayla

The Kayla design provides your child with a full play kitchen. It has a stove, oven, bread warmer, and more for the complete experience. Shelves on the wall provide storage without taking away the kitchen appearance.

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We hope you have enjoyed looking over these ideas and found a few you would like to try out. Some of the ideas can get quite expensive, but there are plenty of budget ideas as well. We recommend starting with something simple and adding to it. Most of these ideas do not have to be permanent.

If we have helped get you started creating a space that your kids can enjoy, please share these 31 basements kids’ playroom ideas on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit By: TierneyMJ, Shutterstock

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