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10 Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

man using DEWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

man using DEWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

Most people do not have battery-powered lawnmowers. As you might imagine, these mowers are best used in particular circumstances. For example, these mowers are more environmentally-friendly than gas-powered options, and they are often great for smaller yards.

As they are becoming more and more popular, many models are starting to flood the market.  It can be challenging to choose which model is best for you to choose. Plus, this is not a small purchase, so there is a lot of pressure to buy the best available product on the market.

Below, you’ll find our reviews and a complete buyer’s guide designed to help you choose the best lawn mowers for your purposes.

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A Look at Our Favorites in 2024:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Greenworks 25322 Lawn Mower Greenworks 25322 Lawn Mower
  • 4Ah battery
  • 5 pounds
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower
  • 3-in-1
  • Small
  • Automatic feeder
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower
  • Mows 7
  • 300 square feet on one charge
  • Brushless motor
  • Quiet motor
  • Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 Cordless Lawn Mower Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Lightweight
  • 14-inch cutting path
  • 4Ah battery
  • Snapper XD Lawn Mower Snapper XD Lawn Mower
  • 90-minute run time
  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Versatile
  • The 10 Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers:

    1. Greenworks 25322 Lawn Mower – Best Overall

    Greenworks G-MAX 25322' Cordless Lawn Mower with 4Ah Battery

    Greenworks makes excellent machines that aren’t expensive. The Greenworks 25322 Lawn Mower is no exception. It comes with everything the average homeowner needs. It includes a 4 ampere-hours (Ah) battery and a charger. This battery can last for quite a while, allowing you to mow most smaller yards in one go. Precisely, it can cut 400 square meters on one charge. It weighs 37.5 pounds, which makes it a lighter option as well. Plus, it is much less expensive than other options on the market, especially when you consider the high-quality battery it includes!

    This lawn mower also has a bagging and mulching feature, allowing it to be used for many different purposes. It works on all grass types and has a 16-inch cutting deck. This is decently sized. It isn’t too large for smaller yards that may need tight maneuvering. However, it isn’t so small that you’ll have difficulties cutting smaller yards.

    The front wheels are 6 inches, and the rear wheels are 7 inches. This isn’t the immense wheel size on the market, but it should be plenty for most yards. We didn’t have any problems with it.

    • 4Ah battery
    • 5 pounds
    • 16-inch cutting deck
    • Large wheels
    • The bag needs to be emptied a lot

    2. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower – Best Value

    BLACK + DECKER 3 in 1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer, & Edger

    For tiny yards and storage spaces, the BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower is a reliable option. It is a mower, a trimmer, and an edger. This makes it perfect for those with small yards who don’t want to purchase multiple yard tools to keep their yard looking neat. It is small and stores easily, so you won’t have to dedicate a large area for storing the yard tools you barely use.

    This lawnmower is very adjustable as well. It has a charge time of about 4 hours. As advertised, it can charge up to 60% in 2.5 hours. It is designed mostly for 750 square feet yards. It has an automatic feeding system used as an edger and a trimmer, so you won’t have to bump it for more line continuously. Some people like this system, while others prefer the bump system. It just depends on your preferences.

    We loved that this mower comes with two batteries, so you can charge one while using the other. You can also purchase it in a kit with even more batteries for longer run time. We believe that this is the best battery-powered lawn mower for the money.

    • Inexpensive
    • 3-in-1
    • Small
    • Automatic feeder
    • Designed for small yards

    3. Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower – Premium Choice

    Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower

    While most battery-powered lawn mowers are designed for smaller yards and decently inexpensive, the Makita XML03PT1 Lawn Mower is best for those who do a lot of yard work and have a decently large yard. It is of higher quality than most other options on the market, though at the same time, it is also more expensive. You’re going to pay a bit of money for all those extra features. It has a brushless motor and has a quiet mode for those times when you don’t want to wake the neighbors.

    The single lever adjustment system allows you to adjust the height as needed quickly. The handle folds so you can easily store it away when you’re done. You’ll also like the weather-resistant construction. We found it extremely durable and expect that it will last a long time under moderate use. It can cut up to 7,300 square feet, far more than others currently on the market. As you might imagine, this makes it an excellent choice for those who have larger yards.

    The only major downside of this lawn mower is that it is far more expensive than most options. For this reason, we only recommend it to those that really need it.

    • Mows 7,300 square feet on one charge
    • Brushless motor
    • Quiet motor
    • Durable
    • Expensive

    4. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 Cordless Lawn Mower

    Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 Cordless Lawn Mower

    The Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 Cordless Lawn Mower is designed for small to medium lawns. It has a durable steel blade that can cut a 14-inch path. It only weighs 23.1 pounds, making it far smaller than other options currently on the market. If you need an extremely portable lawnmower, this is the best option. It has a 4Ah battery that recharges quite quickly. The mower does not include any extra batteries, though, so you may want to consider purchasing extra batteries just if you need them.

    It has an adjustable deck, as do most lawnmowers we reviewed. This deck has three different heights in total, which is not that many. However, it should be suitable for most homeowners. This lawnmower also comes with a rear discharge chute. While we didn’t particularly care about this feature, some users might. It depends on your particular situation.

    The company’s warranty also covers this lawnmower. They warranty all products for 2 years after their purchase date. You can also purchase a grass catcher that attaches to the back of the lawnmower.

    • Lightweight
    • 14-inch cutting path
    • 4Ah battery
    • Adjustable deck
    • Short battery life

    5. Snapper XD Lawn Mower

    Snapper XD Lawn Mower

    For a moderately-priced lawn mower, the Snapper XD Lawn Mower is an average choice. It isn’t incredibly awesome, but you won’t consider throwing it in the trash either. It has up to a 90-minute run time, which is a bit longer than other lawnmowers on this list. The kit includes two batteries and a rapid charger, though the charger didn’t charge the batteries much faster than other options.

    We liked that this lawnmower has a 21-inch steel mowing deck. This is quite a bit larger than the other options available. If your yard is moderately sized, you may choose this lawnmower just because it would allow you to cut your grass faster than other options on this list. It is versatile and is designed to mulch, bag, or side-discharge the grass clippings. Smart technology allows the mower to conserve as much power as possible, increasing the overall runtime.

    This mower is also very easy to start. It just takes the push of a button. It also comes with a large bushel bag to collect clippings if necessary. You’ll like that it is very adjustable too. It has seven different heights to choose from, which provides you with more versatility than other options currently on the market.

    • 90-minute run time
    • 21-inch cutting deck
    • Versatile
    • 90-pounds

    6. WORX WG779 Lawn Mower

    WORX WG779 40V Power Share Lawn Mower

    The WORX WG779 Lawn Mower is priced much cheaper than other options on the market. However, it isn’t the cheapest. It is also a bit lower quality than we would like. If you’re looking for a budget option, we recommend choosing a different lawnmower instead. This lawnmower does have six different heights that you can choose from. This is more than most other options on this list. If you’re picky about the length of your grass, this lawn mower may be a good option.

    The on-board battery meter is beneficial and prevents you from randomly running out of power in the middle of your yard. It has a full-bag indicator as well, so you know when the clipping-collection bag is getting full. The dual-port charger allows you to charge both batteries in the mower simultaneously, which significantly diminishes the overall charging time.

    This lawnmower uses the same batteries as WORX’s other tools and machines. So, if you already have some of these in your workshop, then you probably already have plenty of extra batteries. This may make it the right choice and may be the only circumstance in which we’d recommend this lawnmower.

    • Six heights
    • 2-in-1
    • Dual-port charger
    • Plastic deck
    • Mows 5,000 square feet per charge

    7. DEWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

    DEWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

    The DEWALT DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower is one of the more expensive options on the market – likely because of its brand name. It has a powerful brushless motor and comes with two batteries. This lawnmower can do mulching, bagging, and rear discharge. This makes it more versatile than other options. The desk is metal and 20 inches, so it is larger and more durable than other options.

    We liked that the handle folds, which makes it easier to store and transport when necessary.

    On the negative side, this mower is quite expensive. Furthermore, it isn’t high-quality enough to justify the increased cost. If you have the money to splurge on a lawnmower, we highly recommend you pick our premium option instead. The batteries are not incredibly powerful either. This handicaps the lawnmower, making it underpowered overall. The batteries also get super-hot. To recharge them, you have to wait for them to cool down.

    • Versatile
    • Metal desk
    • Foldable handles
    • Expensive
    • Low-powered batteries
    • Batteries get very hot

    8. CRAFTSMAN CMCMW260P1 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

    CRAFTSMAN CMCMW260P1 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

    Craftsman is another popular (and often expensive) brand. The CRAFTSMAN CMCMW260P1 3-in-1 Lawn Mower is no different. However, it did disappoint us by quite a bit. It has a powerful 60V motor and has 3-in-1 versatility. It can mulch, bag, and shoot grass clippings out of the side. It has a 21-inch metal deck, which allows it to mow a decently large area. It is also much more durable than plastic options that are on the market. It has a single lever that allows you to adjust the height. In all, it is adjustable from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

    It folds for extra storability as well. You won’t need to dedicate much room to this lawnmower when you aren’t using it. It also has a 4-year warranty, so you can expect that it should last quite a bit. However, this warranty is quite limited, so you should read it before making your purchase.

    This mower cannot mow much on one charge. The description says it is suitable for up to ¼ of an acre. However, it would take about three charges to mow this much. It can mow about 3,500 square feet on one charge according to our measurements.

    • 3-in-1 versatility
    • Powerful
    • Short run time
    • Mows only 3500 feet on one charge
    • No additional batteries available

    9. Scotts Outdoor 61940S Lawn Mower

    Scotts Outdoor 61940S Lawn Mower

    We looked forward to reviewing the Scotts Outdoor 61940S Lawn Mower. It has a 40-volt, 5Ah battery and a fast charger. It doesn’t come with any extra batteries, though. Because of this, you’ll have to wait a while in between lawn-mowing sessions while the batteries charge back up. The brushless motor is quite powerful by all accounts. It also has increased efficiency and a decent runtime.

    The cutting width is 19 inches, and it has a durable steel deck. Like many on this list, it also has a 3-in-1 versatility. It can mulch, side discharge, or bag grass cuttings in the back. It also has an adjustable fold-down handle.

    On the other hand, the battery doesn’t run as long as other options. It is a bit disappointing in all honesty. More batteries are available. However, you do not get them at a discount, and there is no kit available that includes two batteries. The handles also aren’t very comfortable. We did not like them at all when compared to other options. It seems like they just threw them on without doing much design work.

    • 19” cutting path
    • Versatile
    • Only one battery included
    • Batteries are expensive to purchase separately
    • Short run time

    10. WEN 40439 Cordless 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower

    WEN 40439 Cordless 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower

    We did like that the WEN 40439 Cordless 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower comes with two different batteries. One is lower-powered than the other. However, the fact that it does come with two is always a plus — though, of course, we would have preferred it come with two powerful batteries. The 19-inch steel deck is versatile. It can mulch, bag, and side discharge. The cutting height is adjustable. There are six different cutting positions available between 15 inches to 4 inches.

    On the wrong side, finding the battery charger is practically impossible. WEN doesn’t even sell them, and they are not available anywhere on Amazon. This is a huge downside. If you need an extra charger, you’re out of luck. These lawnmowers also tend to have defects – as do the batteries. Since you can’t purchase batteries separately, this can be a huge problem. A lawnmower without a battery is useless.

    This mower can’t cut wet grass at all, even if it is just wet with dew. This can be a problem in some climates during certain times of the year.

    • 2 batteries included
    • Hard to find charger and batteries
    • Defects are common
    • Cannot cut wet grass at all

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

    Battery-powered lawnmowers may all look the same from the outside, but they have many features. Some are designed for larger yards, while others are suitable for yards as small as ¼ acre. There is not one lawn mower out there that is best for everyone. You need to consider your particular situation and preferences.

    In this buyer’s guide, this is precisely what we’re going to help you do.

    Why Choose a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower?

    Before you even settle on a battery-powered lawn mower, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, these lawnmowers are not made for large yards. There is only so long a battery can last, especially when hooked up to a lawnmower. This is essential to consider.

    With that said, batteries have improved a lot over the years. Battery-powered options are great for some situations. If you have a small yard and don’t want to deal with gas, these battery-powered options may be particularly suitable for you.

    These lawnmowers are also more environmentally friendly since they don’t use gas. This is essential to some buyers. If this is an essential factor for you, you can’t get better than the lawnmowers we reviewed in this article.

    What’s more, these mowers are also practically maintenance-free. All you have to do is recharge the batteries. You don’t have to worry about tune-ups, oil changes, or air filter changes. These lawnmowers require much less time in this sense. Just plug up the batteries, and you’re done.

    You may also appreciate how lightweight these lawnmowers are. For those who get worn out pushing a lawnmower, you may want to choose a battery-powered model just for the lightweight aspect. If you need to haul around your mower, you will likely appreciate the light weight of these models as well.


    When it comes to battery-powered lawnmowers, the quality of the batteries has a significant impact on the performance. Some mowers are sold with sub-par batteries, which severely limits their performance. As you might imagine, this is the last thing you want when you’re purchasing a mower. All battery-powered options have limitations. However, there are some batteries out there that are quite good.

    Battery-powered options are not suitable for specific situations. If you have a large yard, look elsewhere. For those in heavily forested areas, the leaves may also cause difficulties for battery-powered models. You should also mow your grass as often as possible. Otherwise, your mower may not have the power to get through the long, thick grass. Despite these drawbacks, you should still aim to purchase as powerful a battery as possible. Around 4Ah is the standard and works for most situations. Some mowers come with 2Ah batteries, and these are often underpowered. Choose the lawnmower with a more substantial battery instead.

    You should also consider how fast the battery charges. In some cases, the batteries will recharge in about 2 hours. Other times, it will literally take all day. This can cause obvious problems if you need multiple charges to finish your yard. You may have to spread the work out over several days. Many companies claim their chargers are fast, but this isn’t always the case. Be sure to check actual reviews like ours.

    If you have a variety of battery-powered tools, we recommend choosing a brand that matches the batteries you already have. Sometimes, the batteries are also compatible with the lawnmower. Because of this, you could use the mower for longer. This is a very situational benefit, of course, but it can make a big difference if it applies to you.


    You want to purchase a lawnmower that isn’t going to break in a few years. Even if you save a bit of money upfront, this will cause you problems. You’ll end up spending more money in the long run.

    We recommend choosing a lawn mower made out of steel for this reason. Plastic options tend to break more easily.

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    Final Verdict

    There are many battery-operated options on the market. However, our favorite is Greenworks 25322 Lawn Mower. It is durable, lightweight, and has a long run time. It has large, durable wheels, so the wheels aren’t going to fall off or break in uneven terrain.

    We also liked the BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower. It is a lawnmower, a trimmer, and a weed eater all in one, making it perfect for those that have smaller yards and don’t do much yard work. It’s truly an all-in-one tool for smaller yards.

    Hopefully, our reviews help you figure out which lawn mower is perfect for your situation and yard size. Our buyer’s guide provides you with everything you need to know about choosing the best option for you.


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