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8 Best Drywall Stilts in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

a drywall stilt

a drywall stilt

Drywall stilts are often misunderstood by handymen. You might think only pros need some good stilts, but that’s simply not true. A good set of stilts have a number of different uses, but you can’t make the most of these tools unless you know what to buy and what to avoid.

How can you know which drywall stilts are worth your time and which are worth skipping out on? Leave it to us! We put together comprehensive reviews and a buyer’s guide to help you discover the best stilts on the market.

By the time you read everything, you won’t just know what the best (and worst) drywall stilts are. You’ll also know how to make the most of your new purchase!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Yescom 08STI002 Drywall Stilts Yescom 08STI002 Drywall Stilts
  • Solid price
  • Dual-action springs
  • 3-position heel bracket
  • Best Value
    Second place
    GypTool Pro 76163 Drywall Stilts GypTool Pro 76163 Drywall Stilts
  • Great price
  • Extra-wide calf braces
  • Easy to adjust without tools
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly
  • Adjustable for forward and backward movement
  • SurPro 2440MP Magnesium Drywall Stilts SurPro 2440MP Magnesium Drywall Stilts
  • Double wing bolt design
  • Dual side support
  • Lightweight
  • Pentagon Tool 1116 Drywall Stilts Pentagon Tool 1116 Drywall Stilts
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • The 8 Best Drywall Stilts

    1. Yescom 08STI002 Drywall Stilts – Best Overall

    Yescom 08STI002 Drywall Stilts

    While our review roundup is packed with a ton of information, you might not have a ton of free time. Need us to skip to the good stuff? If you’re looking for our recommendation for best overall pick, we have to go with the Yescom 08STI002 Drywall Stilts.

    In addition to a surprisingly low price, these stilts have great features like dual-action springs to help cushion each of your steps. And the skid-resistant feet help you work well in slick conditions, especially combined with the ability to customize stilts for your foot size thanks to the 3-position heel bracket.

    What’s the catch, you ask? Honestly, the only real drawback is you will need to make many adjustments to get everything “just right” for your feet. But that is true of any tool that offers many adjustable options.

    • Solid price
    • Dual-action springs
    • 3-position heel bracket
    • Skid-resistant design
    • Requires many different adjustments

    2. GypTool Pro 76163 Drywall Stilts – Best Value

    GypTool Pro 76163 Drywall Stilts

    When you like to buy many tools, the costs quickly start to add up. Because of this, you may be on the lookout for the best drywall stilts for the money. If you’re looking for a great budget pick, we highly recommend the GypTool Pro 76163 Drywall Stilts.

    While the price is great, there is more to these stilts than a low price tag. Thanks to the extra-wide calf braces, you can get an easier and more comfortable fit. And you can make adjustments in just about every dimension, which means every handyman can get things “just right.” Best of all, no special tools are required for you to make these adjustments.

    So, what keeps these stilts from being our “best overall” pick? They are very squeaky out of the package, and while that can be fixed easily enough, it’s still annoying. Additionally, several users reported that they received packages with missing pieces.

    • Great price
    • Extra-wide calf braces
    • Easy to adjust without tools
    • Squeaky
    • May arrive with missing pieces

    3. Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts – Premium Choice

    Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

    Everyone knows what it’s like to buy tools on a budget. Every now and then, though, you have a little extra money to power your next purchase. If you have cash to burn and are looking for our premium recommendation, we have to go with the Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts.

    What makes this choice a great pick? The three adjustable sizes provide a lot of versatility, and the strap on adapter makes them user-friendly for beginners. Finally, it’s very easy to make adjustments for both forward and backward movement.

    What are the drawbacks to these stilts? Honestly, the only real drawback is that they are much more expensive than most other options. Then again, these high-quality stilts are likely to last a lifetime, which is an attractive option vs replacing cheaper stilts every few years.

    • Versatile
    • User-friendly
    • Adjustable for forward and backward movement
    • Very expensive

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    4. SurPro 2440MP Magnesium Drywall Stilts

    SurPro 2440MP Magnesium Drywall Stilts

    While it didn’t crack the “top three” of our reviews, the SurPro 2440MP Magnesium Drywall Stilts is a lot like our premium choice. That means you’re paying a lot of money but, in turn, you get many great features.

    What are some of those features? The double wing bolt design provides stability and security while you walk, and the sturdy construction and lightweight (each stilt is only nine pounds) design reduces the chance of anything breaking. The dual side supports provide extra stability while the one-year warranty is very convenient.

    What’s the catch? Like the Dura-Stilt before it, the main drawback is just how expensive it is. You must ultimately determine whether these great extra features are worth a significant extra investment in your drywall stilts.

    • Double wing bolt design
    • Dual side support
    • Lightweight
    • One-year warranty
    • Very expensive

    5. Pentagon Tool 1116 Drywall Stilts

    Pentagon Tool 1116 Drywall Stilts

    A name like “Pentagon” brings to mind security and stability. Are those good descriptors for the Pentagon Tool 1116 Drywall Stilts? In all honesty, these are fairly average (albeit reliable) stilts.

    What did we like about these stilts? The lightweight design is nice: each stilt is only 6.4 pounds. And the design is very user-friendly and suitable for most surfaces. Finally, these stilts are so easy to walk in that many cosplayers buy them for costume purposes!

    As you’d expect, there are some drawbacks to consider. Having support on only one side hurts your overall stability, and the stilts tend to rattle while you’re walking. And if we’re being honest, these are very uncomfortable after prolonged use.

    • Lightweight
    • User-friendly
    • Suitable for most surfaces
    • One-sided support
    • Stilts rattle during use
    • Uncomfortable design

    6. BLACKHORSE-RACING HM0696 Adjustable Drywall Stilts

    BLACKHORSE-RACING HM0696 Adjustable Drywall Stilts

    The BLACKHORSE-RACING HM0696 Adjustable Drywall Stilts have a slick design that naturally draws the eye. Unfortunately, once you try these stilts out, you’ll quickly discover that they aren’t the best purchase you can make.

    What did we like about these fairly average stilts? The skid-resistant design makes them safe to use, and we liked that you don’t need any special tools to make height adjustments. And the 3-position heel bracket is a good feature for both adjustments and general comfort.

    What were the drawbacks? It’s tough to get your balance while using these stilts because they are very tight on your legs. On top of that, they wobble a bit too much for prolonged use.

    • Skid-resistant
    • No tools needed for adjustments
    • 3-position heel bracket
    • Tough to balance
    • Very wobbly

    7. Stark 65047 Premium Drywall Stilts

    Stark 65047 Premium Drywall Stilts

    At a glance, the Stark 65047 Premium Drywall Stilts look like basic stilts suitable for general use. Unfortunately, all it takes is a test drive for you to discover why most handymen keep their distance from these stilts.

    We enjoyed the non-slip design: this provides some good peace of mind while you are using the stilts. And the plates and straps are easy to use, making them fairly user-friendly. But there are a few drawbacks that ultimately outweigh the positive benefits of these stilts.

    First of all, the lack of included instructions makes this less user-friendly than you might want. Second, it’s fairly uncomfortable to use. Finally, some users report that the bolts come off very easily.

    • Non-slip design
    • Mostly user-friendly
    • No instructions
    • Uncomfortable design
    • Bolts come off easily

    8. ToolPro TP02440 Magnesium Stilts

    ToolPro TP02440 Magnesium Stilts

    The ToolPro TP02440 Magnesium Stilts come in “last place” in our review roundup. And that’s for a reason: if we’re being honest, there is not much reason to recommend these stilts.

    The few things we liked include the padded calf braces and dual spring action. The braces help to make wearing these stilts a bit easily and the dual springs make them easier to walk around on. Sadly, that is the end of the features that impressed us.

    When it comes to drawbacks, you should consider that magnesium is less durable than aluminum. And if you’re short and working with taller ceilings, these may be a bit too short for you. Finally, the padded braces can only do so much to hold off the discomfort of using these.

    • Padded calf braces
    • Dual spring action
    • Not very durable
    • A bit too short
    • Uncomfortable to use

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    Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Drywall Stilts

    How are you feeling right now about purchasing drywall stilts? We hope that our comprehensive reviews helped you find the stilts you need. But we would understand if you still had a few major questions that needed answers.

    That’s why we put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide to purchasing drywall stilts. It will help to answer your remaining questions while providing even more insight into the features and uses of stilts. By the time you complete this guide, you’ll be completely ready to buy the drywall stilts of your dreams!

    Overall Comfort

    Here at House Grail, we like to focus on the comfort of the tools we use. And when it comes to drywall stilts, comfort is one of the most important factors!

    Pay close attention to the heel plate. This is where you strap your foot in, and you’ll want to be able to adjust this until you have a perfect fit. It may take a bit of time to adjust everything until it is “just right,” but this is the single most important factor when it comes to stilt comfort.

    Do you have particularly wide calves? If so, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the calf strap. Stilts with a lot of calf space and adjustability in this area will be more comfortable for you to use.


    As far as tools go, drywall stilts aren’t very cheap. Even the cheaper models may be more expensive than you’d prefer. For this reason, it’s important to choose stilts that are durable enough that you aren’t having to replace them very soon.

    The primary factor when it comes to durability is the material the stilts are made from. If you want a reliable material, we recommend you choose stilts made from aluminum. This helps them last a good, long time.

    An alternative to aluminum is magnesium. Magnesium stilts tend to be lighter in weight, and this can make them more comfortable to use. These stilts are sturdy in their own right, but we still recommend aluminum for maximum durability.

    Weight Capacity

    We have discussed how the weight of the individual stilts can affect how comfortable they are to use. Equally important, though, is the weight capacity of the stilts in question.

    For example, many stilts are suitable for users up to 225 pounds. If you weigh more than this or are on the weight “borderline,” you may be better off getting stilts that are suitable for heavier users.

    Keep in mind that there is no real downside to getting stilts rated for a higher weight than your own weight. And this can make it easier for multiple people of different weights to use the stilts. The different adjustability features help users of different sizes comfortably use the stilts.

    Safety Features

    Nobody likes to imagine things going wrong with their new equipment purchase. But when it comes to drywall stilts, it’s important to understand all of the different ways that things can go wrong. This will help you pick a model that has the different safety features that you need.

    For instance, a rubber sole is an important feature that helps you operate the stilts on different surfaces while reducing the risk of slipping. Without these soles, you could take a nasty spill while using the stilts and suffer very serious injury.

    Another important feature is dual spring action. Stilts that feature dual spring design provide additional stability while you use them. This makes each step in the stilts feel more natural and ultimately reduces your risk of falling down.

    Image By: Dmitry Kalinovsky, Shutterstock

    Working Height

    You need to ask yourself: why did you want to buy drywall stilts in the first place? Chances are that you wanted these stilts to help extend your reach. In that case, one of the most important features for you to focus on is the working height of the stilts.

    Most drywall stilts have an adjustable height, such as stilts that adjust from 24” to 40” and those that adjust from 18” to 30”. Depending on the user(s) of the stilts, it’s important to find a height range that is suitable for everyone involved.

    Our main advice? Don’t underestimate how important working height is to your purchase. This affects everything from the comfort to the applications of your new drywall stilts!

    Which Stilts Do You Really Need?

    All of this brings us back to the big question: which stilts do you really need? Unfortunately, there are as many different answers to this question as there are people reading this article.

    If you’ve never used drywall stilts before, we recommend that you pick out a cheaper model. This will help you determine whether you like using stilts and whether they can really help you with your different projects.

    If you’ve used stilts before, we recommend you gravitate towards our “best overall” and “best premium” choices. These items will help you get your money’s worth out of the stilts, and you can rest assured they still stand the test of time.

    Otherwise, though, you should treat drywall stilts like any other handyman purchase. By taking stock of exactly what you need these stilts to help you accomplish, you can find the perfect intersection of price, performance, and features.

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    You have not completed our reviews of the different drywall stilts on the market as well as our comprehensive buyer’s guide. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this information has helped you make the right decision. If you’re still on the fence, though, we might be able to help by answering one more crucial question.

    What’s that question? Simple: which drywall stilts did we like best in our entire review roundup?

    If we had to go with the best drywall stilts overall, it would definitely be the Yescom 08STI002 Drywall Stilts. These are great stilts for newbies and veterans alike, and you’re certainly not going to regret this purchase.

    If we had to choose a value pair of stilts, the best choice is the GypTool Pro 76163 Drywall Stilts. These offered a surprising amount of versatility and functionality, and all at an awesome price.

    Among all the different drywall stilts we examined, these were the big winners. But you never have to take our word for it: only you can determine which drywall stilts work best for your body, your needs, and your projects.

    But we’re always here to help you make the best choice when it comes to purchasing major tools. The only thing left for you to do is pop your new purchase on and see if these stilts were made for walking!

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