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Can You Burn Palm Tree Wood? Is It Good Firewood?

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Palm trees are unique trees that you can find along many coastlines. They grow extremely fast, so it’s natural to wonder what you can use the wood for. Perhaps you have palm tree wood on your property. Can you burn it, does it make good firewood, and what else can you possibly do with it? We answer all those questions and more for you here.

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Can You Burn Palm Tree Wood?

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If you want a safe and effective way to get rid of palm tree wood, there’s nothing wrong with burning it. The wood burns quickly and easily, though we recommend drying it out first so it doesn’t smoke as much when you are burning it.

So, if you’re simply wondering if you can burn palm tree wood, the answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best firewood choice out there.

Is Palm Tree Wood a Good Firewood?

The short answer here is no. While palm tree wood quickly catches fire and burns, it’s a poor choice to use as firewood. It burns extremely fast and doesn’t produce much heat.

Whether you’re looking to heat your home or just have a nice campout fire, palm tree wood isn’t an ideal choice. But go ahead and use it as firewood if you already have palm tree wood lying around and nothing else to use it for.

What Else Can You Use Palm Tree Wood For?

The truth is that there’s typically not much that you can turn palm tree wood into. However, while it’s not easy for DIYers to transform palm tree wood into different applications, a few businesses are venturing into the field.

Many businesses are trying to find ways to use palm tree wood in construction and insulation and even as fuel options. The process requires a bit of preparation, though. For instance, to use palm trees as fuel, companies must process the wood into a charcoal briquette that will burn longer. It takes more work but it’s possible.

If you simply have palm tree wood lying around your property, though, there’s not much you can use it for. Burning it is probably best if you just want to get rid of it.

Drying Out Palm Tree Wood

If you’re planning on burning palm tree wood, you’ll want to dry it out first. If you leave water in the wood, it’ll still burn, but it’ll produce far more smoke compared to drying it out first.

The good news is that drying out palm tree wood is a relatively simple and straightforward process. You just have to store it in an open shed with plenty of airflow. Adding heat to the room will help speed up the process, but the most important thing is to get the air moving.

For the best results, you should let the firewood dry for about 6 months before burning it, but you can burn it sooner if you don’t mind dealing with a little crackling and extra smoke.

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Now that you know more about palm wood and what you can use it for, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. While we recommend burning palm tree wood if you already have it, we don’t recommend getting it just to use it as firewood. There are far better choices, and you’ll likely find that palm tree wood doesn’t last as long as you want and doesn’t provide much heat compared to most other firewood options.

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