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Can You Vacuum Artificial Grass? Tips, Facts & FAQs

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Artificial grass may look like real grass, but it is absolutely not. So it isn’t exactly self-cleaning like real grass is. If you spill something on artificial grass, it is going to stick around. For this reason, cleaning artificial grass can be important for maintaining it.

However, how you clean it also depends on the type of grass.

If you have non-infill turf, then you can easily use a regular vacuum cleaner to use it. Usually, you’ll find this type of artificial grass indoors, as it is not necessarily as tough. However, it can sometimes be used outdoors.

Over time, the turf may begin to tear if you vacuum it regularly, though. It can also become slumped and simply not look right. Therefore, while you can use a vacuum on artificial grass, we do not necessarily recommend it.

You can also vacuum grass with infill but this is not recommended. The vacuum will suck up the infill and you will have to top it off. While it can be done, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be done.

Alternatively, you can purchase a special vacuum for turf. However, this is usually not the recommended cleaning method anyway. Instead, you’ll want to brush the turf when possible. The most recommended cleaning equipment includes items like a turf rake.

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What is the Best Way to Clean Artificial Grass?

For regular turf maintenance, your best bet is to use a garden hose. Simply spray the turf off to remove the debris and dirt that has gathered on top of it. Typically, there is no reason to do anything other than spray it off and let it dry in the sun.

Technically, you can vacuum it if you wanted to, but spraying it off is much more efficient.

If the turf gets used heavily and is particularly dirty, a turf rake may be necessary. Simply pull against the grain using this rake to keep the turf looking perky. It isn’t that the rake cleans the turf necessarily. Instead, it helps bring the artificial grass back to the level it is supposed to be.

Inside, you cannot simply spray the turf off. Instead, you’ll need to spot-clean as necessary. It is usually not recommended to clean the whole turf regularly, as this can cause it to break down fast. You’ll just want to clean stains and obvious dirt with an appropriate cleaner. Turf is stain-resistant so that typically isn’t a problem that you need to worry about.

You can purchase commercial turf cleaners for areas that see a lot of use. However, DIYing an option at home is a great option as well. You can typically just use a solution of half vinegar and half water to remove much of the mess found on your turf. Simply use a spray bottle to apply this solution where necessary and soak it up with a paper towel.

It should remove any odors and microbes that are on the turf.

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How Do You Remove Debris from Artificial Grass?

Typically, you’ll want to spend a bit of time each week keeping debris off of your turf. Depending on where you are, this may only take a few minutes—or it may take an hour. Keeping leaves off of turf in the fall can be a handful, for instance.

Large debris can be raked off with a normal rake. You can bag things like leaves or dispose of them in a nearby area. Either way, be sure you put them somewhere that they aren’t simply going to blow back onto the turf.

Next, spray off the turf. You can use a regular garden hose for this purpose. The quick wash should help remove most of the other debris. Start on one end and work your way to the other so that you push the debris off the turf not just spread it around the turf. Generally, this should only take a few moments, though it does depend on the size of the turf.

You can then use a turf rake to help fluff the turf up a bit. Simply pull in the direction of the turf. This is not required, but it can give it a finished look. Infill turf will need to be refilled often, so plan on doing that weekly as well.

Can You Pressure Wash Artificial Grass?

You can wash artificial grass with a pressure washer. However, you will have to be very careful, as it can also damage your artificial grass. Still, many professionals use this tool when they need to clean very dirty turf.

We do not recommend using it regularly, but it may be okay for a deep cleaning once a year or so. Just be sure not to spray the turf too harshly. It is always best to test it on a small area on the side before diving in and spraying the whole thing. By testing, you ensure that your turf can withstand the pressure washer before you ruin the whole thing.

If in doubt, it is better to skip on the pressure washer. It may technically be okay for turf, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use it. A simple garden hose is all many people need.

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You can use a regular vacuum on artificial grass that does not have infill. If used on infill turf, a vacuum will suck up the infill, and you will have to replace it. Technically, this isn’t necessarily bad, but it is extra work for you.

Instead of a vacuum, a rake is often recommended. You can simply sweep or rake to remove the debris, which will be gentler on your turf than a vacuum. Spraying off the turf is also a great way to keep it clean. You can use a pressure washer occasionally, though this is not necessary.

In many cases, taking care of turf is very low-effort. Simply rake off debris once a week and spray it with water as needed.

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