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5 Clever & Creative DIY Outdoor TV Cabinets You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Outdoor patio with TV and dining area

If you need a new TV stand or plan on getting a TV for an outdoor area, you should consider making your own TV cabinet. It requires some materials and tools, but you can customize your TV cabinet to match the surrounding decor or double as storage. Let’s see some of the most creative DIY TV cabinets you can make at home yourself.

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The 5 DIY Outdoor TV Cabinets

1. DIY Farmhouse TV Cabinet with Sliding Doors by Crafted by the Hunts

diy farmhouse tv console with sliding barn doors
Image Credit: Crafted by the Hunts
Difficulty: Intermediate
What you’ll need:
Drill, circular saw, Kreg Jig, wood glue, wood filler, nails, nail gun, sander, specified lumber, and fasteners

If you need a taller TV cabinet that comes with storage and rustic farmhouse sliding doors, look no further than this plan. It requires some woodworking and tools, but the plans are pretty straightforward. As such, we’d suggest this for folks who want to dip their toes into making their own furniture. It has plenty of space for sound systems, game consoles, and all that other living room storage we all crave.

2. DIY Concrete Top TV Stand by Houseful of Handmade

diy rustic tv stand with concrete top
Image Credit: Houseful of Handmade
Difficulty: Beginner
What you’ll need:
TV stand, cement/concrete, water, mixing bowl, trowel, drill, Kreg Jig, wood router, electric sander (optional)

If your wooden TV stand is getting a little boring, give it a makeover. Sanding the surface and routing off the edges of the stand give it a rustic look, and cement is the final touch. The heavy concrete slab on top can withstand the weight of any TV you throw at it, and it’s really easy to do. For an update with minimal work, this could be the perfect fit.

3. DIY Industrial Pipe TV Stand by Simplified Building

diy rolling industrial pipe tv stand
Image By: Simplified Building
Difficulty: Intermediate
What you’ll need:
precut galvanized steel pipe, specified fittings, casters, drill, wood screws, wood platforms

For a portable, industrial-style TV stand, make your own with a laundry list of fittings and other materials. No metal cutting is necessary for this plan, so it’s ideal for beginners. You’ll have to pay special attention to get the right fittings, though, because the plans are very specific. Other than that, all you need is a drill and some wood screws. Once complete, you have the perfect portable TV stand.

4. DIY Floating TV Console by Woodshop Diaries

diy floating tv console
Image By: Woodshop Diaries
Difficulty: Intermediate
What you’ll need:
circular saw, Kreg Rip Cut, miter saw, drill, Kreg Jig, tape measure, wood glue, specified lumber, specified screws, ball-bearing drawer slides

For a more modern floating shelf solution for your TV, craft a floating TV console yourself. The plan is technically for a floating vanity, but it notes some alterations that make it great for a TV console too. The plans are easy to follow and include a detailed list of the lumber you’ll need to complete the project. You can use whatever drawer slides you’d like, but ball-bearing slides have the smoothest slide.

5. DIY Console Table by Life Storage

diy console table
Image By: Life Storage
Difficulty: Beginner
What you’ll need:
miter saw, drill, nail gun, wood glue, stain, sander, sandpaper, mallet, clamps, specified lumber, specified screws

For an affordable beginner woodworking project, you can’t go wrong with this basic TV console table. It uses basic power tools and standard wood pieces to create a plain, customizable console table. You can stain and finish the table however you’d like, but the plans end up with a rustic-style wood table. You could make two and use one as an end table or extra table elsewhere in the house!

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TV stands enhance our viewing experience, and boring stands can detract from them. If you’re feeling crafty, get your power tools and follow along with one of the detailed plans above. Some are more complex than others, but at least one of them will be perfect for your outdoor TV area.

Featured Image Credit: Santiago Cornejo, Shutterstock


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