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9 Free DIY Pipe Desk Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

industrial shelf pipe desk

industrial shelf pipe desk

Pipes are an incredible DIY material. Not only are pipes cheap and versatile, they also create really cool-looking furniture. Learning how to build a pipe desk that is an industrial-style desk by DIY-ing a pipe desk. Below are some awesome ones for beginner, intermediate, or advanced level crafters.

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Top 9 DIY Pipe Desk Plans

1. Easy and Quick Pipe Desk from

DIY pipe desk plans
Image By: family handyman

This Easy and Quick Pipe Desk plan is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the refined-industrial look. Only requiring a drill and pipe wrench to make, this is a great project for beginners.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Pipe, Wooden Counter Top, Tee Fitting, Screws, Floor Flanges

Tools Needed: Pipe Wrench, Drill

Tips: When fitting the pipes make sure you spray lubricant on their ends so you can wind them as tightly as possible. This will make sure your pipe desk is sturdy and ready for work!

2. Industrial Pipe Desk with Many Shelves from

DIY Industrial Pipe Desk
Image By: Simplified Building

This Industrial Pipe Desk with Many Shelves plans provides visual guides and instructions on how to create a pipe desk! Not only does the desk have 6 under shelves, it also can function as a standing desk, depending on what height you build it to. The instructions are vague in many places so this is not a project for beginners.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Wood, Pipe, Tee Fittings, Flange Fittings, Caster, Wheels

Tools Needed: Screwdriver

Tips: You have options about what kind of wood you want to use for the desk. You can go a pre-sanded, cut, and stained route, or buy your own wood and saw, sand, and stain it yourself.

3. Butcher Block Piping Table from

DIY piping table
Image By: house by hoff

This Butcher Block Piping Table plan is easy to read, with helpful photos to guide you along the way. The table is simple, but appealing and aesthetic- a great addition to any office!

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Butcher Block Workbench Top, Pipes, Flanges, Tees, Wood Screws, Caters, Dowel Rod

Tools Needed: Level, Cordless Drill, File, Pipe Wrench

Tips: For specific pipe sizes, you can get the hardware store you buy pipes from to measure them out and cut them! Lots of times they will do this for free.

4. Custom Industrial Wooden Desk from

DIY industrial wooden desk
Image Credit: Craft Thyme

This Custom Industrial Wooden Desk plan is perfect for anyone committed to creating the perfect pipe desk. With lots of great touches like sanded down wood, a dark wood stain, and an alternating plank pattern, this desk plan goes the extra mile!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Untreated Lumber, Pipe, Flanges, Tee, Steel Nipple, Iron Cap, Wood Stain, Polyurethane, Wood Screws, Wood Glue

Tools Needed: Sand Paper, Table Saw, Pipe Wrench, Clamps, Paint Brush

Tips: If you love this pipe desk plan, and choose to use it, make sure you also check out their Industrial Pipe and Wood Bookshelf plan.

5. Easy Pipe Desk from

DIY pipe desk
Image Credit: designertrapped

This Easy Pipe Desk plan makes a cute desk from an old door and some pipes. Not only is this plan easy, it is also cheap and requires only a few tools.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Hollow Core Door, Pipes, Plastic Wood, Paint, Wood Glue, Flanges

Tools Needed: Sand Paper, Paint Brush, Clamps

Tips: Find a hollow core door online or at a second hand store, like Goodwill, for cheap!

6. Old Door and Black Pipe Desk from Getting Junk Done

This Old Door and Black Pipe Desk plan is a video instruction so it’s a great tool for people who learn best by watching others do. This awesome desk upcycles an old door, and has a rustic and industrial feel to it.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Door, Pipe, Screws

Tools Needed: Sander, Saw, Screwdriver, Tape Measure, Clamp

Tips: He admits that the desk doesn’t turn out necessarily pretty. Consider using fun touches like paint or wood stain to jazz it up.

7. Pipe Standing Desk Converter from

DIY standing desk converter
Image Credit: Simplified Building

Inspired by the piping desk plans I have mentioned but not ready to fully commit? Try this Pipe Standing Desk Converter plan! Place the small pipe desk on top of your normal desk to instantly have a standing desk.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Klee Klamp Fittings, Pipe, Brackets, Rail Support Fittings, Velcro, Screws

Tools Needed: Screw Driver

Tips: A large part of this plan requires you to have a detachable computer monitor. If you don’t, this is not the plan for you.

8. Steel Pipe Standing Desk from

DIY steel pipe standing desk
Image Credit: spacekat

This Steel Pipe Standing Desk is great for beginners because it uses an already-cut piece of wood as the actual desk! The pipes are easy to assemble- most of the work is connecting them to the desk and then making the whole thing look aesthetically pleasing.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Sturdy Wooden Countertop, Wood Screws, Steel Pipes, T-Joints, Flanges, End Caps, Extensions, Paint, Primer, Wood Stain, Polyurethane, Pipe De-Greaser

Tools Needed: Drill, Paint Brush, Sandpaper, Gloves, Tarp

Tips: It’s up to you what wooden countertop you want to use. The writers of this blog said they used IKEA NUMERAR Oak kitchen countertop which was great quality and only $129.

9. Plumber Pipe Standing Desk from

DIY ep74 standing desk
Image Credit: Home Made Modern

This Plumber Pipe Standing Desk plan is easy to build, requiring less than $185 in materials, and less than 3 hours of your time. With helpful photos, easy-to-read instructions, and a video, learning how to build a pipe desk is something even a beginner can achieve. It also doesn’t require you to own that many tools!

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Wooden Board, Mending Plates, Iron Pipe, Black Iron Couplings, Black Drywall Screws, Danish Oil

Tools Needed: Drill, Saw, Sander, Speed Square, Pencil, Rag, Clamps

Tips: If you are tall or short, don’t worry! They provide instructions on how to make 42”, 48’, and 30’ desk.

Featured Image Credit: positvtplus Studio, Shutterstock


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