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9 Free DIY Standing Desk Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Plumber Pipe Standing Desk from Homemade-Modern

Plumber Pipe Standing Desk from Homemade-Modern

It’s no wonder that standing desks are all the rage right now. They have great benefits for everyone – not just people with back problems. Research studies have found strong evidence that working at a standing desk can decrease your risk for weight-gain, heart diseases, and high blood sugar.

That’s not all, though!

Standing desks can also improve your mood, increase your energy, and boost your productivity levels.


Try out one of these DIY plans and learn how to build a standing desk of your own.

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Top 9 Free DIY Standing Desk Plans

1. Wrap-around Standing Desk from

This Wrap-around Standing Desk plan is easy to follow, with helpful anecdotes and tips throughout. A wrap-around desk is great because it keeps a room from feeling cluttered but still creates a large amount of desk space for getting things done.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Pine Board, Shelf Brackets, Screws

Tools Needed: Power Saw, Power Drill, Level, Sand Paper, Hand Sander, Polyurethane, Rag, Brush

Tips: You don’t have to use pine boards; you can substitute another kind of wood. Keep your wood on the lighter side though, so that the brackets can effectively hold it up.

2. Industrial Farmhouse Stand-Up Desk from

This Industrial Farmhouse Stand-Up Desk plan pairs industrial piping with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. It features helpful instructions and images and is a great plan for intermediate woodworkers. The plan boasts that the materials required to make this desk will cost you less than $150!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Wood, Pipes, Floor Flanges, Iron Threaded Tee’s, Iron Caps, Screws, Spray Paint, Walnut Stain, Polyurethane, Wood Glue

Tools Needed: Milter Saw, Kreg Jig, Drill, Sand Paper

Tips: Keep in mind that standing desks are not one-size-fits-all. Base your material measurements on how tall you are.

3. Convertible Standing Desk from

This Convertible Standing Desk  is perfect for people who don’t want to commit to using a standing desk all the time. After all, standing for too long can be as bad for your health as sitting for too long. This desk plan’s design uses the same mechanics as an elevator!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Wood, Brackets, Screws, T-Brace, Lock Pins, Drawer Slides, Cable, Pulleys

Tools Needed: Saw, Screwdriver, Level, Tape Measure, Pencil, Sandpaper, Paint

Tips: Some of the desk used parts from Ikea. If you are an advanced woodworker, feel free to substitute those parts for homemade concoctions!

4. Plumber Pipe Standing Desk from

This Plumber Pipe Standing Desk plan is easy to build, requiring less than $185 in materials, and less than 3 hours of your time. With helpful photos, easy to read instructions, and a video, this is a great project for beginners. It also doesn’t require you to own that many tools!

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Wooden Board, Mending Plates, Iron Pipe, Black Iron Couplings, Black Drywall Screws, Danish Oil

Tools Needed: Drill, Saw, Sander, Speed Square, Pencil, Rag, Clamps

Tips: If you are tall or short- don’t worry! They provide instructions on how to make 42”, 48’, and 30’ desk.

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5. Cheap and Easy Standing Desk from

If you are looking for an affordable standing desk plan, then this Cheap and Easy Standing Desk plan is perfect for you! Through specific instructions, and helpful photos, learn how to make a standing desk for under $50.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Pine Boards, Braces, Screws

Tools Needed: Drills, Saw, Sander

Tips: If you are a total woodworking beginner and don’t have a saw, don’t worry. Home improvement stores often have an option to trim boards for you.

6. Steel Pipe Standing Desk from

This Steel Pipe Standing Desk is great for beginners because it uses an already cut piece of wood as the actual desk! The pipes are easy to assemble- most of the work is connecting them to the desk and then making the whole thing look aesthetically-pleasing.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Sturdy Wooden Countertop, Wood Screws, Steel Pipes, T-Joints, Flanges, End Caps, Extensions, Paint, Primer, Wood Stain, Polyurethane, Pipe De-Greaser

Tools Needed: Drill, Paint Brush, Sandpaper, Gloves, Tarp

Tips: It’s up to you what wooden countertop you want to use. The writers of this blog said they used IKEA NUMERAR Oak kitchen countertop which was great quality and only $129.

7. Wood Standing Desk for Your Cubicle from

Looking to convert your cubicle desk into a standing desk? Try out this Wood Standing Desk for Your Cubicle Plan! It has great instructions, tips, and pictures, and is perfect for beginner to intermediate level woodworkers.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Wood, Wood Stain, Polyurethane, Ponderosa Panels

Tools Needed: Circle Saw, Drill, Clamps, Sander

Tips: He provides some great tips on how to properly stain wood!

8. Large Standing Desk or Kiosk from

A lot of standing desks only offer you a limited amount of space. That is not the case with this Large Standing Desk or Kiosk plan. With these plans, you’ll learn how to build a standing desk that’s big, and an even bigger project, but this desk is built to last. It was originally meant to be a kiosk but functions well as a desk.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials: Wood, Screws, Plywood, Edge Banding, Wood Glue

Tools Needed: Miter Saw, Circular Saw, Drill, Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, Nail Gun

Tips: This desk is huge but the size is easy to modify if you love the design, but don’t have room for something like this in your home or office.

9. Pipe Standing Desk Converter from

Inspired by the piping desk plans I have mentioned but not ready to fully commit to a standing desk? Try this Pipe Standing Desk Converter plan! Place the small pipe desk on top of your normal desk to instantly have a standing desk.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Klee Klamp Fittings, Pipe, Brackets, Rail Support Fittings, Velcro, Screws

Tools Needed: Screw Driver

Tips: A large part of this plan requires you to have a detachable computer monitor. If you don’t, this is not the plan for you.

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Featured Image Credit: Homemade-Modern

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