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15 Free DIY Wine Rack Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Wine rack shelf

Wine rack shelf

For those of us who love wine, finding a wine rack that is functional but also fits our personal style can be a rewarding experience. It’s even more rewarding when you decide to learn how to build a wine rack yourself.

Making a do-it-yourself wine rack is quick and easy with the right tools and steps. No matter what style of wine rack you decide to make, it’s important that it fits your needs and aesthetic. To help inspire you, we’ve collected 15 different easy DIY wine rack plans in a multitude of styles and materials. We’ve also listed the tools and materials needed for each one to kickstart your DIY adventure.

divider 5 The 15 DIY Wine Rack Plans

1. Wine Bottle and Stemware Rack – Jen Woodhouse

Wine bottle and stemware rack
Image By: jenwoodhouse

This wine rack is cute and simple, offering the true essentials of an at-home wine rack. This design holds at least 6 stemmed glasses, but you can always customize it to your needs. A medium wood stain adds a rustic charm to make this rack warm and inviting in any entertaining space.

Materials: 25″ of 1×6, 25″ of 1×8, 9″ of 1×2, 1 – 1x4x6′, 1¼” pocket hole screws, 1¼” wood screws, 1¼” brad Nails, Wood glue, Hanging hardware

Tools Needed: Tape Measure, Pencil, Speed square, Drill with countersink drill bit, Circular saw, Kreg jig, Jigsaw

2. Barn Wood Wine Rack – I Spy DIY

Barn wood wine rack
Image Credit: ISpyDIY

A simple rustic piece that will add an elegant statement to your space. This customizable barn wood wine rack is sure to add some rustic flair. It is also easy to assemble so you can get to enjoying your new wine rack faster.

Materials: Barn wood, Copper spray paint, Newspaper hooks, Chalkboard paint, Painter’s tape, Drywall, and wood screws

Tools Needed: Screwdriver or drill

3. Modern Slanted Wine Rack – Kendall Jackson

Modern DIY Wine rack
Image Credit: Kendall-Jackson

Grab your favorite bottle from this rack and head straight for the table. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just having a quiet night in, this wine rack will fit right in with your decor and entertaining needs. Assembly is quick an easy so you don’t have to waste a second to enjoy all this rack has to offer.

Materials: A wood board cut to size (approx. 11.5″ x 18”), Large framing nails (approx.. 12 nails that are ¼″ x 7″), Ruler and pencil

Tools Needed: Drill, Hammer

Grab your favorite bottle from this rack and head straight for the table. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just having a quiet night in, this wine rack will fit right in with your decor and entertaining needs. Assembly is quick and easy so you don’t have to waste a second to enjoy all this rack has to offer.

4. Tin Cans Wine Rack – Brit+CO

Color block wine rack
Image Credit: brit+co

Use what you probably already have to make this cute tin can wine rack. This wine rack is simple, functional, good on your wallet, and you’re recycling items you already use.

Materials: 4-12 large coffee or tomato cans, 1 can of white spray paint (primer),  Spray paint – colors of your choice, E6000 glue, drop cloth/cardboard, Gloves (optional)

Tools Needed: Can opener

5. Wall Wine Holder – Rogue Engineer

DIY Wall Wine Bottle
Image Credit: rogueengineer

Quirky yet sophisticated, this wine rack is sure to make a statement. Only requiring a few pieces of wood, this rack is a functional but minimalist piece to showcase your wine bottles.

Materials: 25″ of 2×4, 18″ of 1×6, 1¼″ Wood screws, 2½″ Wood screws, Wood glue

Tools Needed: Drill & 1-3/8″ Forstner bit, Miter saw, Tape measure, Pencil, Safety glasses, Hearing protection

6. Simple Wine Rack – Craft Box Girls

Simple wine rack
Image Credit: Craftboxgirls

Whether it sits horizontal or vertical, this quaint wine rack is a great weekend project. Another customizable rack, the instructions have it holding four bottles, but the sky’s the limit. Whether you have four bottles or forty, this rack can hold them all with its sleek design.

Materials: 1” x 6” x 4’ pine wood, 5” x 36” oak dowel, Wood glue, Stain, Stain rags

Tools Needed: Miter saw or circular saw, Power drill/driver, 80 grit, 150 grit, 220 grit sandpaper, 5” hole saw, 5” Forstner bit (Danish), Eye protection, Dust mask

7. One Bottle Wine Rack from Instructables

Wine rack for a bottle and two stemwares
Image Credit: Instructables

This single bottle wine rack is perfect for anyone living by themselves or that has a small living space. This rack is stylish and minimal; perfect for date night or a movie on the couch.

Materials: A small pallet, Screws, Wood glue, 80 grit sand paper

Tools Needed: Circular saw, Jig saw, Drill, Orbital sander, ½” flat drill bit, Hole saw

8. Industrial Pipe Wine Rack from Instructables

Diesel punk wine rack
Image Credit: Instructables

This wine rack is perfect for people with a little more industrial style. A steel pipe wine rack will definitely make a statement, and you’ll have a fun storytelling your friends you built it yourself.

Materials: (24) – 3″ long by ½” diameter pipes (known as nipples as well), (5) – 6″ long by ½” diameter pipes (known as nipples as well), (4) – 1″ long by ½” diameter pipes (known as nipples as well), (4) – ½” diameter pipe flanges, (4) – ½” diameter elbows, (18) – ½” diameter Tee, Roll of paper towels, Oil / lubricant like WD40 (optional), Paper towels, faucet and dish soap to clean

Tools Needed: Pipe pliers (optional)

9. Melted Records – Recyclart

Upcycled Vinyl wine rack
Image Credit: Recyclart

For all the music lovers who also love wine. Made from melted vinyl records, this rack adds a unique twist to showcasing your favorite wines.

Materials: Vinyl records (as many as you want), Wood piece of 1×4, Epoxy (such as E6000), Two metal keyhole hangers

Tools Needed: Heat gun, Clamps

10. Triangle Wine Rack from Instructables

Triangular pallet wine rack
Image Credit: Instructables

This triangular wine rack is a fun way to show off your style, wines, and wood working skills. This elegant piece will stand out in any entertaining space with all your bottles showcased in one place.

Materials: Pallet, Screws, Wood glue, Varnish, 80 grit sand paper

Tools Needed: Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Drill, Orbital Sander, ½” flat drill bit, Hole Saw

11. Wine Rack with Shelves from Instructables

Pallet wood wine rack
Image Credit: Instructables

This rustic DIY looks as though it’s straight out of a winery. “Wow” your guests with your carpentry skills as well as your love of wine.

Materials: Good wood glue, (15) – #8 screws 2″, (30) – #8 screws 1-1/2″, Sealant and Stain of your choice, (1) palette, 3ft 1×8, 3ft 1×7, 3ft 1×4, 3ft 1×2, 3ft 1×2 cut in half lengthwise to make ¾” square pieces.

Tools Needed: Drill, Hammer, Miter box, Belt sander with 32, 80, and 120 grit paper, Belt sander with 32, 80, and 120 grit paper, Doweling tools: dowels, correct drill bit, drill stop (optional), dowel center marker (centering pin), Fine particle respirator, Safety glasses, gloves

12. Wine Rack – Shanty Chic

Shanty-2-Chic Wine Rack
Image Credit: Shanty-2-chic

This fun slanted rack is perfect to bring out to the porch for an evening of wining and dining. A little rustic flair goes a long way!

Materials: 1×12, 1×4 – at least 40”, Wood stain

Tools Needed: Jigsaw, Drill, Drill bits, Forstner Drill Bit – 1 3/8”, Hand sander (optional), 80 grit sand paper (optional)

13. PVC Wine Bottle Holder – Adventures in Creating

PVC Wine bottle rack
Image Credit: wondersincreating

If carpentry isn’t your thing, go for the exciting look of a PVC wine rack. This rack can grow as your wine collection goes simply by adding more pipe. There’s no excuse now to not buy that extra bottle.

Materials: 4” PVC pipe, 1 1/2” PVC pipe, Spray paint (optional), Epoxy or plumbing adhesive, 32 x 3/4″ machine screws

Tools Needed: Dremel, Plastic cutting dremel bit, Hand sander, Sand paper

14. Simple Wine Rack – Camille Styles

Wood plank wine rack
Image Credit: Camillestyles

Simple but elegant, this rack is an easy way to store your wine as well as presenting it in a pleasing way. Building this rack requires little to no work to create a stunning piece to show off your collection.

Materials: Wooden plank, Sandpaper, Pencil

Tools Needed: Drill press, Forstner drill bits, Sandpaper

15. Wooden crate – Hatch and Haven

Wooden crate
Image Credit: Hatch + Haven

This adorable wooden crate rack is perfect for storing wine in an outdoor entertaining space. Have fun with customizing the color and finish of this rack to match your style. Find out how to build a wine rack that’s suited to your needs with this one!

Materials: Wood stain, Wooden crate, 1×12 – enough to make all the cutout

Tools Needed: Finishing nails, Circular saw, Hand sander and sand paper

Featured Image Credit: SplitShire, Pixabay


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