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25 Free DIY Wooden Box Plans You Can Build Today

Wooden box storage

Wooden box storage

In grade school, shapes are one of the first things that we learned. Our teachers taught us that the world is chock-full of the basic shapes. These were the circle, rectangle, triangle, and square. Arguably, there are more or less. However, the square remains one of the most useful and used shapes there is.

In this article, we have capitalized on that and have gathered together plans for simple plans that give you boxes. These plans include boxes that can be useful, decorative or both. Whether you need a box to hold something precious, like a jewelry or keepsake box, one for blankets at the end of the bed or storage boxes, there are plans for you. So enjoy learning how to build wooden boxes!

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The 25 DIY Wooden Box Plans

1. DIY Keepsake Box from Woodshop Diaries

Starting with a beautiful little box meant to be both a decoration and fulfill a purpose. This box created by Woodshop Diaries has a lid that you can readily take on and off. This ease allows the creator to place small items inside. It can be to keep a shelf more organized or to put something valuable inside. The lid is customizable for whatever name or meaning you want to be associated with the box. Find the plans from Woodshop Diaries to store your keepsakes.

2. DIY Wooden Box Centerpiece from Sawdust Sisters

A box is more of a shape than a piece with all four sides intact, as can be seen, exemplified in this project. It should bring a centerpiece together, putting in small plants, real or fake, or vases full of the latest season flowers. I use it to hold recipe cards and the like in the kitchen area. The Sawdust Sisters created the plans.

3. Wooden Crate Plan from Pneumatic Addict

A crate is yet another form for a box, often associated with usability and convenient storage. Instead of going out and buying one or finding an ugly plastic version, why not put your own together? This wooden crate is even equipped with rope handlebars to make it easy to move around no matter what you decide to store in it or how to decorate it. To try it out yourself, find the plans at Pneumatic Addict.

4. Simple Woodworking Box from Man Made DIY

Although the boxes hold records in the picture, they work for anything. The fun factor with these comes in with their stackability. The image might show four arranged in a 3:1 stack. However, you can make more or less, depending on what you want to put inside and how you want to stack them. Just be sure that if you stack them much higher, that they are either screwed, glued, or fixed to the wall for safety purposes. Get the plans from Man Made DIY to make your stack of boxes.

5. Simple Wooden Boxes from Instructables

Wooden boxes have such a wide variety of uses that they don’t necessarily need a named purpose before building them. These wooden boxes can be used for anything, sized accordingly. Whether it is recipe cards, bagged ingredients, small knick-knacks, or a collection of little toys or pieces. Get the plans from Instructables to make your wooden box.

6. DIY Wooden Boxes from Lovely Etc.

These boxes are made for decoration and don’t appear to be functional. However, they don’t have a top, and thus can have things set into them. The boxes are painted with charcoal paint to give them a dark and grainy look that helps to add character. The numbers set them apart so that no matter how many you make, you can remember what you have in each of them. Find the plans from Lovely Etc.

7. DIY Wooden Toy Box from The Merry Thought

Another stack of boxes made our list due to their unique construction. Instead of having exact straight sides with the top left open to slide things in, these have an angled “entrance” to keep things inside. This angle limits the materials held inside the ability to slide or fall out if not placed securely inside of the box. Used for toys in the photo the boxes can also be useful for craft supplies or clothes and can be stacked however you like. Get the idea from The Merry Thought.

8. Three Box Plans from Popular Mechanics

This specific page contains three simple box plans. As you can see from the picture of one exhibited above, these are less for aesthetic appeal and more for functionality. These designs fit well for those that need to add some more organizational features to their garage or work area. They can also be stained and decorated to use them in the home. Head to Popular Mechanics to choose the right one for you.

9. Simple Wooden Jewelry Box from Fix This Build That

This plan is a slightly more intricate little box, a pretty box for pretty things. The creator designed it to hold jewelry. Depending on the type of jewelry or knick-knacks that you would like to put in, you could also craft little dividers to slip right into the interior and keep small things separated. Try to make your jewelry box by following the designs from Fix This Build That.

10. DIY Produce Bin from Anika’s DIY Life

A bin; a box, what is the difference? This design is more open in its construction to give you easier access to putting things in and moving them out. It is a perfect design for what the creator meant it for storing produce in an easily accessible place in the kitchen. If you decide to craft this yourself, be sure to keep it free of old food as the wood may start to rot with it if it is too far gone. The labels are optional but help to keep everyone on the same page regarding the organization. Find the design at Anika’s DIY Life.

11. DIY Mud Rooms Bins from Jaime Costiglio

Not everyone has a designated mudroom. However, even in a coat closet or a bench, having boxes to organize gloves, hats, outdoor supplies, and other miscellanea can be useful. Using the boxes helps to keep all of this out of the rest of the house and avoid the question, “Have you seen…?”. The boxes can also be labeled with anything to augment the organization. Head to Jaime Costiglio to ramp up your own categorizing game.

12. Decorative Wood Box from Bruce Aulrich

If you need a box for something useful, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorated as well. This cute box is perfect for a rustic interior, a farmhouse, or something similar. The design holds it together well, along with making it pleasing to the eye. Try it out yourself by following along with Bruce from Bruce Aulrich.

13. Rolling Blanket Storage Box from The Handyman’s Daughter

This design appears professionally done, perhaps bought from an IKEA or similar furniture supply store. But no, just your handiwork goes into this piece. Exceptionally functional due to the wheels on the bottom. Place it at the end of your bed to hold extra pillows at night, or roll it into the corner to vacuum. Make your storage box by visiting The Handyman’s Daughter.

14. DIY Kids Book Bin from This Little Street

There are a lot of items that a person collects when they become a parent. This can, at times, feel overwhelming, especially if you had a specific style in your home. You don’t have to deviate from that, though, to stay in line with the vibe of your home and being a mother or father. Make things like this DIY Kids Book Bin from This Little Street to keep stacks of kids books organized and approachable.

15. DIY Wooden Crate from Clean and Scentsible

Another take on a wooden crate, although this time, there are no gaps in between the slats of wood, keeping it separated from its surroundings. There is a pillow in this picture, but you can put anything in this well-sized crate. Head to Clean and Scentsible for the plans.

16. Wooden Toy Boxes from Woodworking Corner

This box exhibits an older design for those that are looking for a classic container. The lock it features is more of a clasp and flip-down style. However, it can be replaced with a latch to be able to lock it securely. It is also a moderate size to be able to store multiple different objects. You can also put velvet dividers to organize it further. Get the plans from Woodworking Corner.

17. Build a Box from Fine Woodworking

Woodworking is a bit of a lost art nowadays. However, Fine Woodworking is all about increasing the education around woodworking, trying to keep this traditional art alive. This design is not just any simple box but features a lid with hinges and an opening tab. It also contains small “shelving” units that sit on the top level with a bottom layer for extra storage. Try your hand at woodworking and click over to Fine Woodworking.

18. DIY Card Box from Build Basic

This box is made more for specific occasions than as a general decoration. It is the perfect design for something like a wedding celebration or baby shower. Guests can simply slip their well-wishes into the box to keep them organized and make sure nothing starts to fall off the table or need an attendant. The back of the box has hinges and locks into place until you are ready to read through the cards. Build this box using the easy-to-follow design from Build Basic.

19. Deck Box Plans from My Outdoor Plans

Boxes aren’t only convenient for interior use. With the right preparation and sealant painted over the outside, this box is a perfect fit for outdoor material. It is larger than any of the other boxes featured on the list so that it is capable of holding the gear you need it to, seasonal decorations, camping materials, lake toys. Make your deck box from My Outdoor Plans.

20. A Keepsake Box from Family Handyman

With a sliding top, this little box is already unique. This small box makes a great gift, something that looks professional but has the special touch of being handmade. The size is long and can fit several smaller boxes or knick-knacks, or could be marketed as another jewelry box, depending on the person for whom it is meant. Get the design from Family Handyman for a jumpstart to Christmas.

21. DIY Reclaimed Wood Storage Box from Man Made DIY

Reclaimed projects are always hot commodities among the DIY community. Repurposing old projects or decrepit materials adds even more satisfaction to a handmade project than it would have itself. This box features a stamp on the old wood. However, it gives an excellent idea for using a woodburning kit to make it extra special. Burn in the coordinates of a special moment or someone’s name. Find the plans at Man Made DIY to give it your special touch.

22. A Wooden Box from Hunker

Storage is sometimes the name of the game. These boxes are meant to be designed with sturdiness and purpose in mind. The design holds together well and has handles etched into the sides for easy moving from place to place. Make a number of them to stack up in the garage or basement with labels. Get organized by heading to Hunker.

23. Wooden Box from The Idea Room

Another design for holding table decorations and the like. Although some people might not like putting uncontained candles in a wooden box, there are plenty of other materials that can easily fit into the box. The shade of stain that is used is optional to keep it similar to the decor that you already have. Make your decorative box from The Idea Room.

24. DIY Wooden Pie Boxes from Addicted 2 DIY

Homes aren’t the only settings that may need specially designed boxes. Businesses, such as bakeries, could well use unique boxes to hold their goods. Display and an appealing appearance go a long way in the business world. If making something like the small boxes above is within the realm of your business plan and time, try it out by going to Addicted 2 DIY. Put your spin on entrepreneurialism.

25. A Wooden Box from My Creative Days

Finally, we finish the list out with a simple design that teaches you how to build wooden boxes thats meant to bookend an approachable list of models. The functionality of all of the boxes is summed up well with this open-top box, giving it the ability to fit whatever it needs to to be useful. The small handle attached to the front could also be on the back to make it easy to move around or be used as a drawer with one handle. Find it on My Creative Days.

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