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11 Great Tips on How to Store Hats — Everything You Need to Know!

Two green fedora hats on a table

Whether they’re baseball caps, fedoras, or even fezzes, hats need to be stored so that they keep their shape and don’t clutter up the wardrobe or live on the floor. But hanging a hat on a coat hook means taking up valuable hanging space and preventing anything else from being hung in that space.

Below are 11 great tips on how to store hats, and you can use your creativity to personalize any of these methods so that they better fit your décor or match your headwear.

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The 11 Tips on How to Store Hats

1. Balloon Stands

A balloon stand is a stand that is shaped like a balloon. It is also shaped similarly to a head, which means that your hat will look great while being stored on one of these stands and it will also keep its shape. This might not be a practical solution if you have a large hat collection and are looking for a way to store them all, but it could be used for your everyday hats.

2. Mannequins and Busts

Hat on a mannequin's head on the table
Image By: RODNAE Productions, Pexels

Another solution is to use a mannequin. Again, this is only really a practical solution for one or a small number of hats. If you want something a bit more whimsical, buy an antique bust and hang your favorite hat on it.

3. Hat Hangers

There are plenty of commercially available hat hangers. Some hook over the back of a door while others screw into the wall. There is a great variety of different solutions, and there is bound to be one that can be used in the space you have available. Most hat hangers have room for a good number of hats, and they take up a small amount of room while keeping your hats in good shape.

4. Hat Boxes

Hat box wrapped in ribbons
Image By: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

If you have one or two expensive, antique, or prized hats, and you especially want to keep these in the best possible condition, invest in some hat boxes. You can even buy antique hat boxes and display them as an ornament while keeping your hats safe and in good condition.

5. Suitcases

You don’t have to use hat boxes. You can use antique or quirky suitcases in the same way. Suitcases come in a variety of sizes, and you can use one that will hold a number of hats.

6. Organizer Boxes

If you’re just looking to store your hats and you don’t necessarily need a good-looking storage method, consider organizer boxes. Some come with wheels so that you can slide them under a bed or into another convenient position. Some can be stacked so even if you have a huge collection of sporting baseball caps, you can keep them all stored safely away.

7. Hanging Closet Hat Organizer

Closet organizers take many forms, including those with the specific purpose of holding hats. Organizers with pockets can be used to store baseball caps, while those with hooks can be used to store other styles of hats.

Of course, you don’t have to hang your hanging closet hat organizer in the closet. You can hang it on the back of the utility room or living room door for more convenient access.

8. S Hooks

 Stainless steel S hook on a steeel rod
Image Credit: Vita-Olivko, Shutterstock

S hooks have a great many uses around the house. If you have a tension rod, a piece of rope, or a chain and you can hang this in a closet or another convenient space, you can add S hooks and then use these to house your hat collection conveniently out of the way.

9. Drawers

If you have spare drawer space, there is no reason why you can’t store your hats in those drawers. If the hats can be folded, they will take up less space. If they can’t, then you might be restricted to only being able to store one or two hats in each drawer, which is a lot of drawer space for not many hats.

10. Push Pins

decoration hat hanger
Image Credit: Piamphon Chanpiam, Shutterstock

Push pins or nails can be pushed into a wall and a hat hung from them. If you use nails, try to put something over the nail to prevent it from ripping the hat or its lining. You can place several pins or nails, according to how many hats you need to store, and you can place them on the back of doors, on walls, or in wardrobes.

11. Clothes Pegs

Clothes pegs are designed to hang clothes on clotheslines, which means that they will work equally well to hang hats from pieces of decorative rope placed in a room in your home. Hang the rope securely and out of the way and ensure that the pegs don’t cause any damage to your hats.

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Whether you have a large collection of hats that you wear regularly, or you have hats that you want to store out of the way because you rarely wear them, there are hat-hanging solutions to meet your needs. Above are 11 possible solutions, many of which you can make your own by using unique or even antique items.

Featured Image Credit: Jumpstory


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