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10 Clever and Creative Entryway Organization Ideas For Your Home

Person placing shoe in a shoe rack

A functional and well-organized entryway can make it effortless for you to make a beautiful first impression. It can give your home a more inviting feel while ensuring the convenience of having everyday “grab” items like your purse, sunglasses, keys, and coats within reach.

The perfect ideas to implement will heavily depend on your home’s layout and the amount of space your entryway offers. In some homes, the front door ushers you into a grand entryway. Other homes, especially small apartments, open straight into a dark, dingy corner.

We gathered the best design concepts to suit different spaces. With creativity, you can whip up a foyer even in small apartments with no entryways. Dive in for a roundup of creative ideas that can help you spruce up your entryway, anchor it and give it a personalized touch!

divider 1 The 10 Entryway Organization Ideas

1. Make a Pegboard Entryway Organizer

The Homemade Pegboard Entryway Organizer That’s Surprisingly Simple to Create
Image Credit: hgtv
Skill Level:  Beginner
Material:  Plywood, dowels and mirror, and lumber for shelves
Tools:  Pegboard (measuring guide), saw guard rail, drill, saw, pencil

If you are dealing with too much clutter in your entryway, you should consider making a pegboard organizer. This fixture is quite handy for its small size yet great ability to hold a lot of stuff. Some items it can fit include your keys, hats, purses, pet accessories, books, etc.

You can get a little more creative and transform your space using a concept that matches your needs. For instance, consider placing a bench, bins, or baskets at the bottom of the pegboard to increase your storage areas. Your only limit is the amount of space available.

2. Build a DIY Board and Batten Mudroom

Build a DIY Board and Batten Mudroom on Any Blank Wall
Image Credit: thesavvysparrow
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Material:  1 x 2 boards, 1 x 6 boards, 1 x 4 boards, 1 x 3 boards, wood screws, caulk, hooks, wood filler, paint, wall anchors, and screws
Tools:  Saw, crowbar, drill, stud finder

Does your entryway have blank walls? If it does, here is the perfect project to enhance the function and aesthetics of your foyer while ensuring it remains clutter-free. This DIY mudroom can offer excellent space to organize your coats, backpacks, umbrellas, shoes, and hats. The best part is that you can accomplish the project on a tight budget.

With this project, there’s plenty of room for personalization too. And it’s also perfectly okay not to stick to the standard black or white paint colors. Go with a bold hue, or use decorative pieces that stand out to give your entryway mudroom the intended appeal.

3. Build a Behind the Door Mudroom

No Space for a Mudroom_ You might! Here’s how we made DIY Mudroom Storage in a TINY space
Image Credit: frugalfamilytimes
Skill Level:  Beginner
Material:  Boards (enough for available space), wood screws, wood filler, caulk, hooks, and paint
Tools:  Saw, crowbar, drill, stud finder

All is not lost if your entryway is nothing more than the space behind your front door. You can still use it creatively to make your entryway organized and visually appealing. A 40″ by 40″ landing is sufficient to create a unique storage area for your coats, bags, and boots.

If you feel you can use more storage and organization around your nonexistent entryway, this project will not disappoint.

4. Create a DIY Entryway Bench

DIY Entryway Bench Tutorial for Under $12
Image Credit: neverskipbrunch
Skill Level:  Beginner
Material:  2in x 8in x 8ft board, 2in x 4 in x 4ft board, 2.5in screws, wood stain
Tools:  Orbit Sander, drill, sanding block

Did you know that an entryway bench can make your foyer more organized? This gorgeous and functional piece of furniture can help keep items out of the way and off the floor. The space under the bench can also provide a perfect storage area for your shoes. You can add baskets that fit the space or build cubbies to give the bench more function.

Also, don’t forget to add wall hooks right above your entryway bench. These can help organize items like your hats, purses, and coats. There’s plenty of room to use your creativity to give the project a personalized touch.

5. Install a DIY Entryway Organizer

Image Credit: ifonlyapril
Skill Level:  Beginner
Material:  1in x 8in x 8ft board, scrap planks, wall hooks, ceiling hooks, wood stain, screws, and nails
Tools:  Sanding block, drill, saw

Bags, hats, and coats on the floor can turn your foyer into a cluttered nightmare. If you have been craving a project to make your entryway more organized, here’s a project you can conquer without having pro-level skills.

This entryway organizer offers an ideal area for your bags, hats, and keys, especially if your entryway is too small to add any fixture on the floor. The best part is that you can make it yourself within a few hours and give it a final touch that complements your interior décor.

6. Make Your Own Entryway Storage Chest

EntryWay Storage Chest
Image Credit: handmade-haven
Skill Level:  Beginner
Material:  (1) 1in x 8in x 8ft board, (2) 1in x 3 in x 8ft board, (2) 1in x 4in x 8ft board, (3) 2in x 2in x 8ft boards, 3/4″ plywood, wood glue, screws and nails
Tools:  Drill, saw, Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System

This simple fixture provides plenty of hidden storage space for the clutter you find unsightly. You can use it as a functional and decorative piece of furniture to give your entryway a facelift. The overall design of this storage chest makes it a versatile fixture you can use around any entry or exit point. Apart from your hallway, you can also build identical storage chests for your office and bedroom.

7. Build an Ikea Hack Entry Table and Entryway Organization

Budget Ikea Hack Entry Table and Entryway Organization
Image Credit: hometalk
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Material:  Boards (enough to fit your space), wood glue, screws, nails, caulk, mirror, wood filler, and paint
Tools:  Drill, saw, and crowbar

If your entryway looks like an unruly area and a source of shame whenever you have guests, this project will save the day. Apart from providing space for essential storage, building this entryway table and organization system can turn your foyer into an area that catches the eyes of your visitors for all the right reasons.

How about a sense of style? Place a pretty bowl on the table for your keys and add a light fixture or flower vase. Most importantly, don’t forget to hang a gorgeous mirror neatly at the center of your organizer!

8. Make this Minimalist Coat Rack

Image Credit: thesorrygirls
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Material:  Horizontal beams, nails, screws, hooks, and paint
Tools:  Drill and saw

Sometimes, the most uncomplicated organizational ideas are the best. If you desperately need an organized space to hang your scarves, coats, and hats, you can make this unfussy minimalist coat rack in less than four hours.

Add an entryway bench at the coat rack’s foot if your space and budget allow. Add two or three baskets under the bench to create a neat area for your shoes and summer flip-flops. You can also go all out when styling the space and install a houseplant next to the bench. The idea is to enjoy both function and great aesthetics.

9. Build an Entryway Shoe Cubby

Build Your Own Shoe Cubby
Image Credit: sincerelysarad
Skill Level:  Beginner
Material:  Wood planks to fit your space, screws, dowels, and wood glue
Tools:  4-in-1 screwdriver, miter saw, tape measure, drill, level, and clamp

The sight of shoes scattered around your foyer can be an eyesore. Building this simple yet elegant entryway shoe cubby can provide the solutions you need to make your entryway stylish and functional. You can even add decorative pieces at the top to ensure the space makes a good impression on anyone that steps into your home.

This easy project can transform your experience whenever you enter or exit your home. As a bonus, it will also encourage the positive habit of keeping your shoes in a tidy and organized fashion.

10. Make A DIY Hall Tree Bench

My Favorite Home Project _ Our DIY Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree
Image Credit: hip2save
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Material:  2x4s plywood, Primed MDF boards, corbels, hooks, trims, paint, wood glue, 3-inch bench cushion, and upholstery fabric
Tools:  Kreg Jig, drill impact driver, Table saw, brad nailer, and staple gun

This compact, all-in-one storage hall tree bench could be just what your gloomy and untidy entryway needs.

A hall tree is one of the most aesthetically appealing pieces of furniture you can use to make your entryway stylish and clutter-free. The fixture can hold your bags, hats, shoes, and coats while providing a bench to sit on as you put on your shoes.

Make sure that your tree bench matches the dimensions of your space. If you don’t have an expansive hallway, scale down the lumber to create a fixture that is just big enough to accommodate your daily gear, keys, and other small items.

divider 1 Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of creative entryway organization ideas. These plans work well irrespective of the style of your home and can pack function and great aesthetics into your foyer.

The best design scheme will always offer convenience while decluttering your front entrance. While some ideas require a sizable budget, others are pretty affordable to accomplish. Remember that your space and budget are your only limits when choosing the best entryway revamp project.

Featured Image Credit: iced.espresso, Shutterstock


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