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7 DIY Hall Tree Bench Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

photo of coat hanger with hat and clothes

Hall tree benches serve functional and aesthetic purposes in a home. They help maintain order, especially at the entrance, so there is no unnecessary clutter. You can have fancy coat hangers, bowls to store keys and small items, a shoe rack at the bottom, etc. Whether your hallway is small or spacious, below are creative ways of incorporating hall tree benches to serve various purposes.

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The 7 DIY Hall Tree Bench Plans

1. Farmhouse Hall Tree Bench by handmade-haven

Materials 10 2×2, 1 1×8, 1 1×10, 2 1×2, 2 panel boards, 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws, 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws, 1 1/2″ brad nails, coat hooks, Varathane Briarsmoke
Tools Brad nailer, Kreg jig, Kreg right angle clamp, drill and impact driver, miter saw
Skill Level Intermediate

People who reside in the countryside and engage in farming activities will appreciate having a good storage space for their boots. This tree bench has hooks to hang coats, and the bottom part can hold a few pairs of shoes, so you don’t track dirt around the house. The design of this hall tree bench is simple enough yet sufficient for a busy farmhouse. Cure the wood to increase the longevity of the structure.

2. Pottery Barn Hall Tree Bench by addicted2diy

DIY Pottery Barn Hall Tree Bench
Image Credit: addicted2diy
Materials 4 1×2 slats, 4 2×3, 2×2, 38″ aprons, 2 1/2″ pocket screws, 220 grit sandpaper, wood glue, 1 1/4″ brad nails
Tools Brad nailer, drill and impact driver
Skill Level Easy

If you are not keen on building a hall tree bench from scratch, Pottery Barn has many options to suit your taste. This structure mainly incorporates wood, and you can choose hooks of any kind. If you are shopping around for inspiration, a rustic or repurposed look will give your home a bohemian feel. This design allows multiple uses to keep your home neat, so you can quickly locate items.

3. Simple Tree Bench by ana-white

DIY Simple Tree Bench
Image Credit: ana-white
Materials 6 2×4, 3 2×2, 1 2×8, 50 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws, 25 2 1/2″ self tapping wood screws, 3/4″ brad nails, 4 hooks
Brad nailer, drill and impact driver, tape measure, speed square, circular saw, Kreg jig, sander
Skill Level Intermediate

There is no shortage of designs for hall tree benches for your home. This option appears like a separate vertical board with hooks for hanging coats and purses. Attached to the bottom is a simple bench for sitting as you wear shoes or placing flower pots.

4. Entryway Hall Tree Bench by angelamariemade

DIY Entryway Hall Tree Bench
Image Credit: angelamariemade
Materials 1 x8, 1×16, 2 1×4, and 2 2×8, Laminated Panel Boards, 1/4″ thick and 4x8ft plywood board, coat hooks, 2″, 1 1/2″, & 3/4″ wood screws, wood glue, wood corbels, 3/4″ and 1″ brad nails and 2 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ Kreg screws
Tools Circular Saw or table saw, drill, Kreg jig, miter saw, brad nailer, and clamps
Skill Level Intermediate

If yours is a small apartment, a hall tree bench to place your shoes, jackets, dog leashes, keys, and more can make your space more neat and organized. This structure can fit perfectly into a little corner by your front door and serve as an aesthetic and functional fixture. You can get a little creative and add hooks and baskets to fit your needs.

5. Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree by shanty-2-chic

Materials 2×4, 2×8, 2 2×2′, 2×4, 2×10 laminated posts, hooks, nail heads, glue bot
Tools Table saw, Kreg Jig, brad nailer, and wood glue
Skill Level Beginner

Are you on a budget and want to build a hall tree bench for as little as $50? No problem. This modern structure can add function and beauty to your space. Be sure to choose a paint hue that matches your interior décor, and pick hooks that blend effortlessly with your home’s theme.

6. Rustic Hall Tree Bench by ana-white

DIY Rustic Hall Tree Bench
Image Credit: ana-white
Materials 1/2″ plywood, 2×3 boards, satin top coat, danish walnut oil, and white milk paint
Tools Table saw, Kreg Jig, brad nailer, drill impact driver, tape measure, and wood glue
Skill Level Intermediate

A wide bench with adequate room for your coats, boots, and keys could be all you need to add some warmth to your home. And if your interior décor theme leans more to the “rough and ready” side, it will be fun to design this rustic structure. Building this is pretty straightforward, and you can do a few alterations to ensure you have a structure matching your taste and interior theme.

Perhaps, you can include some shoe cubbies or a shelf to increase your storage spaces!

7. DIY Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree by hip2save

DIY Modern Farmhouse Hall Tree
Image Credit: hip2save
Materials 20×20 and 2x4s plywood, trims, corbels, hooks, paint, 3-inch bench cushion, upholstery fabric
Tools Table saw, Kreg Jig, wood glue, brad nailer, drill impact driver, and staple gun
Skill Level Intermediate

If you want to build a hall tree bench that will make an excellent first impression and serve as a priceless drop-off zone, this is a structure you must consider. The molding details will give your interiors a breathtaking touch while providing ample storage space for keys, coats, and more. Also, the cushioned bench creates a cozy area to sit while tying your shoes.

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Final Thoughts

Making hall tree benches doesn’t have to be arduous, and you don’t need expertise in carpentry. Determine what section of the hallway is suitable and take measurements. Don’t worry about cost because you can repurpose wood from an old structure and use second-hand hooks.

Featured Image Credit: Murat Demircan, Unsplash


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