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Smoothie Hack: How to Freeze Your Spinach for Smoothies!

freeze your spinach

freeze your spinach

Nothing beats the frozen, frothy quality of a well-made smoothie. You can achieve this by chucking in some ice, but most smoothie makers use frozen fruit to cool down their blends. Here’s a great hack you may not have tried: frozen spinach.

Why Go Frozen?

Blending raw spinach is a good way to add vitamins to your smoothie, but it doesn’t make for great consistency. It tends to break down into a watery, sludgy mess. Frozen spinach is smoother and will give your drink a nice chill factor. It’s also a great way to keep your greens from spoiling if they’ve been sitting in the fridge too long.

frozen spinach
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Can You Freeze Spinach For Smoothies?

Yes, absolutely. While freezing can cause a small loss of nutrients, the loss isn’t significant enough to worry about. Freezing spinach is a great way to have greens on hand any time you need them. For the best flavor and texture, use baby spinach leaves. Mature spinach leaves can become rubbery after being in the freezer.

spinach smoothies

How To Freeze Spinach For Smoothies

Throw a few handfuls of spinach into a blender with a cupful of water and reduce it to liquid. Then pour your spinach mixture into ice cube trays and slide them in the freezer until they’re solid.

You can also freeze the whole leaves. Wash them first, pat them dry with paper towels, then seal them in a plastic freezer bag and squeeze out the air. Either method will give you easy access to greens to give your smoothie a vitamin punch.

Bonus Hack

In a hurry? Make your smoothie ahead of time by adding whole ingredients, including spinach, to a freezer bag. Measure everything carefully, combine, zip, freeze, and voila! You have a smoothie-in-a-bag. All you need to do in the morning is dump the bag in the blender, add milk, yogurt, or your favorite substitute, and press frappe for instant breakfast.

Here are some other tips & tricks:

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