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Gorilla Tape vs. T-Rex Tape: How Do They Measure Up?

gorilla tape vs trex tape

gorilla tape vs trex tape

Gorilla Tape and T-Rex tape are both heavy-duty tapes that are perfect for tradespeople and DIYers alike. They’re a type of duct tape and are used in a similar manner. While both of these brands may seem rather similar on the outside, there are some significant differences that should make a difference in your final decision.

We’ll take a look at each type of tape in turn and explain some of the key differences between them.

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Overview of Gorilla Tape

Gorilla 6009002 Weather Tape

Gorilla Tape is a 17-mil class duct tape. However, it is significantly stronger than other tapes in its class. It is one of the strongest and stickiest options on the market. It has a double-thick adhesive, which makes it stick to things easier. It is suitable enough to stick to both smooth and rough surfaces without breaking a sweat.

This tape is also water-resistant, though it is not the best option in very wet conditions. It is not water-proof, but won’t be bothered by a little bit of rain. Don’t use it to patch a boat or anything of that sort, however.

Gorilla tape is made with three different layers: a water-resistant shell, reinforced fabric backing, and an adhesive layer. This adhesive layer is one of the most important, as it is twice as thick as many of the other tapes on the market. It can better surround and grip uneven surfaces due to this thicker adhesive layer. The layers of fabric backing are slightly offset, preventing tears. This makes the tape considerably stronger than most others, though it can still be torn by hand.


Gorilla Tape is used for just about anything. It can stick to wood, stucco, plaster, brick, metal, and pretty much everything else. It is about two to three times as thick as regular duct tape, allowing it to fill gaps and penetrate rough surfaces that are otherwise very difficult to stick together.

  • Very sticky
  • 17-mil duct tape
  • Water-resistant
  • Not water-proof

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Overview of T-Rex Tape

T-REX 240998 Ferociously Strong Tape

T-Rex tape is known for being extremely sticky. However, the adhesive is not one of the strongest on the market. The tape itself is fairly strong and durable, but the bond it makes isn’t exactly very strong. It has a high-tensile construction, which does add to a lot of the durability. Like Gorilla Tape, it is 17-mil duct tape. In fact, both brands were made to be in direct competition with each other. For this reason, they are both fairly similar.

This tape is extremely weather-resistant. It has extra layers of weather-resistant materials to help protect the tape from sun, rain, and snow. It is perfect for high temperatures and can work well in up to 200-degree environments. However, it does not do very well in colder environments. After 50-degrees, it loses a lot of its oomph.


T-rex tape has a double-thick adhesive. This allows it to stick to rough and dirty surfaces that may always be hard to secure. It is used in both residential and commercial settings, as well as for projects of all sizes. It can stick easily to practically all materials and is stronger than regular duct tape. However, it does not do well in colder temperatures.

  • Works well in hot temperatures
  • Durable
  • 17-mil duct tape
  • Doesn’t work well in colder temperatures

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Quality Comparisons:

using T-REX 240998 Ferociously Strong Tape


Generally, T-rex is more weather resistant than Gorilla tape. T-rex tape is extremely water-resistant and has multiple layers that help it withstand the sun and water. If you’re using it outside, T-rex tape will stand up better than Gorilla tape.

Gorilla tape is weather resistance, so rain shouldn’t immediately make it come off. However, you shouldn’t use it to fix your rainboots or patch a boat.


Gorilla Tape is stickier in general than T-Rex tape. It is better for hard-to-stick projects, like wood and rough surfaces. It also works on worn and dirty surfaces.

T-Rex tape does have a thick adhesive layer. However, it does seem to stick quite as well to rough surfaces and doesn’t stick quite as long.

Colors Available

Both of these tapes are available in similar colors. They are in most normal colors, such as black and silver. Both companies are constantly coming up with different colors, as well.

Ease of Use

Gorilla tape is designed to be torn with your hands, so it is a bit easier to use. However, both of these tapes are pretty straightforward to use. They’re tape, after all!

person using Gorilla Black Tough & Wide Duct Tape

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In the end, both of these tapes do a pretty good job at keeping everything together. However, T-rex tape is better at keeping things together outside. It is more weather-resistant than Gorilla tape, so it is able to be used in areas with lots of sun, wind, and rain.

However, Gorilla tape is better in nearly all other occasions. It sticks better overall and works better with rough surfaces.

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