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What is the Hottest City in Arizona? 2024 Update


Lake Havasu City in Arizona threw a party when it was named the “Hottest City in America”. This title has also made it clear that Lake Havasu is the hottest city in the entire state of Arizona.

Lake Havasu City is in Mohave County, and as of 2021, it has a population of 58,400 residents. As an area with a hot desert climate, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to soar, especially during the summer months.

This article takes a deeper look into this hottest city in Arizona.

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The Heat in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City’s summer heat is the extreme weather in this area. It only gets mild winters and little rainfall—even by Arizona’s standards.

When summer months come rolling in, the city can record temperatures exceeding 100°F. This can be as early as April when other parts of the country are still experiencing winter snowstorms. The hot weather continues for many months until late October when a mild winter sets in.

Lake Havasu City does get hot, but things get worse when the heat waves set in. During a heatwave, temperatures can reach up to 110°F. Record numbers have been documented with temperatures surpassing 120°F in the city.

High temperatures in Lake Havasu City are worse during the day. Things cool down a little at night, and you can experience 80°F to 90°F during the summer months of July to August.

With such high temperatures in this hot city, it’s no wonder everyone sighs with relief when winter rolls in. Winter in Lake Havasu City is mild and refreshing to the otherwise extremely hot land. Temperatures drop to 60°F, and you might experience some frost at night.

However, don’t expect any heavy rainfall in this hot city. It only receives an average of 4.16 inches of rainfall during winter. This is about 2 to 3 days of rain at best per calendar year.

Lake Havasu
Image Credit: Susan Weber, Unsplash

Highest Temperature Ever Recorded in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is the hottest city in Arizona, and it continues to hold that record each summer. The city gets record high temperatures every year from April to October. On June 29, 1994, Lake Havasu recorded its highest temperature yet of 128°F.

Why is Lake Havasu City So Hot?

Arizona is a desert state, and it’s not surprising that a place like Lake Havasu City exists. But, it’s always better to understand why the city is named the hottest place in the state.

It’s important to understand that Lake Havasu City is in a desert climate. This means the area is extremely dry and only receives minimal rainfall each year. The rest of the time, the land bakes in the hot sun, which is during most of the year.

To understand the state of Lake Havasu City, you can look into Arizona as a whole. The state’s location is one of the major reasons why it’s so hot. The valley is in a location where it doesn’t receive much of the cool air that flows from the Pacific Ocean.

This location means Arizona and more so, Lake Havasu City is surrounded by mountains. There’s a build up of heat draft, clouds and rain on the mountains but this can’t make its way down the valley. As the higher pressure builds up, the clouds steer clear of the location and the land remains hot.

In addition, Lake Havasu City is in an urban heat island (UHI). This is an area where temperatures are higher than all other places surrounding it. There are buildings, asphalt and concrete, which retains heat in this region.

Since this is a city with a growing population, the construction will only increase and lead to higher temperatures. Unlike rural areas with minimal buildings, cities like Lake Havasu are hotter. There’s also lots of dust storms and general poor air quality.

Development in the city has led to less natural vegetation which in the past was a contributor to cooler nights. Now, nights in Lake Havasu City and other urban areas in Arizona aren’t as cool as expected. This will only continue as construction occupies more land in the city.

Lake Havasu Arizona
Image Credit: Cheri Alguire, Shutterstock

Arizona’s Close Proximity to the Equator in Relation to Lake Havasu City Heat

Arizona is one of the few states in the US that’s closer to the Equator. In fact, the state is 2,300 miles from the Equator. As a result, it’s one of the places in the US that receives the most sunshine all year round.

Countries or places along or close to the Equator enjoy more sunshine annually. Lake Havasu City’s location makes it a recipient of this abundance of sun energy. Given that summer days are longer in the Northern hemisphere, the state gets more exposure to the sun.

The long days and more heat continue to bake Lake Havasu City hence the record high temperatures. And since Arizona is in a valley, which is a low elevation area, chances of the area cooling down are slim.

Which is the Coolest Place in Arizona?

Given the high temperatures in Lake Havasu City, it’s hard to believe there are cold areas in Arizona. Lake Hawley remains one of the coldest places in Arizona. The area does get cold enough for the lake to freeze, but not as extreme as other parts of the US.

On January 7, 1971, Lake Hawley recorded the lowest temperature ever in Arizona. A thermometer managed to measure temperatures of -40 degrees below zero. Since then, there has never been such a low recording anywhere in Arizona.

At that time, Lake Hawley was a wooded area with not much development taking place. Today, things are a little different as the area is now a divider


Arizona is among the hottest states in the US. Its hottest city is Lake Havasu which records the highest temperatures each summer. The hot season can start as early as April and drag on until late October. Its highest recorded temperature was 128°F back in 1994.

Lake Havasu City receives little rainfall and has mild winters. Temperatures do drop at night but not too much. There are many reasons why Lake Havasu City is so hot, including Arizona’s desert climate and closeness to the Equator.

As for the coldest place in Arizona, that will be Lake Hawley. This area has little development and has low temperatures, but not as low as areas that get long winters in the US.

Featured Image Credit: crispy-fotografie, Pixabay


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