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How Do Cordless Blinds Work? The Interesting Answer!

Motorized roller shades in the interior

A window blind is a great alternative to curtains. When raised during the day, they allow natural light to pass through, which is essential for indoor plants and undeniably therapeutic. When lowered at night, the same blinds ensure you have some privacy.

Currently, the market has countless blind styles, from Venetian to Romans to cellular shades made from high-quality materials such as wood and fabric. But there is an incredibly versatile and affordable class of blinds known as cordless blinds. They are corded blind’s ultimate replacement due to their simplicity and good safety records.

Facts about Cordless Blinds:

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How Do They Work?

Blinds are fabric pieces or wooden slats that open and close with the help of a cord. Surprisingly, even “cordless” blinds are not entirely cordless. There is a hidden cord running through the blind that is attached to the lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism or tension system is built into the headrail and bottom rail.

The working mechanism of cordless blinds varies according to different types.

Motorized roller shades
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Cordless Blinds with Rails

Blinds with rails offer more structural support and prevent blinds from sagging. However, if your windows have existing rails, it is important to buy cordless blinds that are compatible with them. An example is blinds made from solid slats.

The basic structure of cordless blinds with rails is the side rails themselves, wall brackets, headrail, length adjuster, spring, and an aluminum tube.

The wall brackets have holes for mounting the blinds on the wall. A blind has at least a pair of them on each end (they can be more in heavy blinds). Once installed, rotate the length adjuster in an anticlockwise motion. It will lower the blinds to a specific height.

When rotating the length adjuster, the aluminum tube and the spring will also rotate. The aluminum tube acts as an axis line and will unfold or fold individual back slats to lower or raise them respectively. The spring will stop the aluminum tube from rotating any further once your hands are off the length adjuster.

Moving Cordless Panel Blinds

Moving panel blinds are large blinds running vertically. Fabric is preferred in this case because it is flexible and can be stacked on the left or right side of the window.

To work, moving panel blinds have several rail-like tracks installed over the window with wall brackets. On the tracks, there are movable panel hangers with a mechanism to secure individual panels in place. When opening the blinds, gently pull each individual panel to the left or right side of the window. Panel hangers will glide effortlessly on tracks in your direction.

The main difference between moving panel blinds and cordless blinds with rails is the former’s individual panels are installed vertically.

Motorized cordless blinds

Motorized cordless blinds propel any home into the 21st century! The blinds can be operated with a switch or wirelessly using a remote or downloadable app. This section will cover how wired and wireless motorized blinds work.

Wired motorized blinds

Wired motorized blinds have an electric motor, a switch, and a lifting mechanism.

Pressing on the switch completes the circuit to rotate the motor. As it does so, a shaft connecting the motor to the blind’s roller also rotates. The process then raises or lowers the blinds depending on the direction toward which the motor is rotating.

Remote-controlled motorized blinds

Remote-controlled blinds are advanced wired motorized blinds which work with infrared receivers rather than switches. Besides the motor and blinds, the system will come with a small motherboard and a remote control. Most remote controllers have three or four buttons. The buttons include the on/off, which is usually at the top, two-directional buttons similar to those of a D-pad for video gaming, and a pause button.

To use the blinds, press the on/off switch to power the motor. You will see a red or green LED light blinking. If the blinds are raised, press a directional button with a downward pointing arrow. A signal will be sent to the infrared sensor to gently rotate the motor to unfold the blinds. Pressing the pause button will stop the blinds from unfolding all the way down, covering the window partially. In the morning, if you press a directional button with an arrow pointing upward, the blinds will be raised to let in light.

Wireless blinds that work with apps

At the helm of the latest motorized blinds are blinds that work with apps.

Every app is different and unique to the manufacturer, but generally, it communicates with blinds using Wi-Fi. Once the connection has been established, you can raise, lower, or tilt the blinds using the app’s features in the “Home” section. Some apps also allow you to operate blinds while at work or set timers. Timers will open blinds in the morning and close them in the evening or at any set time, whether you are at home or not.

cordless pleated modern shades on apartment windows
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What Are the Different Types of Cordless Blinds?

Buyers have many options when it comes to cordless blinds.

1. Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are horizontal metallic, plastic, or wooden slats suspended on one or two cords. Wooden and metallic Venetian blinds are heavy and require a side rail. However, the wooden slats can be rotated to be perpendicular to the side rails allowing more air to flow into the room.

2. Roller blinds

These are the most popular corded and cordless blinds. People love them because of their uncomplicated designs and affordability. Furthermore, they contribute greatly to privacy, thermal insulation, and moisture regulation.

3. Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a classy alternative to curtains. They offer a soft look to all window sizes, and thanks to timeless designs, they refine spaces.

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Advantages of Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds have several benefits, including ease of use, versatility, and safety.

Cordless blinds are easy to use. To reach the perfect position, you simply pull or lift. You can increase the level of usability by investing in motorized blinds that can be adjusted with the touch of a finger.

They also don’t have an unsightly cord getting in the way. They come in various colors and styles, as well as sleek and contemporary appearances. In addition to their ease of operation, cordless blinds provide excellent control over light and privacy and come in a variety of materials and designs.

Children and pets are curious, particularly when around hanging cords and strings. Blinds and other window coverings without exposed lines eliminate the risk of breaking something.

Disadvantages of Cordless Blinds

If you have tall windows where you can’t reach the top, you won’t be able to operate cordless blinds without a stool. Access issues may also occur in tight spaces obstructed by furniture. Fortunately, a remote-operated cordless blind is not restricted by access limitations. The blinds can be mounted anywhere.

Cordless pleated shade with white lower bar
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Cordless Blinds FAQs

Where are cordless blinds used?

Cordless blinds are used to control light, humidity, and air entering homes. Additionally, they are great for security, privacy, and blocking noises in kitchens, patios, offices, bathrooms, and living rooms.

How do you choose cordless blinds?

When choosing cordless blinds, there are a few factors you ought to consider.

  • Size: You must ensure that the size of your window corresponds to your intended blind size.
  • Material: Cordless blinds come in a wide range of materials, including fabric, vinyl, faux wood, and wood. It’s essential to consider the style and durability of each material before picking one.
  • Light control: Think about how much light you want in your space. Some cordless blinds have blackout effects or light filtering options.
  • Brand reputation and reviews: One of the best ways to choose cordless blinds is to learn more about their quality from online reviews.

Are cordless blinds good for bedrooms?

Not only are cordless blinds safe to add to the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, but they are also ideal options for your bedroom, depending on what sort of style you want and the function you want them to fulfill.

How do you raise cordless blinds?

A spring-loaded system makes it possible to lower and raise cordless blinds without cords. To lower or lift blinds, simply pull down on the bottom rail and push up on the bottom rail.

Should Cordless blinds be darker or lighter than walls?

Choosing blinds that are lighter than the walls makes them blend well with darker walls. Darker-colored blinds, on the other hand, can add intimacy and warmth to open spaces such as patios and larger rooms.

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Cordless blinds are a great alternative to corded varieties. They don’t have a hanging mechanism but work with a lifting mechanism. The mechanism lowers or raises blinds when operated with hands or a motor.

Motorized cordless blinds work using a switch, remote controller, or a phone app, taking cordless convenience to a whole new level.

Featured Image Credit: Astibuk, Shutterstock


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