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How Fast Can You Drive On a Spare Tire? Facts & FAQs

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At least once in their life, every driver has to face a flat tire while on the road. Although this can be pretty stressful, the key is to stay calm, put a spare tire on your vehicle and get to your mechanic promptly. Spare tires can be life-savers in these situations, but you should be aware of speed and distance limits to avoid any possible problems when driving on a spare tire.

You shouldn’t drive faster than 50 miles per hour, as the spare tire could blow out. We want to point out other important things when driving on a spare tire, so check out the rest of the article below.

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Why Do I Need To Drive Slowly On a Spare Tire?

Spare tires are not meant for everyday use, and their role is to help you get to the nearest garage safely to repair your flat tire. They are smaller, cheaper, and less effective than regular tires, which is why you should be cautious when maneuvering a car with a spare tire.

Driving on a spare tire affects the capabilities and performance of your vehicle, making it unbalanced and less stable. You could cause a lot of damage if you surpass the speed limit for driving on a spare tire. You have less control when managing a vehicle on a spare tire, and steering is more complicated than usual.

Another thing that could happen is losing control over the vehicle, hitting someone, and getting hurt. Overall, the risks are pretty high, so it’s something we don’t recommend. It’s always better to respect the designated speed limit and get to a mechanic safely.

How Far Can You Go When Driving on a Spare Tire?

Many people also wonder what distance they can pass when driving on a spare tire. Most recommendations state that you shouldn’t pass over 70 miles when managing a vehicle on a spare tire. They can quickly wear since they’re not durable, and the spare tire could easily become flat.

This number can be a bit lower or higher, depending on how you use the spare tire, but it’s still necessary to change the spare tire after you pass 70 miles to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. Also, make sure you respect the 50-mile-per-hour speed limit, as driving faster could put your life in danger.

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Can I Use a Spare Tire More Than Once?

You can use a spare tire multiple times as long as you pay attention to the tire’s tread wear. Besides doing visual checkups, we suggest writing down the mileage you passed with the spare tire to ensure it’s still in driving condition.

If your spare tire is already worn out and has signs of wear, you should replace it and get a new one. Most spare tires have indicators that will show you if the tire is too worn out for driving.

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Final Thoughts

Spare tires can be excellent when you need them, but you shouldn’t use them for long periods, and you need to respect the speed limit of driving on a spare tire. If you surpass it and drive faster than you should, there’s a chance that you’ll lose control of the vehicle and crash. Always be cautious as it’s more important to get to a mechanic safely than rushing and causing possible harmful consequences.

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