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How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use? Do They Consume Lots of Power?

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For many people, the coffee pot is a critical appliance in the house. Size and color are often the driving factors behind a purchase, but many people also worry that a coffee maker can use a large amount of power and raise the electric bill. It’s true that it likely uses more energy than you might think, as it consumes an average of about 1,000 watts per brewing cycle. However, keep reading as we help you determine how much power your machine actually uses.

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How Many Watts Does My Coffee Maker Use?

Different coffee makers will consume different amounts of power depending on their design. Many modern machines have energy-saving features that can help reduce the amount of electricity that they consume compared to older versions. A device that only makes a single cup will also use much less power than one that makes 10 or 12 cups. But if your coffee pot has extra features, like a milk frother, you can expect it to use more power than a similar machine without those features.

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How Do I Know How Much Power My Coffee Pot Is Using?

Owner’s Manual

The easiest and least expensive way to find out how many watts your coffee maker uses is to read the owner’s manual that came with your machine. It will give accurate, detailed information on how many watts the device uses to brew the coffee and keep it warm.

Online Research

With so many online markets available to purchase a coffee pot, there is a good chance that you can find your make and model. Any sales page of a product will have a complete product description, and you can likely find out how many watts it uses there.

Watt Meter

The best way to determine how much power your coffee pot uses is to purchase a watt meter. Plug the watt meter into the outlet that you typically use for the coffee pot. Then, plug your coffee pot into the watt meter, and brew a fresh cup to see how much power the coffee maker uses. The machine will display the power usage in real time. You will likely notice that your coffee maker uses more energy as it’s brewing than it does while keeping the coffee warm.

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How Can I Determine How Much Power a Coffee Pot Uses Before I Buy It?

There is a good chance that you can find out how many watts a coffee machine uses by carefully looking over the package before you purchase it. If you are looking for a specific model, you can try searching online to find it for sale. The description page will likely have plenty of information, including how many watts it uses.

Does My Coffee Machine Use a Large Amount of Power?

Unfortunately, a coffee machine does use a considerable amount of power, especially the most common drip-type devices, as they often require 1,000 watts or more to heat the water. Therefore, choosing a machine that consumes less power can help reduce costs over the long run through energy savings. Here are a few different drip-style coffee machines to help you see how much power consumption can differ from one model to the next.

Is Running My Coffee Machine Expensive?

Follow these steps to determine how much your coffee maker costs each month.

  • Find out how many watts your coffee pot uses (example: 1,000 watts).
  • Determine how many pots you will brew each month (example: 60).
  • Multiply the number of fresh pots by the number of watts, and divide the result by 1,000. This number is how many kilowatt hours you will use per month (example: 60 kWh).
  • Multiply the number of kilowatt hours that you will use each month by the cost of a kilowatt hour. Your electric company sets the price of your kilowatt hour, and you can find it on your electric bill. The resulting number is what you can expect to pay each month to run your machine (example: 60 kWh multiplied by the U.S. average cost per kWh of $0.13 equals $7.80 per month).
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The average drip-brew coffee maker in the United States uses about 1,000 watts per cycle, which is enough to raise your electric bill if you have a large family and drink several pots daily. Fortunately, modern technology has reduced the amount of power that these machines use, and researching before you make a purchase can help you find a brand that is easier on the wallet. If you live alone, choosing a small machine can help you save more on costs.

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