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How Much & How Often to Water a Gardenia? Facts, Symbolism, & Care


Do you have a gardenia plant that is not looking healthy? If your plant has leaves and branches that are brown and falling from the bush, you may be overwatering the heat-loving shrub. Gardenias are sensitive plants that require a little special care. Whether you are growing the plant indoors or in your garden, give it a little extra time and attention so you can enjoy the delicate and beautiful plant for years to come.

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How Much and How Often Should You Water a Shrub?

Image By: Greyerbaby, Pixabay

Most importantly, do not allow the gardenia soil to become dry. The soil should be consistently moist and well-drained, not soggy. If you overwater a gardenia plant, the buds will not bloom and may fall off the branch prematurely. If the plant exhibits signs of root rot from overwatering or poor drainage, it should be discarded.

The gardenia soil requires a minimum of one inch of watering or rain per week. To help maintain the moisture and temperature, cover the soil with two to four inches of mulch.

In gardens, plant gardenias with other shrubs like hydrangeas and roses. Be sure to remove any weeds or water-hogging plants to allow space for the gardenia to drink and spread their roots.

Caring for Indoor Gardenia Plants

If you are growing a gardenia plant indoors, it will require a brightly lit room with temperatures ranging between 55–75 degrees. The plant thrives on humidity and heat. To provide the extra moisture the plant needs to thrive, you can use a humidifier, mist them daily, or position the plant on some moist stones. Doing so will provide the high humidity the plant requires and will also help to minimize and prevent spider mites from invading your indoor plant.

Image Credit: pieonane, Pixabay

The Gardenia Flower

The gardenia flower is a fragrant and romantic flower. The blooms come in a variety of colors, all with different meanings, including protection, peace, hope, trust, and renewal. While the white gardenia holds the most special meaning, there are also other colors that have special meanings.

  • White gardenias: Purity, peace, calmness, and harmony
  • Yellow gardenias: A dream or memory of someone
  • Pink gardenia: A symbol of beauty and a fresh start
  • Orange gardenias: A symbol of hope.
  • Red gardenia: Love at first sight.

Gardenia Facts & Symbolism

Facts & Symbolism:
  • Gardenias come from Southeast Asia and are called “Cape Jasmine.”
  • Gardenia flowers were used in Billie Holiday’s hair.
  • The gardenia was Coco Chanel’s favorite flower.
  • The Gardenia Augusta Grandiflora, a rare species of gardenia, exists mainly in France and can tolerate temperatures as low as 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For those who have difficulty expressing their feelings, the gardenia can represent shyness and love.
  • Gardenia flowers are a popular choice for arrangements and bouquets. They represent feminine beauty in the world of flowers. Some say that Solomon would give the flowers to his women every morning. He did so to lessen the jealousy and tensions among the women in his harem.
  • Presenting a loved one with a gardenia signifies good manners and good taste.

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Gardenia plants are a fragrant and beautiful addition to your garden and home. They do require a little extra tender loving care, however. With proper placement and care, you can enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of your gardenia plant for years to come.

Featured Image Credit: oom_endro, Pixabay


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