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How Much & How Often to Water Cilantro? Signs & Tips

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If you’re starting to get your own herb garden going, cilantro is a phenomenal addition. But just because it looks great and thrives indoors doesn’t mean it’s the easiest plant to grow.

One of the most challenging parts of growing cilantro is watering it the right amount. It is suggested to water your Cilantro plant every 2 to 3 days. This guide highlights everything that you need to know to get the best possible results. There are also a few growing tips to get the most out of your cilantro plants!

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How Much and How Often Should You Water Cilantro?

Cilantro plants need plenty of water to thrive, and the goal is to keep the soil constantly moist without waterlogging it. It’s a fine balance, but under most conditions, you can keep up with it by watering the plant every 2 to 3 days.

You want to add about 1 inch of water each week to give the soil enough water to thrive. But keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and the conditions around your cilantro plant can affect how much and how often you need to water them.

For instance, if the cilantro plants are outside in a warm climate, you will need to water them more often than if they’re inside in a temperature-controlled area.

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Signs of Overwatering Cilantro

While cilantro needs a large amount of water, it is possible to accidentally overwater them. While you want moist soil, you need to avoid waterlogged soil. If you’re growing cilantro in a container or pot, one of the best things that you can do to prevent this from happening is to ensure that the bottom of the pot has a drainage hole for excess water.

If the pot doesn’t have this hole, you can feel the soil to test it, but it is a trickier process. Go about 1 inch down with your finger, and see if the soil is wet. If the soil feels completely soaked, there’s too much water there. If it’s only slightly damp, you’re good to go!

If the plants are in the ground, you’ll need to water them more often. The ground gives the water more room to soak in, leaving the roots in dry soil quickly.

Signs That Your Cilantro Needs More Water

While it’s possible to overwater your cilantro plant, it’s also possible to underwater it. Fortunately, it’s easy to check the soil to ensure that the plant is getting enough water.

Start by feeling the top of the soil. If it’s moist, you don’t need to add more water. If it’s dry, feel down into the soil about 1 inch with your finger. If that soil is dry, the plant is underwatered, and you need to water it more often.

If the soil there is moist but not soaked or waterlogged, you’re watering it the right amount. Feel free to water it again to get the top of the soil wet, but don’t overdo it.

Photo Credit: marsraw , pixabay

Other Tips for Caring for Cilantro

While cilantro is a popular indoor herb to grow, the truth is that it’s a bit finicky. Not only does it have specific watering requirements, but it can’t handle warmer climates and needs a decent amount of sunlight.

It’s due to these tricky growing conditions that it’s almost always a better choice to grow cilantro in a pot. Cilantro thrives in mild and more controlled climates indoors.

Moreover, you must ensure that the plant gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day, but indirect sunlight is fine. You don’t need to move it indoors and outside to get the best results.

Find a great place for it, and leave it alone so it can get used to the environment and start to thrive there!

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Final Thoughts

Cilantro is a great-tasting and delicious herb that you can grow in your home, and now you know how to take care of it. Just find a great place for it, keep up with the watering schedule, and feel the soil to ensure that it is getting everything that it needs.

Before long, you’ll have great cilantro that you can add to any recipe or keep out to look at the beautiful leaves!

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