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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Pool Table? Factors, Size, & FAQ

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You may be surprised to learn that you need movers who specialize in relocating pool tables. It’s an expensive process that can range from $200-$4,000 depending on factors such as where you live and where you’re planning on going, but it can be worth the expense if you have a premium table.

Pool tables are heavy, with the professional models weighing over 1,000 pounds, and must be handled with care to prevent injury to yourself, your house, or the table itself. Read on to investigate your options next time you need to move—or see if you just want to give it away to your old neighbor and start over once you’re in your new place.

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Sample Quote

Location Type of Pool Table Type of Move Cost
Belle Chasse, LA 8 ft. slate Across Town $193-$215
Belle Chasse, LA to Cumming, GA 8 ft. slate 500 miles $1,171-$1,419
Brisbane, CA to San Bruno, CA 8 ft. slate Across Town $270-$285
Upper West Side, NY to Upper East Side, NY 8 ft. slate Across Town $165-$734

The 5 Variables in Costs of Moving a Pool Table

You might be wondering why there’s such a dramatic price window for moving your pool table. Indeed, an individualized quote may spell the difference between savings and loss, with some quotes exceeding the price you paid for your table! Here are some factors that will weigh into your personalized quote:

1. Location

It typically costs more to move in big cities than in rural areas. For instance, We Move Pool Tables in Phoenix charges an average of $309 to disassemble, move, and set up a 7-9 ft. slate pool table compared to an average $400 starting price in Manhattan. However, these are only basic prices that don’t include extra factors such as mileage and stairs.

Image By: Robinson Greig, Unsplash

2. End Location

It’s one thing if you hire movers in San Francisco to take your table across the Bay Area, but it gets incredibly more expensive to transport outside of the city or state lines. Some moving services partner with companies from outside areas and trade responsibilities once the moving van leaves the city with the company based in your new place of residence. Movers typically cost between $1 and $3 per mile.

3. Type of Table

A cheaper, entry-level pool table made out of wood costs about $200 to move. However, you should expect to pay between $400-$1,000 if a heavier slate table is involved.

Pool Table
Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay

4. Table Size

Extra length equates extra moving fees. A 7′ pool table will be cheaper than a 9′ table.

Pool Table Bar
Image Credit: stokpic, Pixabay

5. Ease of Access

If the mover must carry the table up or down a flight of stairs, they’ll probably add some fees. Some companies may also charge more after 5 p.m., or on divider

How to Move a Pool Table Yourself

If you know how to disassemble a wooden pool table, you might try to take it apart and move it yourself with some buddies. However, you probably shouldn’t try to do that with a slate table since it can weigh several hundred pounds.

pool table in a room
Image Credit: Fuzz, Pixabay

Should I Move my Pool Table?

Considering the steep moving fees, you may want to calculate the costs before deciding to take your pool table to your new place of residence. Pool tables are frequently sold for low prices at garage sales because they’re not easily portable and take up a lot of space. If you’re planning a cross-country move, it’d probably behoove you to buy a used one once you settle into your new home instead of paying hundreds of dollars to transport the one you have.

However, you should know that a brand-new pool table costs between $500-$15,000 depending on the model. It’s definitely worth the cost to move your table if it’s new or a more expensive model, unless you’re okay with buying one used once you get there.

house divider Conclusion

Pool tables aren’t just another piece of furniture that can be tossed into the back of the moving van. Disassembling, moving, and reassembling a pool table is a labor and cost intensive task, so you might not want to bother with the expense of taking it to another location—especially if you’re already weighing the considerable space it’ll take in your new place and thinking you’ll probably just give it away once you get there.

It’s also risky to you and your pool table if you try to move it yourself because it’s heavy and requires special tools. Even so, a new pool table will cost you thousands, so paying for movers is still worth the expense unless you’re willing to buy a used one or do without.

Featured Image Credit: OrnaW, Pixabay


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