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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bumper In 2024?

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Even the most experienced drivers get into accidents. Trees, bushes, rocks, wild animals, and fellow drivers can get your car wrecked. And that’s why vehicles have bumpers—they serve as the first layer of defense against road hazards. Without a front bumper, you’ll end up ruining the engine, not to mention get hurt yourself. The rear bumper, in turn, protects against collision from the back.

Sometimes, the damage isn’t that great, and you can have the bumper(s) repaired. However, in most cases, it’s better to have it completely replaced. How much will that cost, though? Are front bumpers more expensive, or not? How much do different auto shops/mechanics charge? Are there any additional costs involved? You’ll find all the answers right here!

car and road divider The Importance of a Bumper

Crafted from plastic, rubber, steel, or aluminum, a bumper has only one goal: to serve as a protective shield against heavy impact. It does a great job of absorbing the shock and minimizing the impact of a collision, which is why it’s classified as critical safety equipment in the automobile industry. The stronger the bumper, the safer the driver and the passengers will be. As a bonus, they give cars a smooth and visually pleasing look.

On top of that, most states obligate drivers to have both the front and the rear bumper installed. If you neglect this requirement, you’ll probably get a ticket (this varies greatly depending on the area). So, yes, bumpers are very much worth it. And, while not cheap, they won’t cost you nearly as much as a smashed engine.

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Image Credit: Hans, Pixabay

How Much Does a Professional Bumper Replacement Cost?

The average cost for a replacement is $800–1.8K. However, most drivers in the US pay a bit less ($700–1.3K). It all comes down to what kind of a car you’re driving, how old it is, the state that you live in, and the mechanic/auto shop. A brand-new bumper will set you back $300–700. Foreign vehicle parts tend to cost a lot more, though; the same is true for full-size SUVs and trucks.

If you’re driving a luxury vehicle (like a Ferrari or a Bugatti), the price can go up to $4–5K. Also, OEM bumpers are always pricier than aftermarket parts. And remember that rear bumpers are more expensive to replace compared to front bumpers (700–2K vs. 500–1.5K). Here’s a more detailed look at how much you should expect to pay:

  • The average replacement cost in the US: $800–1.8K
  • How much most drivers pay: $700–1.3K
  • The cost of a brand-new bumper: $300–730
  • The cost of a brand-new luxury bumper: $2.5–5K
  • Front bumper replacement (parts and labor): $500–1.5K
  • Rear bumper replacement (parts and labor): $700–2K

1. Bumper Replacement Cost by Different Regions

While you won’t see a dramatic spike in price when moving from one city to another, the difference will be pretty big in various regions. As always, Midwest represents the “golden middle”, with the West Coast and the East Coast charging extra for bumper replacement:

  • The East Coast: $1.1–1.7K
  • The North Coast: $1–1.7K
  • Midwest US: $900–1.5K
  • The West Coast: $800–1.5K
  • South-Atlantic States: $750–1.6K
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Image Credit: Magsi, Shutterstock

2. Bumper Replacement Cost by Popular Auto Shops

If you live in a big city and have access to all the major auto shops, here’s a quick look at how much they’ll charge at some of the most popular service centers. These are the prices both for the parts and the labor. With Midas, Your Mechanic, and Mr. Tire you’ll get a 12-months warranty (only a 6-months deal with Pep Boys).

  • Midas: $800–1.6K
  • Pep Boys: $800–1.7K
  • Your Mechanic: $850–1.7K
  • Tire: $900–1.5K

3. Bumper Replacement Cost by Popular Car Models

How much will you have to pay to replace the bumper on your four-wheeled friend? Here’s a price breakdown for some of the most popular sedans, SUVs, and trucks in the US (parts and labor):

  • Ford F-Series truck: $900–1.4K
  • Chevrolet Silverado: $950–1.6K
  • Nissan Titan: $800–1.3K
  • Honda CR-V: $930–1.6K
  • Kia Sportage: $1.1–1.4K
  • Chevrolet Tahoe: $1.2–1.6K
  • Ford Focus: $850–1.3K
  • Ford Fusion: $840–1.4K
  • Chevrolet Malibu: $700–900
  • Toyota Camry: $950–1.7K
  • Toyota Corolla: $900–1.6K
  • Lexus ES: $850–1.3K
  • Honda Civic: $900–1.5K
  • Honda Accord: $930–1.6K
  • Nissan Altima: $800–1.2K
  • Dodge Charger: $600–800
car bumper painting
Image Credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky, Shutterstock

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How Much Do Mechanics Charge for Bumper Replacement?

This year, most professional service repairs in the US charge $50–200 per hour (and $500–600 for the job). Again, the price will vary quite a lot depending on the state, the city, the amount of labor involved, and other factors. Now, if you want the new bumper to match the rest of your car perfectly in terms of the paint, that will cost extra. The average cost for installing and painting a bumper is $230–600.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Lastly, let’s check out some extra costs that you’ll probably have to cover. While these don’t have anything to do with the bumpers per se, if you get into a major accident, most likely, the camera, lights, and fenders will also be damaged (sometimes, beyond repair). And if you have all these parts replaced at the same auto shop, they might be kind enough to give you a nice discount:

  • Park assist camera replacement: $300–900
  • Fixing the taillights: $200–1.5K
  • Fixing the headlights: $250–750
  • Fender replacement cost: $350–1.5K
red toyota corolla car
Image Credit: Goodfreephotos_com, Pixabay

Do I Replace the Bumper or Repair It?

Bumpers on modern-day cars are very sturdy. They are quite resistant to weather elements, too, including rain/snow, humidity, dust, and pollen. They still do wear out and corrode over time, of course. Minor, easy-to-fix scratches, chipped paint, and small dents are the most common situations when fixing it is the right choice. That will be a lot cheaper ($150–1K) as you’ll get to keep the factory bumper.

We’re talking about situations when the mechanics only have to quickly repaint the bumper, pull out a dent, or cover some scratches here and there. However, heavy scratches that involve sanding and using expensive compounds will cost more to repair. And if you were in an accident and the bumper took a heavy hit (it’s cracked and the hooks or fasteners are ruined), you should replace the whole thing instead of fixing it.

Does Car Insurance Cover the Bumper? What About an Auto Warranty?

The answer is yes, auto insurance does cover damaged bumpers, but only if you’ve opted for collision coverage. On average, that costs $25 per month (in the US), while full/high coverage for the whole vehicle is available at $350. Even if it was you crashing into a rock, animal, or another car, the expenses would still be covered by the company. So, make sure you have the right type of insurance.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pay every single penny for the repair/replacement! Now, if you don’t have any type of insurance, but the other driver is to blame for the accident, their insurance company will pay for everything in full. The reason: the person that causes an accident is responsible for all the damages. This is something that most drivers don’t know about, so keep it in mind.

One more thing: most cars in the US are sold with a factory warranty, the so-called “bumper-to-bumper coverage”. However, while this might come as a surprise to you, it does NOT include the actual bumpers, as they fall into the “Body Panels” and “Damage from collision” categories, and those are not covered by this warranty. That’s why full-fledged insurance is considered the best option on the market.

car and road divider Conclusion

Safety should always come first, which is why you can’t postpone replacing a damaged bumper. First, it’s illegal to drive around with a bad front/rear bumper. More importantly, when hitting the road with a faulty bumper, you put the lives of your passengers at risk. Bumper replacement is a very common practice and (relatively) affordable.

And with the help of our guide, you’ll be able to find the best prices in your area. Drive slowly and be very careful out there. This is especially true if you do lots of night driving or like to camp out in the wilderness and off-road. While bumpers are quite efficient at protecting the vehicle, you can never be too safe!

Featured Image Credit: hpgruesen, Pixabay


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