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How Much Is It to Wrap a Car? Insurance, Options & Cost

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Car wraps are a fast and easy way to customize your car. They allow you to change your car into an entirely new color without actually painting it and are often utilized as a way to cheaply customize your car.

Furthermore, some people use wraps to protect their car’s paint and improve resell value. Wraps are much more durable than paint is, and they can be replaced easier.

There are many wrap options out there. What you decide to go with will affect the overall cost. There are partial car wraps, for instance, which are cheaper than full car wraps.

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Car Wrap Options

Because car wrap options vary so widely and have a huge effect on cost, it is important that you understand the differences.

Some car drivers decide to get wraps on only the front and rear bumper of their car. These are the cheapest, as the panels are pretty flat, which makes them less complicated. However, creased panels and curved bodies will make them a bit more complicated and these will be quite a bit more expensive.

Therefore, the body of your car will affect the cost. Some cars are simply curvier than others, which will make them more expensive.

If you have a small, two-door car, you may only have to spend $2,000. Of course, the graphic on these cars is going to be extremely simple. A solid color is the cheapest option. The more graphics, lines, and complexity you add, the more expensive it is going to be. However, because these wraps are made by a computer program, you don’t actually add that much to your overall cost.

Exotic wrap jobs usually cost about $10,000 or more. If the wrap is going to be more complicated to put on the car, you can bet that it will be more expensive as well.

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Image By: Sean Mason, Unsplash

How Much Does a Car Wrap Cost?

It depends a lot on the coverage. Many people only get a wrap on part of the car. For instance, they may add a graphic to the hood, but leave the rest of the car alone.

Here is a quick guideline for the amount of money you can expect to spend based on the amount of coverage:


  • 40% Coverage: $600–$1,000
  • 60% Coverage: $1,500–$2,000
  • 100% Coverage: $2,500–$3,500

Of course, the body of your car will also affect the price. If your car has a lot of curves, the cost can be more. For something extremely complicated, it can cost as much as $10,000. The graphic and type of car you have will determine the cost of the wrap.

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Additional Costs to Anticipate

On top of purchasing the wrap, you also have to pay for the wrap to be put on your car. Usually, this only costs a few hundred dollars. However, some of them can get expensive if your car happens to be very curvy or the graphic is complicated.

For a full-coverage wrap on a normal car, this will usually only be a few hundred dollars.

In the instance that you want the wrap taken off, you’ll need to pay for service again. Usually, this is another few hundred dollars. Generally, it costs around $500 for both of these services.

The best way to determine an accurate cost is to get a quote. Because different options can vary so widely in cost, an accurate cost is difficult to determine.

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Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

Does Car Insurance Cover Car Wraps?

No. Car insurance only covers damages done to a car. They do not cover maintenance or aesthetic changes. Therefore, they will not cover car wraps. However, they may cover damage done to car wraps after you put them on.

However, there are many different car insurance options out there. Some may not cover wrap damage in many accident situations. For instance, if you have a collision, then your car will not be covered if you are the cause of an accident. Comprehensive is the car insurance that is most likely to cover damage done to your wrap.

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Car wraps vary widely in cost. You don’t have to put a wrap over your whole car. Therefore, the size of the wrap will affect the price. If you only put one on the hood, then the cost of the wrap itself may cost less than $1,000. However, that is not counting the service fee to put the wrap on.

If you wrap your whole car, then you probably will spend a few thousand dollars. It does depend on how curvy your car is. In some cases, it will cost more simply because your car model is difficult to put a wrap on. You also have to account for the size of your car. Larger cars will take more to wrap, so they will be more expensive.

The best way to determine the cost is to get a quote. However, you can get a general idea based on the surface area of your car that you want to cover.

Featured Image Credit: Fabian Albert, Unsplash


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