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How to Get Rid of Bleach Smell (7 Easy Methods)

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The smell of bleach is instantly recognizable. It is very strong, and for many people, it can be unpleasant. If the smell of bleach becomes too concentrated, it can even cause headaches or make people sick. Many people want to quickly eliminate the smell of bleach when it crops up to avoid any unpleasant side effects or discomfort. But how can you get rid of the smell of bleach? It is actually quite easy.

Here are seven easy methods to eliminate bleach smell from your home. You can eliminate lingering bleach smells inside, on your hands, and even on your clothes. Simply follow these easy methods and tips to help get rid of bleach smell quickly and effectively.

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What Causes Bleach Smell?

The most common cause of bleach smell is fumes given off by liquid bleach. In order to get rid of the bleach smell, you usually have to dissipate the fumes. Luckily, this is generally a very simple and quick process.

The other cause of the bleach smell is the presence of liquid bleach. In that case, you have to wash away the remaining liquid bleach and then dissipate any lingering fumes. Odors caused by bleach are not difficult to get rid of.

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Getting Rid of Bleach Smell Inside

1. Use a Fan

For moderate amounts of lingering bleach smells, you can use a fan. Fans will move the air around and cause the fumes from the use of bleach to be scattered and eventually dissipate. In most cases, turning on a fan or two should be enough to get rid of the smell within an hour.

It is best to set up the fan near the source of the smell and point it towards an area where the scent can dissipate the quickest, like a large area or an exterior doorway.

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2. Open a Window

Similar to using a fan, you can also open a window. Opening a window will increase airflow and give the bleach fumes somewhere to go to escape the house. Opening a window (or multiple windows) will quickly cut down on bleach smells inside the house.

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3. Create Cross-Ventilation

If you have stubborn odors or fumes inside, the best way to get rid of them is to create cross-ventilation. Cross-ventilation uses fans and windows to create a large amount of airflow. Cross-ventilation gives the air multiple avenues of escape and gets the air moving. Cross-ventilation is used to vent dangerous smells or odors out of small, enclosed spaces.

To create cross-ventilation, open multiple exit points in your home. The exits can be doors or windows, or a combination of both. Ideally, the exits will be located across from one another or close to it. Next, set up at least one fan that will blow air perpendicular to at least one of the openings. This will cause air to move across the openings, which will cause fumes to be pushed toward the exit points and naturally vented out.

Cross-ventilation is very safe. It is natural, and it is extremely effective. This method will be able to get rid of even the strongest bleach smells, and it only takes an hour or two to work fully.

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4. Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water

The first thing to do if you suspect you have bleach on your fingers is to simply wash your hands with soap and water. Run your hands under warm water for at least a minute and scrub vigorously with your favorite soap. In most cases, this will be enough to remove any traces of bleach or lingering odors from your hands.

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5. Use Lemon Juice

If simply washing your hands does not get the job done, you can also try and use lemon juice. Squirt some lemon juice on your hands and then wash them in warm water. You can get lemon juice from a natural lemon, or you can buy it in a bottle. Just one squirt of lemon juice should get the job done. The lemon juice will help break up the bleach and neutralize the base while giving your hands a new scent.

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6. Use Scented Lotions

Lastly, you can cover your hands in a moisturizing lotion. Scented lotions work the best. Be sure to apply the lotions after you have already washed your hands at least once. The scented lotion will trap any lingering odors and give your hands a powerful new scent to drown out the smell of bleach. Washing the bleach on your hands first will ensure that the source of the pungent odor is eliminated before putting on some moisturizing lotion.

Moisturizing lotion is also a good idea because getting bleach onto your hands can quickly dry out the skin leaving it feeling dry and uncomfortable. The lotion will help counteract the unpleasant side effect of bleach.

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7. Use Vinegar

Getting bleach on your colored clothes can be a real drag. If you want to try and eliminate any lingering odors from a bleach accident, you can use vinegar. Squirt some vinegar on the spot and rub vigorously. The vinegar will help neutralize the bleach and eliminate the odor.

If you wash your white clothes in bleach and find that the clothes are coming out with a strong bleach odor that is unpleasant you can add half a cup of vinegar to your wash to eliminate the smell. Let the load sit for ten minutes with the vinegar before rinsing, and the vinegar will ensure that the clothes come out without that pesky bleach smell.

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Bleach smells are unpleasant and undesirable in many situations, but the good news is that it is relatively easy to eliminate. The smell of bleach comes from odors given off by liquid bleach. If you eliminate the liquid bleach and create strong ventilation around the source of the bleach, the smell should quickly vanish.

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