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15 Smart Uses For Leftover Juice Pulp: Don’t Waste the Fruit!

juice pulp

juice pulp

You love making fresh juice, but you’ve probably felt remorse at wasting all that perfectly edible juice pulp when you’re done. Fortunately, you can get creative with the leftovers without being wasteful. From baking ideas to gardening assistance, the 15 smart options below range from simple to complex. But don’t be afraid to give each of them a try. You might just find a perfect use for that pulp.

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Top 15 Uses for Leftover Juice Pulp

1. Broth

Photo Credit By: Broth, Mariuszjbie, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported

Here’s an easy option. Throw your veggie pulp into a pot with water and plenty of salt and spices to make a savory vegetable broth. You can also pack some extra flavor into a bone broth or a meat stock such as chicken or beef.

2. Smoothie Thickener

smoothie thickener

This is a good use for either fruits or vegetables. Add the pulp to your favorite smoothie to thicken it and add a creamy texture. You’ll give it a flavor boost and add essential healthy fiber to the mix, which will keep you full longer. This is especially an excellent option for protein smoothies.

3. Muffins and Bread

muffins and breads

Juice pulp is a nutrient-packed moisture additive for your favorite muffin or bread recipes. Try a combo of berries, oranges, apples, carrots, and even kale to create your own unique flavor twist.

Check out this recipe for extra inspiration:

4. Tea


Dehydrate your fruit pulp, then add flower petals, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, or bergamot to make a delicious, aromatic tea. You’ll get the flavor and beneficial phytonutrients all packed into one cup.

5. Fritters

Photo Credit By: Piqsels

When in doubt, fry ‘em up. You can make great pancakes or fritters with either fruit or vegetable pulp. Mix them to create your own flavor concoctions and serve them for either breakfast or dinner.

We love this savory option:

6. Bread Crumbs

pulp bread crumbs
Photo Credit By:

While it’s not true bread, dehydrated vegetables or fruit pulp can make an excellent topping for salads or as a replacement for bread crumbs in traditional baked goods like stuffing (use veggie pulp) or bread pudding (use fruit pulp).

7. Dipping Sauce

pulp dipping sauce
Photo Credit By: Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

You can make an excellent veggie or chip dip by mixing vegetable pulp with sour cream and spices. Also, you can make chutneys or add the pulp to homemade hummus for some extra zing.

8. Crackers

pulp crackers
Photo Credit By: Ana Segota from Pixabay

A healthy and fit option for veggie pulp is to make juice pulp crackers. You can bake them or toss them in the dehydrator to make a perfect dipping snack.

Check out this recipe for one delicious option:

9. Quiche


Add extra nutrients and fiber to your quiche by whipping veggie pulp into your egg mixture. Layer with ham and cheese and bake for extra savory goodness.

10. Soups


Vegetable pulp is an easy add-in for any kind of soup or stew. Throw in meat, potatoes, fresh onions, and garlic to make an irresistible family meal.

11. Cereals

breakfast smoothie recipes
Photo Credit By: Shutterstock, Anastasia Izofatova

Dehydrate fruit pulp and sprinkle it on your favorite cereal. Or try mixing the fresh pulp into your oatmeal or buckwheat for a little morning vitamin boost. Throw in nuts, bananas, or shredded coconut, and you’ll have a power breakfast to help get you through your morning.

12. Meatballs

Image Credit: Pixabay

While it’s not the most traditional of recipes, adding vegetable pulp gives a fresh flavor lift to meatballs, burgers, or meatloaf. Try this vegetarian variety for a great meatball alternative:

13. Dog Treats

pulp dog treats
Photo Credit By: Debbie Miller from Pixabay

Your dog needs just as many fruits and veggies as you do for optimal health, and chances are, corn and filler-riddled chow aren’t giving dogs what they need. Bake your dog treats with peanut butter and veggie pulp for an irresistible doggy snack that will keep them begging for more.

14. Compost

compost pulp
Photo Credit By: Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Fresh pulp is a handy addition to your compost bin. It will add vital nutrients to the soil and promote healthy mycorrhizal growth to boost your garden. Just remember not to dump the pulp inside and leave it. Stir it in to avoid attracting bugs and other pests and to promote decomposition.

15. Fertilizer

farmer planting lettuce
Image Credit: Alexander Raths, Shutterstock

Your plants love nutrients, and mulching fresh juice pulp into the soil around your plants and trees is an excellent fertilizer. It also promotes healthy fungal growth and provides food for soil-enriching worms.

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This list is truly endless, and with a little creativity in the kitchen or garden, you can put that leftover pulp to good use. Be adventurous with recipes, and research your favorite dishes to see if you can discover a juice pulp variety worth trying. Good luck putting your pulp to work.

Featured Image Credit: Myriams-Fotos, Pixabay


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