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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in Your Garden: 6 Methods That Work

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People grow them, cook with them, and stuff them in casseroles. Or they avoid them entirely. While mushrooms can be a sign of fertile soil, we understand you might not want your garden to look like it’s been conquered by a village of Smurfs. Here we’ll investigate the root of the mushroom invasion as well as proven methods of how to deal with the problem.

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What’s Causing Mushrooms to Sprout in My Yard?

Mushrooms are actually a type of fungus that thrive in moist soil in dark areas. This is why they’re most frequently found in woods nestled alongside damp leaves under tall, shady trees. An abundance of mushrooms might actually be a good sign, meaning that you have fertile soil. However, if mushrooms seem to be the only flourishing flora, it also could mean that your soil is too damp. Besides the toadstool aesthetic, you might also want to remove the mushrooms in your yard if you have small children or pets because they can be toxic to curious young foragers.

The 6 Ways to Rid Mushrooms from Your Garden:

Here are six proven methods to get rid of the mushrooms in your yard and keep them from coming back:

1. Aerate Your Yard

Close up mechanical lawn aerator
Image Credit: Alan Kidd, Shutterstock

You can buy or rent a lawn aerator that will poke tiny holes in the ground. This discourages mushroom growth because fungi like moist, packed ground.

2. Stop Over-Watering Your Lawn

Fungi thrive in damp conditions. You might be over-watering your yard if you see an abundance of mushrooms, or if your grass is soggy.

3. Clear the Undergrowth

Image Credit: manfredrichter, Pixabay

Rake away the leaves, sticks, and other organic material that might be creating the perfect hideaway for the mushrooms lurking beneath. Debris also traps moisture, which accelerates their growth.

4. Let the Sunshine In

If your yard is excessively shady, you might consider removing some trees or bushes to get more sunlight. More access to sun will also help to dry out your yard, preventing a damp, moist landscape where mushrooms like to grow.

5. Dig Them Up

removing mushrooms in the lawn using shovel
Image Credit: true-nature, Shutterstock

You can try to get a small shovel and dig the mushrooms up by hand. However, take care that you don’t move them too much or you may release their spores, which will generate another mushroom colony nearby!

6. Apply a DIY Natural Fungicide

Mix 5 tbsp. of vinegar per gallon of water to make a safe, all-natural fungicide that discourages mushroom growth. Concentrate on the shady, moist areas and repeat often for best results.

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Although mushrooms won’t harm your grass, you might not prefer them because of their appearance or the potential danger to children or small pets. Mushrooms are stubborn fungi who don’t like to leave their environment, but with persistence you’ll be able to reduce their numbers and prevent them from entirely taking over our yard without the use of harsh synthetic fungicides.

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