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7 Expert Tips on How to Hang a Bike on a Wall (With Pictures)

Cycling is one of the most fun ways to exercise, but bikes aren’t the easiest to store. Whether you’re trying to find a neater way to store the family’s bikes or just need to store one or two, there are tons of options for you. With a plethora of bike mount types for any needs and a few handy tips, we’ve got all the info you need in this article.

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The 7 Tips To Hanging a Bike At Home

1. Storage Hooks

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Image Credit: trekandshoot, Shutterstock

Storage hooks are one of the most tried and true methods to hang a bike up. Hooks are typically drilled into a wall and used to vertically hang bikes, but you can use multiple hooks to store it vertically and save some floor space.

Most storage hooks are drilled directly into the wall, but there are some available that use adhesive backing to avoid wall damage. We wouldn’t recommend those for heavier bikes, but they’ll work for smaller, lighter bikes in a pinch.

2. Hoist It in the Air

Technically classified as ceiling mounts, bike hoists or bike lifts are also useful for hanging a bike up to save floor space. The exact design widely varies, but typically there’s a pulley system that you manipulate to hoist the bike up into storage and down to take it out for a ride.

Bike hoist lifts typically cost more than storage hooks, but they’re also invaluable for homes with lots of vertical space that you want to take advantage of.

3. Ceiling Mount

This may be cheating a bit, but ceiling mounts can be an even better way to store bikes and reclaim some floor space in your home or garage. These range from cheap to fairly pricey, with the cheaper ones consisting of just storage hooks and rubber loops.

Higher-priced mounts are far more robust, with stainless steel frames and intuitive lock and release mechanisms. Beware that you’ll need to have enough height for the bike to comfortably hang.

4. Vertical Wall Mount

Wall Hanging a Bike to a Storage Room
Image Credit: moomin201, Shutterstock

Vertical bike mounts allow you to store a lot of bikes within the least amount of floor space but at the cost of wall space. These mounts store bikes with the entire length of the bike hanging out, so it’s not ideal for saving floor space. If you’re an avid cyclist or have a family, though, this mount could be just the thing to neatly store your bikes between rides.

5. Horizontal Mount

One of the most popular bike mounts, horizontal mounts store your bike close to the wall and save floor space. The tradeoff is that unless you’re storing a lot of bikes, horizontal mounts are rarely used to store more than one or two bikes.

Free-standing horizontal mounts can usually house more bikes but take up more floor space and aren’t as sturdy. Wall mounts can hold more weight and have a slimmer profile but at the cost of less storage.

6. Keep the Tires Inflated

If you bike seasonally, you know how important long-term maintenance and storage are. Most of us check our bike’s tire pressure after every ride or two, but it can be easy to just store it and forget it. Don’t!

Check your bike’s tires before storing it for extended periods and fill it up, if necessary. Ten PSI is a good pressure for mountain bikes, while 20 or 30 PSI is an average range for regular bikes. Check your tires’ documentation for pressure recommendations if you’re unsure how much air to use.

7. Choose the Right Rack for the Space

Wall bike rack in storage room
Image Credit: Rachel Claire, Pexels

Wall mounts offer many benefits, but you usually sacrifice one benefit for another. For instance, horizontal bike mounts have a slimmer profile than vertical mounts but can’t store as many bikes.

If you have limited floor space but a high ceiling, a bike-mount lift might be just the thing for you. A large family with lots of bikes might want to look into a freestanding horizontal mount with a large storage capacity.

Basically, tailor the mount you choose to the space you plan to use it.

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A lot of people get bikes without an idea of where they’re going to store them. By investing in a quality wall mount, you can save some floor space in your house or garage while meeting your home’s unique needs.

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