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15 Free DIY Bike Rack Plans You Can Build Today

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Learning how to ride a bike is one of the loveliest parts of childhood. It is a bonding experience between parents and children and a skill that sticks with you all through life. In today’s world of talk on climate change and the renewed importance of healthy lifestyles, many adults have made commuting by bike a daily habit.

However, bikes aren’t the most ergonomic when it comes to storage. Having bikes laying around haphazardly in a garage or across an apartment can be annoying and even dangerous. These 15 free plans will teach you how to build a bike rack with a variety of different materials. All of them have detailed plans and materials listed to give you step-by-step guidance towards organization. Scroll down to find one that will work for you and your situation.

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The 15 Free DIY Bike Rack Plans You Can Build Today

1. DIY Bicycle Rack With Helmet Storage from Addicted 2 DIY

Simple is always a good place to start. This bicycle rack puts safety first since the creator assumed that helmets would need a home as well. The rack is made from wood and doesn’t take long to put together. The choice of color is up to you and your kids. Get the plans from the Addicted 2 DIY blog.

2. DIY Bike Stand from Instructables

Another simplistic design made for single bikes, especially those without a kickstand. It serves to keep them in place and standing vertically. The small build keeps it out of the way of any other clutter in a crowded space. Use the simple idea from Instructables to solve stability issues.

3. Wall Bike Rack With Plants from Instructables

A more complicated one than those before, this is still an easy way to hang up multiple bikes. Hang it up higher to free up some floor space underneath. This design acts partly as a bike rack and partly as a shelf and hanger for other household things. The creator on Instructables suggested topping the shelf with plants to give it a more aesthetic feel.

4. DIY Bike Storage Rack from Single Tracks

This bike storage rack is especially useful for several adult-sized bikes lined up in a row. It keeps them separated enough to stop them from scratching or bumping into each other. At the same time, it still doesn’t take up too much space. Get the idea from the cycling website Single Tracks.

5. EP76 Copper Bike Rack from Homemade-Modern

Don’t have any floor space left in a small garage or home? No worries, there are plenty of solutions for you. This bike rack is made for single bikes to be hung up. Making more of them side by side will allow you to get more up there if needed. This rack is made with copper pipes and a few other simple materials. Find the full design and details at Homemade-Modern.

6. Custom DIY Bike Storage from Mini Penny

This may just be the perfect solution for those with small apartment spaces. Double up the old commuter as a decoration to get space-saving results. This is a very simple design and can be an aesthetic plus depending on the type of bike you have. The writer of the Mini Penny blog gives useful, detailed instructions to guide you through your process.

7. Bike Rack of Wood from Instructables

Another wooden idea for a bike rack, this mount has a slanted vertical design. The usability of this intuitive bike rack is down to the type of space that you can use to store your bikes. This may be your solution if you need a way to get them off them mostly off the ground but aren’t able or aren’t allowed to put holes in the wall to hang this up. Head over to Instructables to find the design.

8. Bike Hook Out of Pipe Fittings from Liv-Cycling

A bike rack with a minimalistic approach and a vintage look. This design comes out more like a bike hook than a rack. It is very easy to slide the bike on and off of the hook, making storage painless. If you have the space to allow the bike to stick out from the wall, you might find this design appealing. Try it out from the online cycling hotspot Liv-Cycling.

9. PVC Bike Rack from Kids Activities Blog

A truly easy install comes when you bring PVC pipes into the mix. This bike rack is quick to make and is a good one to get your kids out to help you. It is also as extendable as you need it, whether you have three or ten bikes to get organized. Kids Activities Blog helps you make this yourself with their detailed directions.

10. DIY Floating Wall-Mounted Bike Rack from Crafted Workshop

Incorporating an aesthetic appeal into a design is never a bad thing. This bike rack design gives itself a floating feeling. It may need to be dimensionally fitted to work with the center rods of your bike. If this is the one for you though, this is very doable. Check out the design and dimensions given at the Crafted Workshop and then change the dimensions to fit your bike.

11. DIY Crib Rail Bike Rack from Kelly Leigh Creates

We have cycled through some very creative ideas, however, this one cuts the cake. Kelly Leigh recycled an old crib instead of just throwing it into the dump. She takes one of the rails from the outside of the crib and gives a useful guide of how to convert this into a useful bike rack for adults and kids alike.

12. DIY Wall Mounted Bike Rack from DIY Huntress

Being dual-purpose has its charms in the world of DIY. Sam from the DIY Huntress has taken the idea of a wall-mounted bike rack and turned it into a small shelf on the top as well as designing one inside the middle square. This way, you can store your helmet close to the bike and keep everything even more organized. Head to the DIY Huntress blog to try this yourself.

13. Simple Pallet Bike Rack from Instructables

As you have seen with some of these designs, recycling is the name of the game. When it comes to DIY, one of the big benefits is keeping the build cheaper than if you would have had to go out and buy the product. This pallet bike rack accomplishes just that. Extremely cheap and easy to make. Just follow the directions on Instructables to nail it.

14. Truck Bed PVC Bike Rack from Instructables

Not everyone has room in their homes or garages to store their bikes. Or perhaps you take your bike to the mountain or track so often it doesn’t feel worth it to bring it indoors all the time. Either way, making a small PVC bike rack to fit in the back of your truck is an easy way to allow frequent transportation. Instructables has the design if this is the way you choose to go.

15. Old Handlebar Bike Rack from the REI Blog

Those who cycle frequently may be excited at the opportunity to salvage something from a bike that is worn out. You may also find old handlebars from a local bike shop. Once the materials have been found, putting it all together is a breeze with REI’s detailed instructions and the photos included for every step.

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Conclusion: Free DIY Bike Rack Plans

We hope that you have enjoyed learning how to build a bike rack of your very own with one of these interesting and innovative plans!

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