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How to Organize Your Shoes: 17 Tips and Tricks

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If there is one item of clothing that most people end up in abundance with, it’s shoes. There are a pair for every occasion, every environment, and every outfit. It’s no wonder that it’s easy to end up with a collection of shoes bigger than the size of your wardrobe, and more often than not, they end up in all areas of the house, waiting for the next victim to trip over them.

Fortunately, there are ways to accommodate your shoe addiction, and you don’t need to get rid of any sneakers just yet. Innovative organization and storage are all you need, and we have some great tips and tricks for you.

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Shoes Organization Ideas

Organizing your shoes involves more than just proper storage. It starts with decluttering and sorting. So, let’s get started with some simple tips.

1. Sort Through Your Shoes

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Sort through all your shoes and decide which ones are worth keeping. Think hard about if you will wear them again or if you are just hanging on to them for nostalgia. Also, check that they still fit!

2. Repair, Clean, and Donate

Repair any shoes that need repairing or take them to the repair shop. Dust any shoes that have collected dust and if possible, throw them into the washing machine for a deep clean. Pack any unwanted shoes into a box and drop them off at a charity for donations.

3. Separate Everyday Shoes from Occasional Shoes

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Image Credit: Jose Fontano, Unsplash

Some shoes are worn every day, like your work shoes or running sneakers, so it makes sense for those to be easily accessible. Make a convenient and functional location for everyday shoes and decide on how you will store the shoes that you don’t wear often.

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Shoe Storage Ideas

4. Cubicle Shoe Storage

Cube shelves are a great way to store, organize and display your shoes. Each pair gets its own cube, and you can easily find the shoes you need for that day. They can be built against your wall like floating shelves to make space on the ground, or a cube shelf can stand on the ground, and the top can be used to hold more belongings. You can even get single stackable cubes to make them fit into any space. While this is an excellent option for your shoes, you will require room space, so if you have it, this is a great and stylish shoe storage option.

5. Flat Shelves

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Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Flat shelves can be bracket or floating shelves. Either way, they are a great trick for organizing your shoes. They can be placed above wardrobes with extra wall space or inside large closets. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your shoes organized and off the floor while on display and in your reach. Another tip is to store your shoes in shoe boxes to keep things tidier.

6. Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Over-the-door storage has been one of the most popular storage hacks for years, so why not try it for your shoes? Most door-hanging organizers can fit up to 30 pairs of shoes and are transparent, making your favorite pair easy to find. The organizer is also great because it is hidden most of the time and out of the way. Hang it behind your bedroom door, bathroom door, or storage room door.

7. Bookshelf

Two Pairs of Gray and Black Sneakers on Rack
Image Credit: Dương Nhân, Pexels

If you have an old bookshelf that you no longer use, it can make a great storage shelf for shoes. Depending on the size of your closet, it could make a great fit. You could pick up an old bookshelf at a thrift store and turn it into a DIY project.

8. Under Bed Bins

Bins are a great storage hack if you have enough space under your bed. They’re perfect for shoes that you only wear for specific occasions. They will keep your shoes out the way, protect them from dust and moisture, and will be easily available when you need them.

9. Ladder Shoe Shelf

Using an old wooden ladder that folds open, or constructing a ladder shelf, is a decorative and straightforward way to create extra shoe storage.

10. Shoe Rack and Hallway Bench

A classic shoe rack is readily available at most stores and will fit snugly into your closet, keeping your shoes organized and decluttered off the ground. You could also place it in the hallway and attach a board to the top so it can double as a bench or table while it keeps your shoes hidden.

11. Hanging Closet Caddy

A hanging caddy is perfect for organizing your shoes if your closet provides enough space. Your everyday shoes can be neatly stored on the floor, while your shoes that you don’t wear often are stored conveniently out of the way.

12. Stair Shoe Drawers

While this idea isn’t practical in existing homes, it’s commonly used in tiny homes where every inch of space counts. Consider incorporating this genius storage hack into your stairs if you are building a new home.

13. Baskets

Baskets are a classic storage hack and for a good reason. They make it easy to organize, thanks to their varying sizes. You can use them under your bed, on your closet floor, on shelves, and in cupboards.

14. Rolling Shoe Rack

Traditional rolling shoe racks can be used to store your shoes inside and outside of your closet. They aren’t pretty, but they are highly functional and practical and can be easily moved as needed.

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Tips for Optimal Storage and Organizing

15. Stuff your Shoes

Pair of White Trainers with Socks Inserted Inside
Image Credit: Dmitry Morgan, Shutterstock

Stuffing your shoes with balled-up paper helps them keep their shape while being stored for an extended period. Tissue paper is ideal for this task, but make sure it’s acid-free since acidic paper can damage shoe materials. For your expensive pairs of shoes, cedar is a better choice. Cedar has a great aroma that repels moths, and shoe trees and shoe balls will help your shoes keep their shape.

16. Boot Support

To help your boots retain their shape, you can store them on stands or pegs. Using an old wine bottle, piece of a pool noodle, or even a rolled-up magazine are great hacks to keep your boots in shape.

17. Storage Don’ts

A Person Holding a Wet Brown Slip on Shoes
Image Credit: Taryn Elliott, Pexels
  • Don’t store wet shoes. They may end up growing mildew and won’t smell good!
  • Don’t wrap your shoes in plastic as they can grow mold and discolor.
  • Try not to stack your shoes on top of each other, except for flip-flops. By stacking them, they lose their structure and look more worn out.

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Organizing your shoes can help you declutter your closet and stop the temptation of leaving them where they are not meant to be. It can also help you find your shoes easily and know where your special occasion shoes are when that special occasion comes around. Organizing your footwear can significantly impact your state of mind, and it’s just great housekeeping.

Featured Image Credit: Marc Nicke, Shutterstock


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