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Graco Ultra 390 ProConnect Paint Sprayer Review 2024 – Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Review of Graco Ultra 390 ProConnect Airless Paint Sprayer

We give the Graco Ultra 390 ProConnect Paint Sprayer a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. 

Build Quality: 4.5/5

Power: 4.5/5

Features: 4.5/5

Price: 2.5/5

Review Summary

The 390 ProConnect is Graco’s entry-level airless paint sprayer for professional contractors just getting started. Does this mean it comes with training wheels? Well, kind of, if you count the optional wheeled cart as the training wheels. All kidding aside, Graco has engineered this particular unit for professional painters whose largest jobs are residences. What does this mean to potential users? That it is a lighter-duty machine engineered for maximum long-term performance spraying fewer gallons per week.

Who will this Graco sprayer appeal to? Apparently, per Graco, professionals just starting out. It also will fill the needs of established contractors who want a more transportable unit for smaller jobs instead of tying up one of their heavier duty sprayers. This is still a professional-level tool and, for that reason, homeowners and DIYers ought to consider other options when they shop for an airless sprayer.

The 390 ProConnect reflects all the quality and attention to detail Graco builds into all their offerings. Since their inception in the first part of the 20th century, the Minnesota company has striven to provide high-quality, reliable, and innovative tools. The 390 ProConnect proudly carries on that tradition.

A Quick Look at the Graco Ultra 390 ProConnect Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Lighter weight for easier transportation to and around the job
  • Sprays a wide array of materials including stains, acrylics, enamels, and latex
  • Great sprayer for smaller, residential projects
  • Not able to spray oil-based primers
  • Lower gallon per minute (GPM) application rate


Brand name: Graco

Model: Ultra 390 ProConnect

Voltage: 120 VAC, single phase

Motor: 5/8 hp, DC

Maximum PSI: 3300

Maximum GPM: 0.47

Maximum tip size: 0.021

Weight: 30 pounds

Maximum hose length: 200’

Sound level 90 dBa

closer look of Graco Ultra 390 ProConnect

Ready to paint out of the box

Graco advertises the fact that their sprayers in this range are ready to paint right out of the box. The included accessories prove their point as the 390 comes with a spray gun, a spray protector, and 50’ of hose. All you need to do is add paint, as additional Graco copy proclaims.

ProConnect easy pump replacement

Anytime a tool fails while on the job, it is an expensive proposition for the contractor. In addition to paying to repair the tool, the whole job might stop until it is ready to work again. Time is money in most businesses but especially so in the contracting world. The 390 uses Graco’s “ProConnect” pump replacement system. According to the specs on this, the contractor can replace a pump in a minute and requires only three steps.

Easy pump filter access

You might notice a theme in the Graco products, easy to use and repair. Graco’s primary customer for this sprayer is contractors whose profits and reputation rely on the timely completion of projects to keep customers happy. So, Graco has taken pains to make their airless electric sprayers easy to keep in action. Pumping paint and other fluids can be a problem when the material is viscous enough to clog the filter. The 390 gives the user access to the filter at the top of the sprayer. No need to remove anything from the paint bucket. This allows clearing a clog ASAP or inserting a clean filter to minimize work interruption.


What gun is supplied with the 390?

This sprayer comes with the Graco FTx Gun. This spray gun is designed to eliminate a lot of the issues common with sprayers; spitting, leaking at the hose connection, spring clogging, and so forth. The FTx design protects both the needle and the spring from direct contact with the material sprayed to reduce needle wear and spring “packing.” Nozzle replacement is quick, remove a pin, unthread the old nozzle cartridge, and install a new cartridge.

What is the maximum hose length?

The 390 can accommodate a hose length of up to 200 feet which is more than enough for most residential jobs. Set up the paint bucket in a central spot and spray until it runs out, only having to move the hose.

Can a beginner use this sprayer?

Given the “professional” rating of this sprayer, a beginner who has limited or no experience with an airless sprayer of this design will find it necessary to follow the instructions diligently. Best results will come from someone who knows their way around a sprayer. We would not recommend it for homeowner or DIY use, as previously mentioned.

Graco Ultra 390 ProConnect with stand

What the Users Say

Contractors are not the types to jump into reviews, at least not as often as other users. They tend to use their off hours for things like paperwork, estimating jobs, submitting bids, and so forth. That tendency makes it harder to research user reactions to a contractor or professional tool. Harder, but not impossible. Here’s what we found users thought of their 390 ProConnect.

Easy to keep operating is a common comment. If something happens while is use, a clogged filter or nozzle, for instance, clearing the problem is easy and fast, so the contractor or user is not losing project time struggling to get the sprayer working again.

Dependability and longevity come up frequently. The rugged and thoughtful design and comprehensive user guide result in a sprayer the user knows will work every time. And, by following the prescribed maintenance and operation guidelines, there is no reason this sprayer won’t last a lifetime.

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The Graco 390 ProConnect may be an entry-level tool, but it doesn’t lack when it comes to quality, performance, and durability. It is not intended for larger projects or heavier use but is an excellent solution for residential jobs such as apartments and houses. Contractors with a wide range of project sizes and material applications will want one for their smaller projects. For the new “professional,” they can start with the 390 and grow their business. Once established, the 390 will still fill the needs of smaller work.

You can also read our review of the Graco 395, which is the little brother of this model.


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