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20 Free DIY Shoe Rack Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Shoe rack

Shoe rack

Shoe racks are an ideal woodworking project for several reasons. Everyone knows the pain of having shoes scattered all over the floor, taking up space and making your home’s entryway less appealing. A good shoe rack can save room, brighten up a space, and keep your kids from losing their favorite sneakers.

Building a shoe rack is also an excellent way to develop solid woodworking fundamentals. A shoe organizer demands caution and patience but might be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever put together. We’ve gathered some of the best free plans for DIY shoe racks available online. Pick one you like and get started today on your new favorite project!

divider 5The 20 DIY Shoe Rack Plans

 1. Easy Shoe Rack by Home D-Zine

This easy shoe rack design by Home D-Zine has a simple, versatile design that can fit in a closet or stand free in your entryway. It’s so stylish you might not believe you can build it in an hour—but this is a project where even beginner woodworkers can shine.

Tools: Drill/driver, Pocket hole jig (can be replaced with the drill if you don’t have one), Clamps, Tape measure, Pencil

Supplies: Laminated pine planks, PAR pine, Wood glue, Pocket hole screws

2. Closet Shoe Organizer and Rack by Our House Now A Home

Emily of Our House Now A Home built this rack for her closet to organize the mess of shoes that always filled up the space. It’s cheap, fun to build, and extremely effective for getting your closet in order or for any other room where you want to cut down on the mess. The design includes big spaces that work great for boots.

Tools: Circular saw, Tape measure, Pencil, Clamps, Router, Sander, Brush

Supplies: Plywood, Paint, Wood glue

3. Entryway Shoe Rack Bench by The DIY Plan

This shoe rack by The DIY Plan is incredibly useful, and it also looks awesome. It’s a shoe organizer and a bench with a cool asymmetrical shape that will add real character to your foyer. As a bonus, it’s easy to construct with affordable Tools.

Tools: Plywood, Paint, Wood glue

Supplies: Lumber, Pocket hole screws, Wood screws, Wood glue

4. Minimalist Shoe Rack by Instructables

Linn posted this design for a minimalist shoe rack on Instructables. It’s narrow enough to fit in a wide variety of spots, and the angled shelves help you store even more pairs of shoes while taking up less space.

Tools: Pencil, Ruler, Router, Table saw, Crosscut sled, Clamps, Hammer, Brush

Supplies: Pine, Plywood, Wood glue, Nails, Wood staples, Whitewash, Shellac

5. Shoe Rack Plan by My Outdoor Plans

One of our favorite plans for a tall, classic shoe rack comes from My Outdoor Plans. This is a more involved project that requires a lot of accuracy and precision but is still straightforward enough to get done in a single day of work, and once that day is over, you’ll never lose your shoes again.

Tools: Hammer, Tape measure, Framing square, Miter saw, Drill, Screwdriver, Sander

Supplies: Plywood, Lumber, Screws, Filler, Stain, Wood glue

6. Super-Sized Shoe Rack by 100Things2Do

When Shelly of 100Things2Do couldn’t find a design for a shoe rack with more than two rows, she decided to make her own. The result is a jumbo-sized DIY rack that’ll help you make much more efficient use of your closet space. It’s nice and quick, too, taking about half a day if you know what you’re doing.

Tools: Saw, Screwdriver, Sander, Brush

Supplies: Saw, Screwdriver, Sander, Brush

7. Scrap Wood Shoe Cabinet by Reality Daydream

This ingenious folding shoe cabinet is the result of Nick and Bethany from Reality Daydream being challenged to build something out of their leftover scrap wood. It has a hinged panel that swings open to reveal three layers of shoe storage.

Tools: Table saw, Bandsaw, Pocket hole jig, Drum sander, Drill press, Drill, Iron, Angle gauge

Supplies: Scrap wood, Screws, Dowel, Edge banding, Wood glue

8. Gentleman’s Stand by Woodworking for Mere Mortals

The Gentleman’s Stand, designed by Woodworking for Mere Mortals, is a combination shoe rack and side table with drawers that are fine places to store your other going-out accessories. It’s a good fit for entryways, bedrooms, and living rooms and looks best unpainted.

Tools: Table saw, Drill, Right-angle attachment

Supplies: Wooden boards, Wood glue, Dowels, Screws, Spray lacquer

9. Unique Shoe Rack by Instructables

User Molarin posted this unique shoe rack design on Instructables. Its dowel-based structure makes it a different kind of project than most. With the freedom to design your own side panels, building this rack is a treat for the artistically minded woodworker.

Tools: Jigsaw, Sandpaper, Router, Mallet

Supplies: Boards, Wood glue, Long dowels

10. Entryway Shoe Rack by Angela Marie Made

This design by Angela Marie Made is an easy way to turn an unsightly pile of shoes into a feature that’s both aesthetic and functional. It’s as easy to build as it is to use and can be put together for no more than $15 worth of supplies.

Tools: Miter saw, Drill, Clamps, Brush

Supplies: Lumber, Wood screws, Paint, Stain, Polyurethane, Spackle

11. Easy Mudroom Bench with Shoe Storage by Bitterroot DIY

Yeah, it’s called a mudroom, but that doesn’t mean you want to see muddy shoes everywhere. With this shoe rack bench design from Bitterroot DIY, you won’t have to.  While it might look intimidating at first, this bench comes together with surprising and rewarding ease.

Tools: Drill, Saw, Pocket hole jig, Orbital sander, Tape measure, Pencil

Supplies: Lumber, Dowels, Screws, Pocket hole screws, Wood glue

12. Shoe Box Organizer Rack by Jay’s Custom Creations

If you like to store your shoes in plastic containers, this plastic shoebox organizer by Jay’s Custom Creations might be the perfect project for you. Those immensely useful dollar-store plastic containers can hold shoes, craft supplies, or anything else you want, and this rack holds 10 of them. It’s also lightweight and comes together without wood glue.

Tools: Miter saw, Dado jig, Router, Bandsaw, Pencil, Belt sander, Drill, Jigsaw, Moxon vise

Supplies: Project panel, Scrap wood, Furring strip, Dados, Screws, Wax finish

13. Vertical Shoe Rack by Instructables

This genius space-saving solution comes to us from Instructables user andysewell. It’s a vertical rack of parallel slats where you can wedge your shoes by their toes, keeping them out of the way yet easy to grab. This design is elegant, effective, and a joy to build.

Tools: Measuring tape, Level, Pencil, Drill, Hammer

Supplies: Lumber, Molding, Wood screws, Brass brads

14. Shoe Cubby by Brittany Goldwyn

Brittany of the blog By Brittany Goldwyn provides this design for a minimalist, multi-use shoe cubby. It features 10 shelves of varying sizes that accommodate shoes, sandals, and boots, plus a flat top for extra storage and decoration. Build it, and enjoy surprising all your friends when they ask if it’s from IKEA!

Tools: Kreg jig, Radial arm saw, Measuring tape, Pencil, Sandpaper, Nail gun, Rubber

Supplies: Pine boards, Kreg screws, Putty, Finish, Primer, Paint

15. Industrial Shoe Rack by Two Feet First

If you’re a fan of the rough-edged exposed-brick look, consider gracing your foyer with this industrial shoe rack from Two Feet First. This small yet effective floor shelf can be made quickly and used forever. Since it incorporates metal pipes into its structure, it’s a good way to broaden your skills.

Tools: Drill, Pencil, Tape measure, Wrench, Sandpaper

Supplies: Pipe caps, Pipe nipples, Pipe tees, Pipe elbows, Wooden boards, Conduit straps, Wood screws, Stain, Polycrylic

16. Shoe Organizer by Jen Woodhouse

Aptly named star woodworker Jen Woodhouse shared this plan for a DIY shoe organizer. It’s small enough to fit in most closets, yet its shelves are high enough to fit the tallest boots. On top of that, it’s easy to throw together out of scrap wood.

Tools: Miter saw, Jigsaw

Supplies: Scrap plywood, Brads, Wood glue

17. Floating Bench and Shoe Shelf by The Schmidt Home

This unusual shoe rack and bench combination from The Schmidt Home is meant to hang between two walls in your mudroom or foyer. It’s a bit more involved than most of the other projects since, to get it looking like it belongs, you’ll have to remove some drywall. We recommend having a contractor check out your building space before you get started.

Tools: Stud finder, Utility knife, Miter saw, Clamps

Supplies: Boards, Plywood, Drywall, Wood glue, Wood stain, Polyurethane, Screws, Joist hangers, Wall hooks

18. Behind the Door Shoe Rack by Instructables

Instructables user bgrprojects shares another idea for a hanging ladder-style shoe rack. This one is made to hang from the back of a door and can be detached and moved anywhere else in your house. If you’re on the hunt for a design that demands fewer specialized tools, this shoe rack can be made with almost any type of saw.

Tools: Saw, Drill

Supplies: Lumber, Dowels, Screws, Wood glue

19. Wooden Boot Rack by Stephanie Lynn

These boot rack plans from By Stephanie Lynn will be useful for anybody who lives in a damp or snowy climate. A base of sturdy boards is studded with thick dowels that can hold your boots upside-down, so they don’t collect moisture. The seeming simplicity is a bit deceptive since this plan requires you to be very precise at cutting holes.

Tools: Sandpaper, Chop or Hand saw, Hand drill, 2-inch Hole saw

Supplies: Lumber, Paint, or Stain

20. Shoe Cabinet by House Becoming Home

If you’re after a truly ambitious project, look no further than this DIY shoe cabinet plan from House Becoming Home, which is big enough to hold an entire family’s shoes, hats, gloves, and scarves. Learning how to build a shoe rack of this caliber might be time-consuming, but watch all your clutter disappear.

Tools: Measuring tape, Carpenter’s square, Clamps, Utility knife, Staple gun, Table saw, Miter saw, Jigsaw, Drill and Impact driver, Kreg jig and 90-degree Pocket hole clamp, Router, Orbital sander, Brush

Supplies: Lumber, Plywood, Shelf liners, Pocket hole screws, 18-gauge staples, Wood glue, Paint or stain, Drawer slides, Drawer knobs

Featured Image Credit: Shoe rack by Duong Nhan, Pexels

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